7 dreamy long layered bob pics for your viewing pleasure

Make your short-hair-don't-care moments with these long layered bobs.  

Feel like it’s about time you changed up your hair? Want to break out of your shell and try something new? Then let us suggest one of our current favourite styles: the long layered bob.

Short, yes, but with so much going on in the layers and texture department, this look is far from restrictive. And to prove it to you, here are 7 different takes on the look that you can channel whichever way you like.

Long layered bob looks you’ll be running to the salon for

woman with ash platinum blonde hair in a lob style with bangs
Bangs, glorious bangs! Credit: Instagram.com/hilisaa

1. Wispy bangs

Everyone who’s anyone is getting bangs cut in this year, so if you really want your long layered bob to make the cut, a fresh pair of wispy bangs are a worthy addition.

Choose these bang and they’ll also act as a style refresher, letting you update your current look without giving up any of your length. See, it’s not so scary after all, is it? Credit: @hilisaa

Editor’s tip: Is the thought of maintaining a fringe putting you off? Don’t let it…

If you find your hair gets greasy between washes, instead of going through the whole faff of properly washing your hair, just freshen up your fringe with a blast of the VO5 Refresh Dry Shampoo and it’ll soak up any oils right away. Easy peasy.

brunette woman with a centre parted wavy layered lob
Changing up your parting can actually make a massive difference to your overall look. Credit: Instagram.com/stephweizman

2. Centre parting

Where do you wear your parting? If you’ve only ever worn yours off to one side, try switching things up and rocking it down the middle. Why? Because centre parts complement long layered bobs like a total dream, that’s why.

It’ll give more of an effortless, ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ vibe, even if it did take you 10 minutes and a tail comb to get it perfect! Credit: @stephweizman

woman with lighter copper lob hair with micro bangs
Baby bangs are this year’s surprising breakout trend. Credit: Instagram.com/corteschanel

3. Baby bangs

Until now, micro bangs (or ‘baby bangs’ as they’re now being called), have had a rep as more of an alternative style. Yet thanks to stars like Bella Hadid and Emma Watson bringing them into the mainstream, everyone wants a piece of the action.

Partner with a pair of micro sunglasses and you’ve got your summer look sorted. Credit: @corteschanel

brunette woman with a wavy a line layered lob
Choosing an A-line look can help to add shape to hair that’s all one length. Credit: Instagram.com/titobritohairdresser

4. A-line

A-line styles work on all hair types, be it curly, straight or wavy. It will work to add more shape to the silhouette of your look, preventing the dreaded triangle head look. Credit: @titobritohairdresser

woman with light brown hair in a lob with long layers
Blend in longer layers for healthy-looking, thick ends. Credit: Instagram.com/fafangsthlm

5. Long layers

When you’ve already gone through the life-changing transformation of cutting your hair short, the prospect of getting layers and cutting off even more can be daunting.

But even long layers, just an inch or 2 shorter than your overall length, are enough to give straggly ends a fresher, healthier look. Credit: @fafangsthlm

Editor’s tip: Recreating a salon blowdry is the best way to show off your new layers and using a serum will help to add a professional-looking shine.

The VO5 Heat Protect Serum is, as the name suggests, a heat protectant, so it’ll protect your hair against the damage from your blowdryer or straightener, but it also combats frizz for an ultra glossy finish.

woman with dark brown hair in a lob style with sweeping bangs
Sweep your old style under the carpet with this flowing ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/jessewok

6. Swoop bangs

There’s nothing boyish about short hair (unless you’re intentionally aiming for the boyfriend bob of course), but if that’s something you’re concerned about, swoop bangs will help to remedy this.

A-list girly girls Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Underwood are both long-term fans of the look, so you’ll be the latest recruit in their swoop bang sisterhood. Credit: @jessewok

woman with dark brunette hair with light ombre styled in an assymetric lob
Asymmetry is a beautiful way to make your look more unusual. Credit: Instagram.com/peytonreignbeauty

7. Asymmetric

If you feel like you’ve tried everything before and are running out of options, an asymmetric cut is sure to shake things up sufficiently.

Essentially, it just means that one side of your hair is longer than the other, breaking up the symmetry of the style, making it especially flattering for those with round facesCredit: @peytonreignbeauty


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