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Whether you've been blessed with easy-to-manage, naturally straight hair, or are lusting after super smooth locks, it's no secret that sleek and glossy straight hairstyles will never go out of fashion. From styling ideas and step-by-step tutorials, to tips and tricks on how to look after those silky strands, we've got it covered.

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But, if you’re tired of pulling off the same sleek looks and long for texture in the form of waves, curls and anything in between, coaxing your hair into any of these styles can be quite a challenge. Why? Well, straight hair is often on the finer side and therefore requires more product to give it texture and grip.

What’s more, whenever you do successfully style it, you also have to make sure your hair stays in place. And this is where we come in! Whether you’re naturally blessed with smooth hair or have achieved it with heat, we’re here to make having straight hair 10 times easier. From styling inspiration, quick tips and tricks, or expert tutorials showing the new ways you can style your tresses, this is the perfect place to start.

Wondering how you can straighten your hair without heat? Or which styling products can give you the most volume? And, most importantly, how can you actually spruce up your everyday straight hairstyle? (Hint: after washing your hair at night, leave it to air dry and then style it into a rope braid. You’ll wake up with enviable beachy waves!) Whatever your query, we’re here to solve any questions you might have about straight locks. Plus, we’ll give you advice on the best tried and tested products for straight hair.

If you’re looking inspiration, click through our galleries that feature an array of stylish straight hairstyles for women of all ages. Anyone of these styles are bound inject some fun into your look! Fun fact: The quest for straighter locks dates back to as far as ancient Egypt, where flat iron plates were used to straighten hair.