How to do a casual relaxed quiff in 3 seriously simple steps

Love the look of an undone, relaxed quiff for women but not sure how to actually create the style yourself? Then get prepared for a lesson in quiff creation!  

brunette woman relaxed quiff

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that the relaxed quiff is reserved just for the boys. Season after season, this androgynous ‘do is spotted both on the catwalk as well as on the heads of noted A-listers. And the truth is that it works both for men and women (as proven by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Ruby Rose). So it’s about time the rest of us caught on, too!

This look is one of our all-time favourite low-maintenance hairstyles for short-haired ladies and is just as fitting for a swanky soirée as it is a day in the office.

Start by applying some VO5 Extra Body Mousse and wrap dry. Once dry add bit of VO5 Brilliant Shine Cream to your finger tips work in mid length to ends to break up texture. Giving it more definition. Finish with light spray of VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray. – Paul Donovan, stylist and VO5 brand ambassador.


We recently sat down with Paul Donovan, stylist and VO5 brand ambassador, who gave us let us in on a few handy styling tricks – we do love the inside scoop!

Now all that’s separating you from the quiff of your dreams are 3 foolproof steps, so what are you waiting for?!


Casual relaxed quiff: Women’s hairstyle how-to

brunette model with relaxed quiff hairstyle
Short hair? Relaxed quiffs are the perfect low-key hairstyle for every day. Credit: Dvora

Step 1: Prep your hair

You’re going to want nice, clean hair for this relaxed quiff style. Start by washing your hair and then towel drying it, so that it’s not dripping wet. Then, take a pump of the VO5 Extra Body Mousse and apply evenly to your tresses. 

Once the mousse is distributed through your hair, take a round brush and begin blow-drying your hair. Try to blow-dry the sides close to your head. For the crown, lift your hair to give it a beautiful boost and create a voluminous effect. 

Editor’s tip: Got naturally curly hair? You’re in luck as this style also works a treat on cute curls!

Don’t worry about trying to create poker straight tresses as you blow-dry your hair. The natural movement and texture of your curls will add to the casual look of your relaxed quiff.

brunette woman with relaxed quiff hair
Texturising spray is a must-have when creating this look. Credit: Dvora

Step 2: Add texture

Once your hair is fully dried, it’s time to incorporate some texture into your hair. This will help prevent your relaxed quiff from falling flat throughout the day.

Lift up the top sections of your hair with your fingers, give your locks a quick spritz of the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray to add instant texture.

Editor’s tip: Did you know that the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray is also a great way to refresh and revive your style throughout the day if it starts to look a little limp? We’ve always got a can on standby in the All Things Hair office for any hair-related emergencies!

brunette woman relaxed quiff
Definition is key! Credit: Dvora

Step 3: Create definition

And finally, take some of the VO5 Matt Clay and work it through the side of your mane. Use your fingers to sculpt and define your quiff into your desired shape. 

We’re big fans of this clay formula because of its natural looking, matt finish.

Editor’s tip: To give your ‘do a slightly smarter feel, use a fine-toothed comb instead of your fingers to create a smoother look.


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