Quick hairstyles for short hair that are perfect for work + school

Quick hairstyles for short hair = more time in bed!  

Short-haired ladies, you know the drill. You’ve snoozed your way through 10 alarms and now have to frantically get yourself to work or school ASAP, but your hair just isn’t cooperating. Sound familiar? But don’t panic: there are plenty of fail-safe quick short hairstyles out there that take next-to-no-time to do, require no heat styling and still manage to make it look like you’ve actually made an effort – phew!

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to discover 8 of our favourite super speedy, office-appropriate styles now…

4 of the best quick hairstyles for short hair


Blonde woman with half bun proves just how easy quick hairstyles for short hair can be
Quick updos for short hair: The half-bun is every lazy girls go-to look. Credit: Instagram.com/nadiafairfax

The hun

Quick short hairstyles don’t get much speedier than this! Always there in our time of need, the trusty hun (AKA half-bun) works well on short, medium and long-length hair. To rock this ‘do at home, simply section the top layer of your hair (from your temples to the back of your head) and begin twisting it around itself to form a mini bun shape. Then, secure it in place with a hairband to help keep it wobble-free! Credit: @nadiafairfax

Editor’s tip: If your hair is looking a little greasy but you’ve got no time to jump in the shower, we recommend using a dry shampoo like the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo. By spraying into your roots and massaging it into the scalp, it will help to soak up any dirt and excess oil until you’ve got time to wash your mane properly.

quick easy hairstyles for short hair look great when worn with a pop of colour like this girls pink half-up twisted do
Quick hairstyles for short hair: Twisted half-updo. Credit: Instagram.com/shorthairstyle

The twisted half-updo

Think quick, easy hairstyles for short hair are not interesting? Well, you’d be wrong! Trust us when we say that you really don’t need to do anything super elaborate to create a polished hairstyle. In fact, often some of the most effective styles are the simplest! Take this twisted half-updo for example: it’s gorgeous and so easy to create that you can even do it on your commute to work! Credit: @shorthairstyle

Simply take a section of hair from either side of your face, twist and join them together so that they meet at the back of your head. Then, pin them in place with some bobby pins. Et voila!

quick short hairstyles, like this woman's blonde braided bangs are effortless
Braided bangs are sweet, simple, and effortless to create. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyjessica_

Braided bangs

If you’re looking for a way to get your fringe out of your face, braided bangs are a really pretty, yet practical option. Just take your fringe and braid it back towards your crown area, before clipping it in place with a bobby pin. Depending on how confident you are with braids, you could opt for a fancier French or Dutch braid. If you’re a braiding rookie, rest assured that the standard three-strand plait works just as well! Credit: @hairbyjessica_

Editor’s tip: Gently pulling apart your braid with your thumb and finger (a technique known as pancaking) will help to give it a wispier, more lived-in feel.

Lilac haired model with double French braids show us how easy quick updos for short hair are
Double French braids pack a huge style punch. Credit: Instagram/braidsnfashion

Double French braids

If you’re really not having a good hair day and can’t bear the thought of leaving your mane down, double French braids will be your saviour. Quick updos for short hair may seem few and far between, but rest assured that this will become your new go-to look for the season ahead! Credit: @braidsnfashion

Start by using a comb to divide your hair equally down the centre. Then, working on one side at a time, take a smaller section of hair near your forehead, and begin braiding it into a standard three-strand plait. Then, begin to weave in additional sections of hair from either side as you go, to form a French braid.

Editor’s tip: If your hair is fine or it’s been freshly washed, it might not hold this style as effectively. The VO5 Sea Salt Spray will help to add grip and texture, and make your braid stay put for longer.

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