Thinking about trying a stacked haircut for 2017? See our favourites from Instagram

Tempted by all the short stacked hairstyles on Instagram? Then see our favourite looks, below!  

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll no doubt have noticed that #shorthair is trending. And while you’d assume that having less hair would make it easier to deal with, that isn’t always the case. But fret not, because we’ve found the perfect antidote. All you have to do, is opt for a short stacked haircut, which (in our humble opinion) is a highly underrated style!

What many people don’t know about stacked hairstyles, is that they can benefit short hair of all lengths. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, whether you’re desperate for a more manageable mane, or just want to browse some #hairinspo before your next salon visit, keep on reading…

Short stacked haircuts we’re loving


blonde bob stacked haircut
Spruce up a standard bob with a stacked cut. Credit:

Classic stacked bob

For most women, when it comes to stacked haircuts, the classic bob is the obvious choice. And with short, choppy layers at the nape of the neck, this style is set firmly apart from any other bob looks. Over the years it’s become a favourite of fine-haired ladies, helping to add dimension and body to even the limpest of locks. Honestly, it’s nothing short of a miracle!

Editor’s tip: Give layers even more oomph by plumping up your mane with a texturising product, like the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray. Containing sea salt, the formula will help to add grip to your hair and stop it falling flat throughout the day. Credit: @jamies_chair

red angled short stacked hairstyles
After something a bit different to the norm? Try an angled style! Credit:

Angled stack

Fancy something a bit edgier? Then let us introduce you to the angled stacked haircut. Asking your stylist to incorporate some sharp, angular layers will add more interest to your style, not to mention helping define your facial features. Supermodel cheekbones are only a snip away! Credit: @markie_hair_allthingsvegan

pixie crop stacked haircuts
Add dimension to a pixie cut with stacked layers.

Inverted pixie

Has Katy Perry’s new pixie crop inspired you to book in an appointment? If you’re not sure you can pull it off, we recommend giving the inverted pixie a try, instead. This timeless style combines longer, more feminine layers at the crown of the head with micro layers at the neck, for a softer feel. Credit: @laurakhpaintedpixies

subtle lob short stacked hairstyles
Make a lob look super chic by adding some understated layers. Credit:

Subtle stack

In love with lobs (AKA long bobs)? As you can see from the image above, even adding in some layers that are ever so slightly shorter can give your mane a more polished effect. Stars like Jennifer Aniston have been rocking stacked hairstyles like this for years, so clearly we’ve been missing a trick! Credit: @bluhairdressing

blonde and purple coloured stacked haircut
Get funky with a pop of colour! Credit:

Pop of colour

Feel like short stacked hairstyles are a bit too mature for you? Don’t forget that you can always try accentuating your layers using bursts of playful colour, like the purple look above! It’ll give your ‘do a more exciting, youthful vibe, while still being just as practical. Credit: @meigs.adelesalon

Editor’s tip: Tempted to get colourful with your stacked haircut? Then make sure to incorporate colour protecting products into your haircare routine. We recommend the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, as they help to keep coloured strands gorgeously vibrant for up to 40 washes!* 

*With TRESemmé Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner vs non-conditioning shampoo.


Loving these short stacked hairstyles? For plenty more haircut inspiration photos, plus specialist styling advice to help make the most of your cropped locks, check out our Short Hairstyles page!

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