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Red ombre hair: 5 Tips on how to make it chic

Get the most out of your fiery tresses!

Ombre has been one of the hottest colour trends in recent years, with a million and one ways to rock this amazing colouring technique! And while we love all the hair hues under the sun, we have to say, red ombre hair is definitely one of our favourite ways to wear this trend. But with every coloured hair style, comes an age-old challenge: how to make your hairstyle really stand out? Well, we at All Things Hair have gathered our extensive colouring knowledge, to bring you some expert tips on how to get incredibly chic ombre results.

How to make the most out of your red ombre hair!


Red ombre hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - close up of hair
Create a bold and hairstyle with red ombre hair

1. Give it a mermaid twist

Red ombre hair is an instant traffic stopper – and giving it a mermaid twist amps it up to a whole new level! The trick here is to take the mermaid trend and rework it with red hair. This means you should stick with the same colour family, or keep the shades as close as possible, to really enhance the richness and depth of your chosen red. For a really hot look, try combining fiery orange-red shades, or muted pastel reds, with deeper touches of the colour.

2. Cherry red hair

For a sultry take on red ombre hair, why not try mixing things up with a fruity cherry colour? A perfect pairing with darker brunette colours or cooler auburn shades, this deep and intense colour adds a fantastic burst of brightness, giving off plenty of drama. This shade is ideal for cooler-toned skin, so choose a cherry-red colour with blue undertones, to flatter your complexion. It can also work just as well with warmer, olive-toned skin – opt for a deep, chocolatey brown, and pair it with a orange-toned red hue.

Red ombre hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - hair colour tips
Try opting for dark and sultry

3. Go for an ombre contrast

Ombre hair colouring is a gorgeous way of creating a bold and contrasting hairstyle, without resulting in an overly strong look. By working your ombre colour fade more subtly through the your tresses, you can get a softer and more complementary hair colour – even with two contrasting shades. This looks particularly incredible when juxtaposing a darker and brighter shade together. So, think deep brunettes paired with a luscious, vibrant shade of red!

4. Muted ombre

Red ombre hair doesn’t have to shout out from the rooftops in order to look beautifully radiant – it’s also a great style to create a softer and more understated look. With auburn or mid-brown as the main colour, create a more sun-kissed look by using a shade of red that’s slightly lighter. This works brilliantly with long, wavy hair, as the curve of your hair strands will create extra depth and dimension!

5. Red ombre highlights

Prefer not to go for a full head of ombre hair? Then try working in some red ombre highlights, for a stunning addition to your tresses, that won’t be too overwhelming. To create a natural look, choose a colour that’s one shade lighter than your existing hair colour. Likewise, if you’re working with a darker shade, choose deep red colours with a brown undertone – this will give you a fabulous shimmering colour, without creating a harsh contrast.

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10 October 2016