Boyish beauty: 18 bold androgynous haircuts to try this season

Looking for an ultra-modern way to rock short hair? Try something a bit more daring for your next cut with these bold and beautiful androgynous hairstyles!  

We’ve seen mesmerising Rapunzel-like extensions everywhere (thanks to stars like Zoe Kravitz) and the buzz cut has never been so popular. Yet the rising runway obsession for ‘genderless’ or ‘gender fluid‘ beauty has led to androgynous haircuts finally hitting the mainstream – and about time, too, we think!

Whether you’re contemplating your next chop or you’re just intrigued to see how to work these on-trend looks, scroll to get the low down…

18 bold and beautiful androgynous haircuts to try


pink pixie crop androgynous hair
Go for a cute pixie crop! Credit: Dvora

1. Pixie crop

The pixie crop is one of the most well-loved short androgynous haircuts for women. Combining stacked layers at the nape of the neck with flattering, longer layers on top, it’s a great gateway style for those looking to dip their toes into the world of androgynous hair!

We’re loving how this blondie has added subtle pastel highlights to her pixie cut for an added girly twist. If you’re tempted to try out this style for yourself (we don’t blame you!), check out our pink hair styles and shades piece for the ultimate pink hair inspo.

model wearing black T-shirt with brunette short back and sides hair
Short back and sides will give you a cool edgy look. Credit:

2. Short back and sides

Looking for badass androgynous haircuts to toughen up your look? Let us introduce you to the iconic short back and sides. It definitely takes a confident woman to take on such a daring look, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the results are totally worth it!

Editor’s tip: Loving this look? If you do decide to take the plunge we recommend investing in a flexible pomade or wax, such as the VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding Wax. It will help to keep your longer layers in check without leaving your hair feeling sticky or stiff.

brunette model with short wavy cropped hair
Could the wavy crop be your next look? Credit: Dvora

3. Wavy crop

Love the look of androgynous hair but fear that it’s not compatible with naturally-textured tresses? Boyish cropped cuts are actually ideal for those with natural waves, as they help to add shape and movement for a soft, yet still androgynous look.

Katie Holmes with dark hair swept to one side - androgynous haircuts
Sweep your locks to the side for a sleek, chic ‘do. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. The side sweep

Scared to try out a short cut because they’re too edgy? Well, if you thought that androgynous hairstyles can’t be sleek and chic, think again!

Katie Holmes ditched her long locks in favour of this cropped style, but she proves that this look can still be very glam. Work a little volume into the back section of your locks to achieve a more voluminous effect.

PInk with a a quiff mohawk hairstyle - androgynous haircut
We’re loving Pink’s androgynous haircut. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. The quiff

If you’re the kind of person who really loves your hair to be the focus of your look, then this bold quiff hairstyle is one of the boyish looks that’s sure to get the thumbs up! It’s high impact, super stylish and has been endorsed by none other than the Queen of androgynous hair herself, Pink.

Agyness Deyn with brown hair in a short and choppy style
Keep your locks short and choppy like Agyness Deyn. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

6. Short and choppy

For truly androgynous haircuts, you can’t go wrong with a short and choppy style.

Ask your stylist to leave a little length at the sides for you to play around with, but make sure your fringe is kept short to take the ‘ultra feminine’ edge off the look. Add in plenty of texture for a look that’s totally wearable.

blonde model with a shaved undercut hairstyle
Team your platinum hue with a contrasting colour for extra style points. Credit: Dvora

7. Undercut

When it comes to gender neutral hair ideas, the undercut has long been one of the most popular styles. And undercut fans like Ellie Goulding and Sophie Turner have shown us that this is a look that even the girliest of girly girls can get on board with.

To really make your ‘do pop, play around with contrasting hair colours for an eye-catching, unique hairstyle!

Claire Foy with short dark hair in a side sweep - androgynous haircuts
Go for a sleek and chic side sweep like Claire Foy. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

8. Side sweep

Didn’t imagine you would ever utter the words “a short side sweep please” to your stylist? Well, we’re about to change the game.

This ‘do is one of our favourite androgynous haircuts, as it has a little extra length to play around with. The best part is, the side swept ‘do is incredibly flattering and promises to update your look in a whole new, edgy way.

Carey Milligan with blond hair in a textured quiff style - androgynous haircuts
Carey Mulligan rocks a blond messy quiff. Rex by Shutterstock

9. Textured quiff

If you always resonated with Danny rather than Sandy in the movie Grease, we have good news: you can totally rock a quiff that the T-Birds gang would be proud of.

We’re loving how Carey Mulligan has embraced the trend and given her retro-inspired quiff a red carpet-worthy makeover, pulling it all together by teaming the look with wavy textured locks. Go Grease lightening! 

Kristen Stewart with an ombre mohawk hairstyle - androgynous haircuts
We’re digging Kristen Stewart’s ombre faux-hawk. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

10. Ombre faux hawk

Leading the way in the androgynous haircuts movement, it’s only right to look to Kristen Stewart for hairdo ideas!

As a big fan of laid back, achingly cool looks, we’re particularly keen on Kristen’s latest – the ombre faux hawk – perfect for those who don’t want to fully commit to chopping off their locks!

brunette model with androgynous hair in a comb over style
Try a comb over for your next look! Credit:

11. Comb over

Traditionally seen as a way for balding men to conceal their hair loss, in recent years the comb over has had a bit of a style revival.

Nowadays the slicked-back style has become synonymous with dapper, well-groomed gents, but it’s also crossed over into feminine territory in the form of sleek, deep side-partings.

Editor’s tip: Applying a few drops of the TONI&GUY Shine Gloss Serum to your hair before combing through will help to give your look a flyaway-free finish, while also providing plenty of shine.

black woman with a short buzz cut haircut
Why not try the buzz cut? Credit: Dvora

12. Buzz cut

Feeling fearless? More and more women are breaking down the beauty boundaries this year by opting for shockingly short androgynous haircuts, like the female buzz cut.

Shaking off the stereotype that super short hair is strictly for men, we’ve been won over by how incredibly classy and elegant it can look. Dress it up with a pair of designer sunnies and you’ll be looking oh-so fashionable!

brunette model with a curly shag haircut
The shag haircut is stylish and cool. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

13. Shag

Have you heard? The shag cut that first became famous in the 1970s has been given a 21st-century makeover!

Incorporating a full head of layers of varying lengths for a lived-in, dishevelled effect, it makes for one the most flattering androgynous haircuts for women of all ages.

Editor’s tip: Blessed with natural curls? Scrunching a pump of hair mousse like the VO5 Curl Defining Mousse through damp hair before styling will help to define your natural waves and fend off frizz.

Asian woman with a short chin-length bob haircut
The French bob.. is short and sweet! Credit: Dvora

14. French bob

Already rocking a bob or lob hairstyle? To give your look a slightly more androgynous edge, without committing to anything too drastic, why not give the French bob a try?

This chic, cheekbone-skimming style complements your facial features and it’s also a great one to consider if you have thin hair and find that longer styles less flattering.

Alexander Wang model with a brunette mushroom cut
The mushroom cut will draw all the attention to your eyes. Credit:

15. Mushroom cut

It would be a crime to talk about androgynous hairstyles and not mention the mushroom cut!

Similar to the bowl cut, this rounded style incorporates short, choppy layers to create the illusion of a fuller ‘mushroom’ shaped top, making it a great style for those looking to add body to short locks.

brunette model in a denim jacket with a mullet haircut
Forget what you think you know about the mullet! Credit: Dvora

16. Mullet

Are you currently in that awkward in-between stage of growing out your hair? We’ve all been there, but thankfully there’s another retro style revival coming to the rescue…

Reverse your judgement of the mullet, because this modern version incorporates the same shorter front and side layers as the original ’70s style, but the layers at the crown are cut into a more tousled style for an up-to-date look.

Laura Govan with a shaved undercut and dark black bun - androgynous haircuts
Go for an undercut and bun combo like Laura Govan. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

17. Undercut and high bun

Looking for one of the edgiest androgynous hairstyles about? Then this undercut and high top bun combo could be just what you’re after!

We’ve seen the rise of the man bun, but this do takes the look to a whole new level, making it a gender neutral style that anyone can rock! Ask for the sides to be faded, but keep the length on top for a totally hip look.

Kate Hudson with short dark hair - androgynous haircuts
Rock a mini quiff like Kate Hudson. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

18. Short and spiky

Kate’s short and spiky tresses are a long way away from her usual tumbling, golden locks, but we think that’s she’s totally nailing this short and spiky mini-quiff ‘do.

Create plenty of volume with a helping hand from your hairdryer and some mousse, then a good spritz of hairspray should keep everything in place! Some floral power earrings and a striped gown wouldn’t be a bad idea either – just a thought.


So, did you enjoy exploring these androgynous haircuts? If short hair isn’t really your thing though, don’t worry! If you click over to our Long Hairstyles page where you’ll discover plenty of ways like cute braids to spruce up your long locks!