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Punk 101: Mohawk hairstyles for women that’ll really turn heads

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Looking for punky hairstyles for women? Mohawk hairdos should be top of your list!


Bored of bobs? Over undercuts? We feel you. With more and more people opting for the chop lately (ahem, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry), finding a look that’s truly unique can seem like an impossible task. However, no one can argue that mohawk hairstyles for women are dull, not in the slightest!

We’ll admit that we definitely had our doubts when we first caught wind of the female mohawk revival. But after a little research (and a whole lotta Instagram stalking) we’ve discovered that there’s more to this ‘do than we previously thought. So, ready to be wooed by our powers of persuasion? Then check out our top picks, below!

Female mohawk looks we’re loving


blonde spikey mohawk hairstyles for women
Spikey mohawks are a classic punk look. Credit:

Spikey mohawk

First things first, let’s get back to the origins of mohawk hairstyles. For women and men living through the ’70s punk movement, style was used as a way of rebelling against society, and from this emerged the controversial mohawk haircut. Female-friendly styles, like the choppy look above, are a modern nod to the punk era without being too extreme.

Editor’s tip: The TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel (as the name suggests!) is specifically formulated to help create gravity-defying styles. We’re big fans of the quick-drying formula too, as it doesn’t leave locks feeling tacky to touch. Credit: @shaylaplease

quiffed blonde female mohawk
Slicked back styles are perfect for dressier occasions. Credit:

Quiffed mohawk

For years we’ve been taking style notes from A-listers like Pink and Gwen Stefani, who regularly turn to slicked-back mohawk styles on the red carpet. And simply opting for a quiffed mohawk, like the Instagrammer above, is a great way to create a more polished, glammed-up look!

Editor’s tip: To achieve this voluminous, pushed-back style, work a small amount of the Toni&Guy Max Out Volume Whip through towel-dried hair before blow-drying. It will lift your locks upwards from the root, resulting in some seriously hair-raising volume! Credit: @hbpole

curly mohawk hairstyle female
Curls give mohawk styles a much softer feel. Credit:

Curly mohawk

For a softer way to trial the trend, why not explore a curly variation of the female mohawk? If you’re naturally lacking in the curl department, don’t fret, as the same effect can be achieved using a standard curling wand.

Editor’s tip: Remember that the amount of hair you wrap around the wand will determine the overall look of your curls. For springy, ringlet-style curls stick to smaller 1-inch sections – yet for a more tousled vibe, work with 2-3 inch portions. Credit: @makeup_by_jacki

black women mohawk with afro texture
Natural hair and mohawks are a match made in heaven! Credit:

Afro mohawk

With warmer weather just around the corner, natural-haired ladies will no doubt be thinking about how to transition their ‘fros in preparation for spring/summer.

And personally, we can’t think of a better option than a mohawk haircut! Female cuts that keep you cool while still looking feminine are few and far between, but we’re sure you’ll agree that beauty blogger Jade Janelle (above) looks stunning with her curly fro-hawk! Credit: @jadejanelle

blue coloured mohawk hairstyles for women
Red and yellow and green and blue… Credit:

Punks were experimenting with bold, bright colours long before the rest of us caught on, and now colourful looks are at the heart of many hairstyles for women. Mohawk looks are also great for colour boosting, as they work a treat with crazy, neon brights, just like this girl’s vivid blue shade. Credit: @paigerohanna

Editor’s tips: If you do decide to reach for the hair dye, don’t forget to invest in a good wash and care duo to help keep your hair colour on fleek. We recommend the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, as it gently cleanses the hair without stripping away any of your chosen hue.


What are your thoughts on this punky ‘do? If you’re digging the look but aren’t brave enough to commit to the clipper treatment, give our edgy (and oh-so convincing) fauxhawk tutorial a go! Just don’t forget to tweet us over @AllThingsHairUK if you do try it out, we’d love to see!

16 March 2017