Short hairstyles 2016: Hot looks to try now

Ink | 26 April 2016

Searching for short haircuts for women? 2016 is all about the short ‘do, didn’t you know?

We’re calling it for short hairstyles: 2016 is officially the time to get the chop! Not only have A-list stars – like Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, and Taylor Swift – opted for the crop as their cut of choice this year, several designers and session stylists have abandoned long, flowing locks in favour of choppy crops, sassy lobs and statement pixies on the spring/summer 2016 runways, too.

So we’re guessing it’s no longer a question of if, but which short haircut you’ll be going for this year. And if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, we’ve got the best 2016 short hair trends you should consider, plus a gallery fully loaded with references you can take to the salon with you. Ladies, here’s to keeping it short and sweet…

2016 Short haircuts: The hottest looks


short haircuts for 2016: Blonde asymmetrical bob
Short hairstyles 2016: Asymmetrical bob cut. Credit:

1. Asymmetrical bob with side part

Sophisticated, but with a distinctly modern edge, the asymmetrical bob is cut slightly longer at the front, with a subtle – but noticeable – graduation to a shorter back. Best worn with a side parting, Naomi Watts and Kristen Bell are the blonde bombshells who pull this look off with enviable elegance. Off-duty and red carpet-ready, what more could you want from a haircut, right?

brunette with sleek bob haircut: 2016 Short hairstyles
Sleek bob haircut. Credit:

2. Super sleek bob

Queen of experimental hairstyles Rihanna and British model Jourdan Dunn are brilliant advocates of this super sleek, straight bob haircut that perfectly epitomises 21st-century sass. The key to achieving this polished look is to go for a blunt cut (i.e. keeping the same length throughout). Try it with an ombre effect for a more statement-making outcome.

Editor’s tip: Want to create a high gloss finish? Try using the Toni&Guy Glamour Moisturising Shine Spray.

2016 short hair trends: Brown haired woman withromantic pixie cut 2016
Romantic pixie. Credit:

3. Romantic pixie

Think Lily Collins’ slightly longer pixie, styled with a nonchalant messiness, this softly tousled crop is great for those who want a more romantic, feminine version of the uber cute pixie. If you’ve been rocking a long ’do forever, but find yourself thinking about all the super short haircuts for 2016, this style is a good compromise length-wise. Plus, it works well with a side or centre parting. A quick spritz of the VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray is all you need to style it in the morning: that effortless, bedhead look is what you’re after.

short hairstyles: Asian woman with a wavy lob
Short hairstyles 2016: Wavy lob. Credit:

4. Wavy lob

Often worn softly parted to one side, the effortlessly feminine wavy lob has garnered quite the A-list following, including the likes of Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Emilia Clarke. Deemed of 2016’s most fashionable lengths, the low bob boasts plenty of advantages: it’s easy to maintain and a cinch to style, not to mention it’s ideal for round and square face shapes, too.

Short haircuts for women 2016: Brunette woman with curly shag
Short hairstyles 2016: The ’70s shag. Credit:

5. ’70s shag

Thanks to model-of-the-moment Mica Arganaraz, the shaggy ’70s-inspired shaggy bob was declared one of the hottest haircuts of 2015. This year, its popularity continues to soar as the cool girls of fashion – Edie Campbell, Alexa Chung and Freja Beha to name but a few – have all followed suit and made the shag their own. And while we love it for scoring extra a la mode points, this sexy, low-maintenance hairstyle is also ideal for those who want to embrace their natural textures, or are trying to grow out their tresses with minimum hassle.

Short haircuts 2016: A black and white woman with buzz cuts
Dare to try the buzz cut? Credit:

6. Buzz cut

We’re not gonna lie: this cut is not for the faint-hearted, but if liberation is what you’re after, the buzz cut could be your ticket to freedom. It’s also a great one for black women looking to embrace/transition back to their natural texture.

Short hairstyles 2016: black woman with a geometric afro and gold eyeshadow
Short hairstyles 2016: The geometric afro. Credit:

7. Geometric afro

An eye-catching hairstyle that’s perfect for those with kinky or curly hair, and ladies who are currently sporting afros but want to change it up for an even more statement-making look, try an angular afro. For a dramatic effect, cut the edges extra blunt (think Lupita Nyong’O on the cover of Rhapsody magazine). Now that’s what we call fierce.

Short hairstyles 2016: choppy bob with blunt fringe
Short hairstyles 2016: Choppy bob. Credit:

8. Choppy bob

WhenNaomi Campbell debuted her choppy bob at the British Fashion Awards back in November last year, we knew it was going to catch on. With a slightly longer, more piecey fringe and choppy textures to frame the face in the most modern manner, think of this cut as a sexier, sassier, less severe version of the Anna Wintour bob, but with all the fashion credentials you’ll ever need.

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