4 Best Short Hairstyles For Over 50s You Should Try

Your guide to short hairstyles for women over 50 sorted!  

Here at All Things Hair, we know that as you get older, your personal style changes – and that includes your hair. You might not want to sport the same style you did in your 20s. And with so many elegant short hairstyles for over 50s out there, you’re practically spoilt for choice, no matter your taste or personal style!

So, are you ready to view our top short haircuts for women over 50? Then keep on reading to discover the best on-trend short cuts that’ll look great, whatever your age.

Our favourite short hairstyles for over 50s


short hairstyles for women over 50 look great in pixie cuts
Mature women works a smooth, sleek and sophisticated pixie cut.

The sophisticated pixie

When cut and styled correctly, a pixie crop is by far one of the most sophisticated hairstyles around. Ask your stylist to cut you a short, layered pixie that can be styled with a deep side parting, as this will help to add volume to your hair, especially if it’s slightly thinner.

Editor’s tip: To style your pixie, use a 10 pence-sized amount of the VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding Wax to help add texture. Apply it by warming it in the palms of your hands, before raking it through your strands.

red-haired woman shows us how to style short hair for women over 50
Short hairstyles for over 50s can be worked like this mature woman with a vibrant red long bob

The wavy, layered cut

Thought that short hairstyles for over 50 had to be uber cropped? Well, think again, because one of the most stylish lengths right now is a luscious lob (AKA a long bob). Simply get your hair chopped at shoulder length, then ask your stylist to work in subtle layers of varying lengths, as well as a long, sweeping side fringe. You can even take things one step further by incorporating some gentle waves, for a universally flattering finish!

Editor’s tip: If you really want to give your hair dimension, opt for some subtle highlights that will help lift your base colour and give it depth.

short hair for over 50 can be styled like this natural-haired lady
Natural-haired women rocks side-parted curls like a pro.

Side-parted curls

If you have naturally curly or coily hair, there are many ways to show off that gorgeous volume! To keep your hair looking as voluminous and bouncy as it did when you were in your twenties, get some subtle long layers worked into your cut and marvel as your short hair for over 50 turns you into a glam goddess.

Editor’s tip: The key to youthful-looking strands is to ensure they’re fully hydrated, so we suggest using the TIGI S-Factor Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray to help keep your curls in tip-top condition!

short hairstyles for over 50s look great with highlights like this blonde-haired women shows
Blonde-haired women rocking a highlighted long bob.

Highlighted long bob

Technically not a super short cut, a trendy long bob won’t only help you knock years off your age, but it’s easy super easy to maintain, too! Plus, it’s just long enough to be able to tie into a chic, low ponytail if you fancy wearing your hair up for the day. For a sophisticated yet stylish look, opt for a blend of subtle highlights, and ensure that the lightest shades are placed nearest to your face to help accentuate those cheekbones!

Editor’s tip: If your hair is lacking volume, try spraying some Dove Youthful Vitality Thickening Essence into your mane before styling. This will really help give your strands a major boost fullness.


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