10 of the best boyish haircut ideas for girls who CBA with long hair

Because it's 2018 and girls can rock a boyish haircut if they want to.  

You’ve had enough. You’ve finally reached the point of no return. You’re sick of styling your long locks every morning and you’re ready to go for the chop – and you’re not alone! Boyish haircuts are becoming increasingly popular with girls thanks to the low-maintenance appeal and variety of style options available.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have short hair and still be just as girly, so don’t let the haters rain on your short hair parade. Instead, show them all just how stylish you can be by trying out one of the boyish haircut suggestions we found on Instagram and prepare to join the short-hair-don’t-care movement!

woman with a grey bowl cut boyish haircut
Leave the under layers of your bowl cut short for an edgier look. Credit: Instagram.com/gisa_mitg

1. Bowl cut

Okay, before you start having flashbacks to horrendous at-home hack jobs, leave those thoughts at the door because the bowl cut is back with a brand new hipster twist.

Throwing a few up-to-date alterations into the mix, such as a shaved detail or a funky fresh colour, is all you need to help to bring this old school look into 2018. Just don’t let your mum anywhere near the scissors this time around. Credit: @gisa_mitg

brunette woman with swept back boyish hair
Off-duty model vibes?
Check. Credit: Instagram.com/dalunekhoang

2. Swept back

How dreamy would it be if you could run your hands through your hair and be done? This brunette beauty looks super cool with her cropped locks casually swept back, but for the evening you could also give it a more luxe look by adding a little wet-look gel. Credit: @dalunekhoang

woman with dark wavy bob length hair
You could be the 4th member of Hanson with this wavy boy bob. Credit: Instagram.com/jismariie

3. Soft and wavy

Hate the feeling of having product in your hair? Or maybe you’re just after a natural, undone style that you can leave to do its thing? Either way, the boyfriend bob will be right up your street.

Asking your stylist to add in some shorter layers will help to work with your natural texture, giving the look body without you needing to do anything day to day. Credit: @jismariie

woman with a silvery white ice queen pixie cut
What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! Credit: Instagram.com/taylorsmith_hair

4. Platinum pixie

Take maximum advantage of a short boyish haircut by opting for a head-turning colour, such as this snow white hue.

The root maintenance might seem like a lot of effort, but we reckon the payoff is totally worth it for the end result. After all, nothing worth having ever came easy, right? Credit: @taylorsmith_hair

Colour care tip: Literally the last thing you want to happen to your perfect icy colour is for it to go yellow and brassy once your toner wears off *eek*!

Thankfully though, the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo works to counteract this with its purple toners. Just using it once a week will help your colour to stay nice and cool between touch-ups.

blonde woman with an undercut boyish haircut looking over her shoulder
Sun’s out, undercuts out. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden.graye

5. Undercut

If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your current short hairstyle, try playing around with an undercut. This Instagrammer’s look is pretty gutsy and you could even have fun with different designs.

Equally though, you can find lots of easily hidden variations that are a bit more office-appropriate for during the week. Credit: @hayden.graye

woman with a dark buzz cut haircut and pink lipgloss
Such little hair, so much style. Credit: Instagram.com/celine_bernaerts

6. Buzz cut

Want it all off? Free your scalp and break down gender norms with an allover buzz cut, just like Kate Hudson and this Instagram MUA.

When it comes to effortless styles nothing else even comes close, plus just think how much money you’ll save on hair productsCredit: @celine_bernaerts

woman with a dark espresso sweeping pixie cut
Anne Hathaway has rocked this look in the past. Credit: Instagram.com/mylwolf

7. Sweeping pixie

Have a long or oval face shape? Try sticking to sweeping styles rather than choppy, piecey looks. Feminine diagonal fringes help to add a fullness to your face and bring out your features in the most flattering way. Credit: @mylwolf

Styling tip: The less hair, the more focus on your bangs, so you want them to look super sleek and controlled.

Be sure to fend off any flyaways with the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray once you’ve finished styling, as this will help protect your style from the elements and add a healthy-looking sheen.

woman with a teeny weeny afro boyish haircut
It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie afro! Credit: Instagram.com/cheeks_24

8. TWA

The shortest hair can often have the biggest impact. The TWA (that’s teeny weeny afro) is a fantastic way of celebrating and embracing your natural texture, while also cutting hours off of your monthly maintenance routine. Credit: @cheeks_24

woman with a short pink quiff haircut
You’ll need a firm hold product to keep your quiff from falling flat. Credit: Instagram.com/juliapizzory

9. Quiff

Not afraid to make a statement? Channel your inner Pink with this punky quiff and no one will ever be able to accuse you of having boring hair.

Plus, take this as your daily reminder that you can still get playful with colour even with shorter styles, so what you lack in length you can make up for in crazy colour! Credit: @juliapizzory

Top quiff tip: Keep your quiff perfectly positioned by using the VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding Wax to create your desired style. The frizz-taming (and most importantly, non-sticky) formula will help give you the hold you need to uphold this skyward style.

woman with a long silver blonde pixie cut
This gender neutral look would flatter pretty much anyone. Credit: Instagram.com/peachiehair

10. Long pixie

Currently rocking a bob? This long pixie cut is only a couple of inches shorter than a classic bob, so why not take a more gradual approach to the boyish haircut trend and take a little more off each time? This way, it won’t seem so overwhelming getting used to a new style, yet you’ll feel refreshed and oh-so chic! Credit: @peachiehair



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