Master the wet look hair trend with Lorna Literally

Learn how to get the wet hair look with our fave vlogger!  

When it comes to styling our manes for a night out, many of us opt for big, bouncy blow-out curls to show off our lengthy manes. And while this is all well and good for ladies with long hair, just how are us gals with shorter tresses suppose to beautify our locks? Well, even if you’re working with a cropped bob, you can look every bit the glam goddess with the wet hair look!

Stars like Ellie Goulding, Gigi Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are all fans of this sexy, slicked-back hairstyle, that simply oozes confidence. So, if we’ve tempted you to try this look for yourself, you’re in luck: our resident beauty vlogger Lorna Literally has created a video tutorial (above) to show you exactly how to rock this ‘do like a pro! Alternatively, just keep scrolling to read our handy step-by-step guide, below.

How to get wet look hair with Lorna Literally


Wash your hair.

This look calls for sleek and shiny hair, so start by washing your tresses with the Alberto Balsam Sweet Strawberry Shampoo and Conditioner.

This strawberry-scented duo gently cleanses the hair and leaves locks tangle-free, so that it’s much more manageable – making it the perfect pre-styling product.


Apply mousse.

Volume is key to achieving wet look hair, so mousse is a must. Apply a handful of the VO5 Volume Mousse to damp, towel-dried hair, focusing on the roots.

We recommend this mousse as it actually contains a built-in heat protectant too, so it will help safeguard your strands from damage caused by heated styling tools!


Blowdry your hair.

Now grab your hairdryer and blowdry your mane, using your fingers to pull the hair up from the roots as you dry, to create lots of added lift.


Divide your hair into sections.

Once your hair is dry, you’re going to need to divide it into horizontal sections (from your ears to your crown), so that you can start working in even more volume. Taking one layer of hair at a time, smooth a small amount of extra mousse from the roots to the mid-lengths of your hair.

Tip: While we want to add body at the roots, we still want the rest of our locks to look super sleek, so try to avoid applying any mousse onto the ends of your hair!


Blowdry the layers.

Now that you’ve added the extra mousse into your layers, there is one more thing you must know when it comes to learning how to get wet look hair: blow-drying strands once again to seal it all in.

To ensure that your mane retains its volume, we suggest also spritzing each layer with a strong-hold hairspray, like the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray


Set your style.

Once you’ve achieved your desired height and shape, set your wet hair look with a final dose of the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray.

Not only will it stop your locks from falling flat, it will also protect against humidity to keep your style looking sleek and frizz-free all night.


Final look.

And…you’re done! Now that you’ve mastered this slicked back hairstyle, you’re ready to impress!


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