Should I Get a Pixie Cut? 10 Things to Know Before Taking the Plunge

Asking yourself 'should I get a pixie cut?' Here's what you need to know before booking in at the salon.
Should I get a pixie cut?: Michelle Williams with a short platinum pixie cut, wearing a beige trench coat

The classic pixie cut first gained popularity in the early to mid-1950s and today it’s still one of the most popular hairstyles for women looking to go short. If you’re reading this because you’re wondering “should I get a pixie cut?”, we’ve listed the 10 things you should know before booking a hair appointment.

1. There’s No ‘One Size Fits All’ Pixie

So, you want a pixie cut but what kind of pixie cut is it you want? There are long pixies, short pixies, pixies with bangs, pixies without bangs, pixies with undercuts…the variations are almost endless! Whether it’s Audrey Hepburn‘s iconic pixie and short bangs that have inspired you or you’re obsessed with Katy Perry‘s edgy cropped haircut, once you’ve narrowed down the search to a more specific style it’ll be a lot easier to envision yourself with it.

2. You Don’t Have to Do It All in One Appointment

The main thing to remember if you’re thinking “should I get a pixie cut?” is that you don’t have to decide right away. If you’ve never gone short before, it might be a good idea to go shorter in stages, first with a lob, then a bob and then gradually go shorter as you become more comfortable with it.

You never know, you might instantly fall in love with short hair and decide you want to cut it all off but if you do realise it’s not for you, at least you won’t have cut all of your hair off. Remember, you can always take more off but you can’t stick it back on again!

Do you have bangs? Add them to your pixie for Carey Mulligan vibes. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Face Shape Is Important

Just because a cut looks good on a celebrity or your friend doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you too. With a pixie cut there’s no hiding behind your hair, so taking your face shape into consideration is the best way to make sure your cut is tailored to you. Different cuts will be able to balance out the angles of your face and play up your best features – look at how well Tyra’s choppy side fringe pairs with her angular jawline.

4. You’ll Be Able to Try More Make-up Looks

With more focus on your face, you’ll be able to get away with wearing more playful and exciting make-up looks without looking overdone. You can use make-up to play up your favourite features even more, for example using extra mascara and winged liner to really make your eyes pop!

5. Get Ready to See a Whole Lot More of Your Stylist

If you’re used to just getting a couple of trims a year, you might be in for a bit of a shock when you first go short. Pixie cuts require regular trims to keep their shape, so expect to see your stylist around every 6-8 weeks, depending on how long your cut is.

With that said, a quick trim takes much less time than completely restyling long hair or getting highlights, so it’s not all bad.

6. You’ll Have a Whole New Styling Routine

For a lot of people the allure of a pixie cut is how low-maintenance it is and in many ways, that’s true. However, if you’re used to just leaving your hair down, without any product in and being able to head out the door, adjusting to styling short hair will be a different ballgame – but it doesn’t have to be difficult.


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Halsey gives her short pixie a makeover with bold hues. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

7. Growing It Out Is a Process

Even if you love your pixie cut now, there may come a time when you decide you want to go back to long hair and with that brings the dreaded awkward in-between stage. Ironically, even though short hair seems to grow uncontrollably quick in terms of needing trims, when you’re trying to go from a pixie to longer hair again, it can feel like it’s growing at a snail’s pace.

8. Trying New Colours Will Be So Much Easier

Love trying out new hair colours and worry that a pixie cut will mean less scope to get creative? We can see why you might think that, but short hair is practically made for colour fanatics! Dyeing short hair is not only much less time-consuming, but because the hair grows out so fast you’ll easily be able to grow out the colour, get it cut and start all over again with another hue.

9. To Fringe or Not to Fringe?

There’s another decision you have to make next: bangs or no bangs? The ultimate hair dilemma, the right fringe can truly make or break a look. Have a long face with a more angular jawline? Choppy bangs and side fringes can help to soften the angles, while round faces can benefit from the contouring effect of a blunt, straight-across fringe. Discussing with your stylist during your consultation what they think would work best for your face is always a good idea.

Add layers to your pixie for a Tyra-esque choppy finish. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

10. It’s a Fresh Start

Have sad hair that’s been over-processed through bleaching or chemical damage? While getting your split ends cut off and using deep conditioning masks can help, sometimes you just want to cut it all off and start afresh – and with a pixie you can. It’s drastic, but it’ll all be worth it when your new hair comes through softer, stronger and looking so much healthier.

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