Returning to her roots: Lindsay Lohan has red hair again!

Arianna | 15 November 2016

She’s back to her trademark locks – and we’re loving it.

American actress Lindsay Lohan has experimented with a number of different hair hues throughout her career. From blonde to brunette to ginger, she’s pulled them all off! And now, the Mean Girls star has returned back to her roots. Yep, that’s right: Lindsay Lohan has red hair again – and we for one can’t get enough of her fiery new mane.

Haven’t yet seen her flaming locks? Just scroll on to get the lowdown on her new hue and decide for yourself whether you prefer LiLo as a blonde or a redhead!

Lindsay Lohan: Red hair transformation


Lindsay Lohan red hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - red ginger hair colour Instagram celebrity
Lindsay Lohan: Red hair transformation. Credit:

For the past few years, actress Lindsay Lohan – who’s a natural redhead – has been enjoying life as a strawberry blonde. But it seems she grew bored of her subtle, warm mane colour, because she took to Instagram yesterday to debut her brand new hair hue. Don’t believe us? Have a peek below!

Lindsay Lohan red hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - red ginger hair colour Instagram celebrity
Lindsay Lohan: Red hair. Credit:

Lindsay’s new fiery locks are giving us major throwback vibes to her natural coloured mane in The Parent Trap, where she played the part of identical twins Hallie Parker and Annie James. In the photo posted to her Instagram, Linsday is pictured snuggled up in bed, while her long, wavy strands tumble over her shoulders. Credit: @lindsaylohan

We reckon that Lindsay hinted of her new hair hue last week, when she posted a photo of Disney character Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who is renowned for being a famous redhead!

But the real question is: which colour do you prefer on the star? Help us decide, below!


Fiery red

Can’t get enough of Lindsay’s bold red mane? It’s on fire!


Have you fallen in love with this subtle strawberry blonde?


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