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Short hair with a fringe: Your complete guide to pulling it off

Want to pull off short hair with a fringe? Love the idea of short hair with bangs? Then here's everything you need to know...

Short hair is having a bit of a moment, as it seems like many A-listers are deciding to opt for pretty dramatic cuts, lately. From Catherine McNeil and Kelly Rowland to Ashley Benson, the number of stars who are taking the plunge is definitely increasing. But what might look great on a celebrity with an oval face might need to be slightly adjusted to suit someone with square facial features. And the best way to do this is to simply go for short hair with a fringe!

Not sure about how to rock the look? Don’t fret, whether you’re a fan of short hair with a long fringe or devote of the side fringe, we’ve put together a complete guide to help you pull it off!

Got short hair? Fringe ideas and tips to help you pull it off like a pro!


Short hair fringe: Dark haired model with long bob and a heavy fringe
Short hair with bangs? Yes, please! Credit:

Consider your face shape

This might seem like an obvious advice but take the time to think about what style you want before you run to the salon to get a short haircut. If you have your heart set on a quiff to rival Scarlett Johansson, for example, try to take into account characteristics like your face shape to make sure it’s the right choice for you. While the selection of your hairstyle is crucial, adding a fringe will work with almost any short haircut! How? Well, the great thing about a fringe is that it can easily and subtly refresh your look and helps to frame your face by flattering your best features (while also disguising the ones that you are less confident about).

Know what you can handle

Before you start to think about what kind of fringe you should add to your short haircut, let’s talk about your lifestyle, as it’s best to be realistic about which one you can manage. While cutting your locks is quick and easy, some short hairstyles, like the bob, can potentially require more attention. Also remember that you won’t be able to put your hair in a simple ponytail, anymore – so no more hiding second-day hair in your updos!

Short hair long fringe: dark haired woman with bob and bangs
Don’t forget to consider your hair texture. Credit:

Your hair texture matters

Often, we focus so much on the final look that we forget to take into account our hair texture. This is particularly important if you have curly hair as this will impact how short you should go. For example, if you want a straight fringe, it will require more maintenance, such as straightening it regularly.

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If you decide to straighten your hair to achieve your desired look, be sure to shield your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant, like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray.

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Look to your celebrity twin for inspiration

Ok, we don’t mean this literally. We’re just suggesting that you find a hair hero. This means someone with a similar face shape, a relatively close hair texture and an impressive cut that you love. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start; not to mention it’ll help you dismiss any misconceptions about the trend.

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