27 Best Red Brown Hair Colour Ideas and Looks

With tasty cinnamon hues and shimmering cherry tones, there's bound to be a red-brown hair colour you'll fall for!

Reddish-brown or red-brown hair is a popular hair colour that can be achieved when you mix red and beautiful brown tones together to get shades like auburn, burgundy, mahogany, chestnut and more. There are many different ways you can pull off a red-brown hair colour, as it ranges in shades from medium to dark, making it a universally flattering shade choice for everyone.

Ahead, we’ve put together 27 red and brown hair colour ideas to inspire (and hopefully, convert) you.

Classic Red Brown Hair

For those who want the perfect shade of reddish-brown, look to this example for inspiration.

Ruby Brown

If you prefer more vivid hues, this dazzling ruby brown is exactly what you need.

Gorgeous Mahogany

Glowing hair, don’t care!

Editor’s tip: Thinking of getting a red-brown hair dye done? Whatever colour takes your fancy, make sure to use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking vibrant.

Using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Colour Shampoo and Conditioner will help maintain your colour while sealing in shine to keep your mane looking vibrant.

Auburn Balayage

For just a touch of auburn, have your colourist melt this shade of red on the ends of your hair, like this.

Lana Del Rey Hair

You can easily channel Lana Del Rey vibes with this gorgeous, vibrant red shade.

Cherry Brown

A blend of cherry tones and brown create the perfect dessert-inspired hair colour.


To brighten up a brown base, consider getting spicy red highlights worked through like this.

Deep Burgundy

There are so many different shades of red-brown to play with, and this burgundy style proves it.

Brown Hair With Rose Balayage

Rose balayage highlights, like these face-framing ones, are great for drawing attention to your features and refreshing brown strands.

Bombshell Reddish Brown

Making your curls or coils pop will be easy with this eye-catching shade.

Rich Chestnut Hair

Next time you go to the hair salon, consider giving this rich chestnut hue a try. The colour is perfectly autumnal!

Dimensional Brunette

This coppery highlights will really help give brown locks some lovely depth and dimension.

Dark Velvet Hair

If you’re a natural brunette, try incorporating some velvet ribbons in your mane for an instant boost of shine.

Mulled Wine

Red brown hair: Back shot of a woman with a wine red and brown long hair styled into loose curls.
It’s wine o’clock! Credit: Instagram.com/hair.cules

Nothing says winter quite like this mulled wine hair colour. With a dark brown base and deep red wine wash, this red and brown hair is exactly what you need to help feel you festive 24-7. Credit: @hair.cules

Red-Brown Highlights

Red brown hair: Back shot of a woman with beachy, long chocolate brown hair with red, highlights
This fiery red-brown hair colour is bound to get you likes. Credit: Instagram.com/pravanaindonesia

Getting red-brown hair highlights are an understated way to play with colour and enhance your natural hue. And guess what? You’ll earn extra style points if you decide to show off your red and brown hair colour with these cool beachy waves. Credit: @pravanaindonesia

Brown to Ginger Colour Melt

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with long medium brown to ginger ombre hair.
This colour melt is making us crave orange soda. Credit: Instagram.com/shearvengeance

Just ask this beauty — a classic brown to ginger ombre will never go out of style. This is the perfect transitional shade for those wanting to get the best of both worlds with their red-brown hair colour choice. Credit: @shearvengeance

Pumpkin Spice

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown and ginger red highlights in her hair, styled into a milkmaid braid
Why not test out your new hue with a trendy milkmaid braid? Credit: Instagram.com/gingersnaphairstyles

For those with naturally blonde or light brown tresses and fair skin, we suggest you consider this pumpkin-brown option. It’s the ultimate red-brown hair dye to complement your natural features. 

When paired with a pretty milkmaid braid, this brown-red hair colour is quickly taken to fairy tale levels. Credit:@gingersnaphairstyles

Auburn Curls

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with big, curly medium brown hair with auburn highlights in it.
Go curly or go home! Credit: Instagram.com/beautycreationsinsta

Got curly or afro hair? This Instagrammer proves that red-brown hair is a colour that suits all hair types. Not only does the hue make every curly strand pop, it also adds extra warmth to her complexion. Win-win! Credit: @beautycreationsinsta 

Golden Red Highlights

Red brown hair: Back shot of a woman with long chestnut brown hair with golden red highlights.
We can’t stop staring. Credit: Instagram.com/beyond_vivids

Already have a natural red undertone to your brown or blonde hair? We love the way this Instagrammer has embraced her red tones by complementing them with a golden red finish, seamlessly melting from dark to light brown and into shimmering golden ends! Credit: @beyond_vivids

Light Auburn Tones


Red brown hair: Close up shot of woman with long auburn wavy hair.
You can’t go wrong with this Jessica Rabbit-approved hue. Credit: Instagram.com/hair_by_moniqueortiz

Auburn hair is hugely popular right now, with the likes of Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks and Bella Thorne flying the flag for this sensational hue.

Not only does it suit an array of skin tones, but there are plenty of awesome auburn tones to explore with your hair colourist, too! Credit: @hair_by_moniqueortiz

Cinnamon Hair

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with cinnamon lob length tousled hair.
Cinnamon hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/jaimecoiffure

Need to add a touch of warmth to your tresses? Take your style up a notch by adding in some spicy cinnamon tones, which will certainly have your tresses ready for the autumn months. Credit: @jaimecoiffure 

Chestnut brown

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with chestnut brown hair with auburn highlights in it, styled into a floral chignon hairstyle
Could this be your next look? Credit: instagram.com/hairbybritny

Those blessed with delicate brown tresses can add a touch of red to their hair to create this chestnut brown shade.

It’s warming, adds more depth to your mane and looks amazing in an updo. So, if you want a brown-red hair colour that ticks all the right style boxes, then this is definitely for you. Credit: @hairbybritny

Editor’s tip: Making your brown and red hair colour look sleek and shiny will be super easy with the VO5 Tame & Shine SprayThis nifty product is great for keeping flyaways at bay and will help you achieve a polished finish.

Golden Brown

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with golden brown red hair styled into loose waves with hair rings.
This hairstyle will make everyone green with envy. Credit: instagram.com/thefoxandthehair

Golden shades are one of the most popular hues to go for when it comes to brown and red hair – and for good reason, too!

Loved by Sofia Vergara and Gisele Bündchen, this light golden brown hair looks great against fair and olive skin tones, as well as with summer tans. Credit: @thefoxandthehair

Copper Balayage

Red brown hair: Side shot of a woman with a short curly dark brown bob with copper balayage in it.
Bring shades of copper together to create this hot shade. Credit: Instagram.com/brushedandpainted

Want to test the red-brown hair waters, yet not ready for a full-on dye job? Then opt for a discreet look by experimenting with a balayage finish, asking your stylist to softly work red-brown hair dye to the ends of your mane.  Credit:@brushedandpainted


Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with shoulder-length medium mahogany hair with layers.
Usher in the new season with this hue. Credit: Instagram.com/christine_salon_jakarta

Looking for a more office-friendly take on this red and brown hair trend? Here’s a stunning shade that’ll work for the office and play: mahogany. So, go ahead and show this pic to your stylist now. Credit:@christine_salon_jakarta

Intense Cherry

Red brown hair: Close up shot of woman with mahogany red blown out hair with side-swept fringe.
Could this hairstyle be any cooler? Credit: instagram.com/andoandyunkoreansalon

This Instagrammer proves that even the darkest shade of brown and red hair can look fantastic on pale complexions. And we just love, love, love how this intense berry hue packs a huge style punch! Credit: @andoandyunkoreansalon

Cherry Cola Bob

Red brown hair: Front shot of a woman with straight brown and red hair chin-length hair.
Getting a bob? Give it a stylish upgrade with a sophisticated red-brown hair hue. Credit: Instagram.com/salondeboutique_official

Who wouldn’t want their hair to look like cherry cola? If you’re looking for a red and brown hair to go with your fresh new bob haircut, you’re looking at it. Credit:  @salondeboutique_official

Rose Brown

Red brown hair: Close up shot of a woman with long rose brown hair.
This is the brown-red hair colour you’ve been waiting for. Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_teee

Rose gold officially looks great on everyone! A soft chocolate milk base with red rose and pink highlights, it’s totally full of life and dimension. Credit: @hairby_teee

Editor’s tip: Want to give your coloured hair some major TLC? Try the Love Beauty And Planet Blooming Strength & Shine 2 Minute Magic Masque on your next wash day. This must-have mask is great for dyed hair and will help boost your mane’s shine.


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