19 Best Female Mohawk Hairstyles

Looking for punky hairstyles for women? Mohawk hairdos should be top of your list!  

Bored of bobs? Over undercuts? We feel you. What we’re about to say might surprise you, but we think it could be time you tried out a female mohawk!

With more and more people opting for the chop lately (ahem, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry), finding a look that’s truly unique can seem like an impossible task. However, no one can argue that mohawk hairstyles for women are dull, not in the slightest!

We’ll admit that we definitely had our doubts when we first caught wind of the female mohawk revival. But after a little research (and a whole lotta Instagram stalking) we’ve discovered that there’s more to this ‘do than we previously thought.

So, ready to be wooed by our powers of persuasion? Then check out our top picks, below!

Spiky Mohawk

blonde spikey mohawk hairstyles for women
Spikey mohawks are a classic punk look. Credit: Instagram.com/shaylaplease

First things first, let’s get back to the origins of the mohawk hairstyles.

For women and men living through the ’70s punk movement, style was used as a way of rebelling against society, and from this emerged the controversial mohawk haircut. Female-friendly styles, like the choppy look above, are a modern nod to the punk era without being too extreme. Credit: @shaylaplease

Editor’s tip: The TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Mohawk Gel (as the name suggests!) is specifically formulated to help create gravity-defying styles. We’re big fans of the quick-drying formula, too, as it doesn’t leave locks feeling tacky to touch.

Curly Mohawk

curly mohawk hairstyle female
Curls give mohawk styles a much softer feel. Credit: Instagram.com/makeup_by_jacki

For a softer way to trial the trend, why not explore a curly variation of the female mohawk? If you’re naturally lacking in the curl department, don’t fret, as the same effect can be achieved using a standard curling wand. We told you that women with mohawk ‘dos have plenty of styling potential!

Tip: Remember that the amount of hair you wrap around the wand will determine the overall look of your curls. For springy, ringlet-style curls stick to smaller 1-inch sections – yet for a more tousled vibe, work with 2-3 inch portions. Credit: @makeup_by_jacki

Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Woman with black natural hair styled into a mohawk
Credit: Instagram.com/taliahwaajidbrand

If you’re a natural-haired lady contemplating getting a mohawk, test out the trend with this gorgeous black faux-hawk hairstyle and see how you like it. Credit: @taliahwaajidbrand

Undercut Mohawk

side view of a woman with natural hair in a mohawk style with curls
We’re crushing on the tumbling curls! Credit: Instagram.com/pimpsandpinups

If you’re still on the fence about going for one of these short mohawk hairstyles, then go half way with a buzzed undercut.

Ask your stylist to leave plenty of length on top, so that you can curl your tresses, teasing your locks upwards, for plenty of volume. Style your curls so that the front section of your hair falls forwards, for a totally flirty addition to your everyday style. Credit: @pimpsandpinups

Soft Mohawk

back view of a woman's hair in a mohwak style with curls and grey and blonde hair colour
Get your tongs out for this pretty women’s mohwak. Credit: Instagram.com/meaghanmastersonhair

Forget the days when mohawk’s  involved bucket loads of gel. Now there are so many ways that you can rock a mohawk haircut with female styles not only being ‘short and spiky.’ 

Modern variations of this look offer so much scope and we’re particularly loving these soft, tumbling curls, contrasted beautifully against shaved sides. Make sure your curls fall inwards and on top of each, to maximise the effects of your mohawk hairstyle. Credit: @meaghanmastersonhair

Wild Mohawk

side view of a woman with green and black afro hair in a mohawk style
Work your afro into a cool female mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/jacqueline.ilu

Want to leave a lasting impression? Then rock up with this wild and free mohawk.

The angular shapes give this look a striking edge, while the length allows you to tie your locks up for off duty, non-mohawk days. We’re also really digging the green hues…. This is emerald loveliness right here. Credit: @jacqueline.ilu

Quiffed Mohawk

quiffed blonde female mohawk
Slicked back styles are perfect for dressier occasions. Credit: Instagram.com/hbpole

For years we’ve been taking style notes from A-listers like Pink and Gwen Stefani, who regularly turn to slicked-back female mohawk styles on the red carpet. And simply opting for a quiffed mohawk, you can easily create a style that is more polished and glammed-up! Credit: @hbpole

Editor’s tip: To achieve this voluminous, pushed-back style, work a small amount of the TONI&GUY Max Out Volume Whip through towel-dried hair before blow-drying. It will lift your locks upwards from the root, resulting in some seriously hair-raising volume!

Mullet Mohawk

side view of a woman with green and black hair in a mohawk hairstyle
Part mohawk, part mullet! Ready to try this style?
Credit: Instagram.com/chaossidy

Are you a lover of style-combos? Then this part mohawk, part mullet hairstyle is guaranteed to get your attention.

Keep the sides short (but not buzzed) and leave extra length at the front and the back, to recreate this head turning look. Sweep your hair into a side fringe for a little dose of glam and channel your inner rock chick with a bright neon colour. Nailed it!  Credit: @chaossidy

Extra Details

side view of a woman with a green mohawk hairstyle and a snowflake pattern on the side of her head
Go bold with your female mohwak and rock an intricate design! Credit: Instagram.com/bottleblonde76

Give short mohawk hairstyles the extra ‘wow’ factor by creating a bespoke pattern shaved into your hair.

Detailed designs really allows your ‘do to shine and can be worked in so many different ways – so let your creative side fly free! We like to think this is what Disney’s Elsa would look like if she turned into a rock chick. Credit: @bottleblonde76

Afro Mohawk

black women mohawk with afro texture
Natural hair and mohawks are a match made in heaven! Credit: Instagram.com/jadejanelle

Natural-haired ladies, are you already thinking about how to transition your ‘fro in preparation for spring/summer? Then listen up…

Personally, we can’t think of a better option than mohawk hairstyles! For women, cuts that keep you cool while still looking feminine are few and far between, but we’re sure you’ll agree that this beauty looks stunning with her curly ‘fro-hawk! Credit: @jadejanelle

Blue Tresses

blue coloured mohawk hairstyles for women
Red and yellow and green and blue… Credit: Instagram.com/paigerohanna

Punks were experimenting with bold, bright colours long before the rest of us caught on, and now colourful looks are at the heart of many hairstyles for women.

Female mohawk looks are also great for colour boosting, as they work a treat with crazy, neon brights, just like this vivid blue shade. Credit: @paigerohanna

Editor’s tip: If you do decide to reach for the hair dye, don’t forget to invest in a good wash and care duo to help keep your hair colour on fleek. We recommend the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, as it gently cleanses the hair without stripping away any of your chosen hue.

Multi-Coloured Quiff

front view image of Rye Rye with a colourful female mohawk
Looking for a female mohawk with a difference? Look no further than Rye Rye’s colourful ‘do. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you really want to get all eyes on you, then how about rocking a multi-coloured quiff and mohawk haircut? Female styles like this work really well, as the mohawk looks edgy, yet the purple, green and blonde highlights help to give the look a dose of girly-glam.

Pink’s Female Mohawk

front view image Pink hair in a mohawk
We’re loving Pink’s colouful female mohawk! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

As a total #girlboss, it’s unsurprising that Pink leads the way when it comes to achingly cool mohawk hairstyles for women.

Of course, we love the pretty pink hue, but its the retro vibe that makes us really love this mohawk. Throw it back to the days of Victory Rolls to recreate this strikingly stylish ‘do.

Versatile Mohawk

front view image of Esther Quek with blonde hair in a female mohwak
The female mohawk?
Look to Esther Quek for style tips! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If it’s versatility you seek, then opt for mohawk hairstyles that have a little extra length for you to play around with. By keep the length longer on top, you can mix up the style and rock your tresses in a number of ways.

From straight up and spiky, to tousled or swept to one side, there are plenty of options to choose from that allow those of us who are non-committal plenty of ideas to trial!

Short and Textured

Agyness Deyn with her hair in a blonde female mohawk style
Agyness Deyn looks edgy and pretty with this blonde hair. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Take a leaf out of Agyness Deyn’s style book with this short and textured female mohawk. Make sure the sides of your hair are buzzed while leaving the top section short and choppy.

This punk-esque ‘do will bring all the focus to your face, so go to town on your make-up to really complement this look!

Female Mohawk Hairstyle for Long Hair

Woman with long braided mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides
Credit: Instagram.com/inspirationsbyaili

Yes, you can rock a mohawk with long hair. We particularly love how this beauty teams her long mohawk with a cute braid. Credit: @inspirationsbyaili

Kelly Osbourne’s Shaved Head

side view image of Kelly Osbourne with her hair in a mohwak with purple coloured hair
Go bold with your female mohawk like
Kelly Osbourne. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you’re seeking a celeb-approved ‘do from one of music’s edgiest families, then look to Kelly Osbourne for inspiration.

As a big fan of the female mohawk, Kelly has been seen out and about rocking a variety of punk-inspired ‘dos, but this lilac, perfectly-polished mohawk, is one of our favourites. We love the colour, the styled curls and the shaved sides… solidarity indeed!

Mini-Braids and Mohawk

side view image of Issa Rae with her hair in a female mohawk style
Issa Rae gives her mohawk an edgy vibe. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If a simple female mohawk isn’t enough for you, go one step further and add in some mini braids for an intricate-looking addition to an already cool haircut.

The central curly afro, gives this look dimension and height, that’s guaranteed to make your locks centre of attention. And let’s hear it for the stunning gold thread that has been woven into the braids, making this style worthy of a warrior princess!

Graduated Buzzcut

back view of a woman with her hair in a mohawk style with shaved sides and blond and purple hair colour
Keep your mohawk short, spiky and colourful! Credit: Instagram.com/ale_ni_au

When it comes to really drawing all the focus to your female mohawk, this graduated spiky look will do the trick!

We’re loving the contrast between the spikes and the short, sleek sides, with the purple colour helping to draw the eye up, giving the hair plenty of texture and interest. Credit: @ale_ni_au

So, what are your thoughts on this punky ‘do? If you’re digging the look but aren’t brave enough to commit to the clipper treatment, give our edgy (and oh-so convincing) braided fauxhawk looks a go instead!

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