20 Hot Ginger Hair Colours Aspiring Redheads Will Love

Warning: Red hot ginger hair looks coming your way!  

From subtle strawberry blonde to rich aurburn, we’re kind of obsessed with ginger hair colours at the moment! And with our pick of the 20 best redhead looks (including some of your favourite celebrities) we think you will be, too.

While some people have a luscious natural ginger hair colour, others seek the help of hair dye in a bid to get fiery-looking locks. And who can blame them?! Stars of all ages – like Emma Roberts, Rachel McAdams and Julianne Moore – have all flaunted a gorgeous ginger hue, proving that it can work for just about anyone.

So, if you’re desperate to test out a red-hot new look in your mane, yet don’t know which shade will work best for you, rest assured our ginger hair round up is here to help!

1. Emma Stone’s elegant waves

Emma Stone with deep aurburn hair in Hollywood waves
Emma Stone looking ever so elegant. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The natural blonde has become known for her warm ginger hue and has fast become our golden ginger hair muse.

Emma Stone often wears her mid-length hair with soft, Hollywood waves for her red carpet appearances, giving a timeless and elegant finish to any ensemble she rocks.

2. Tilda Swinton’s swept back style

Tilda Swinton with swept back short ginger hair
Actress Tilda Swinton goes bold with this swept back look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We don’t often spot Tilda Swinton in any other hue than her platinum blonde locks, but when we do it’s normally another bold look, like this vibrant ginger shade.

The actress is known for her no-fuss styling and has opted for a relaxed swept-back look here. This style is carefree and goes hand-in-hand with Tilda’s daring outfit.

3. Jess Glynne’s curly ‘fro

Jess Glyne with ginger hair and big curly perm
Be true to your curly hair roots! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

She often breaks the music charts with her incredible voice, but Jess Glynne is smashing the red hair charts here with her voluminous ‘do! The singer’s natural curls are in a league of their own, but when paired with her ginger hair colour, they look utterly sensational.

4. Carefree waves

instagrammer with deep ginger hair and voluminous waves
Go big with voluminous waves. Credit: @crimson.and.clover_

To make the most of deep ginger tones in long hair, we think you should take a leaf out of this Instragrammer’s book and get perfectly enviable, striking ginger waves. Credit: @crimson.and.clover_

5. Messy top knot

woman with ginger hair colour pulling her hair into a top knot
Top knots are a girls best friend. Credit: Instagram.com/isabelleduarrte

Thanks to it’s bold nature, ginger hair even looks amazing when it’s messy! Top knots may be a go-to style for girls the world over, but we happen to think it looks particularly great in a red hue. Credit: @isabelleduarrte

6. Tyra Banks’ finger waves

Tyra Banks with Ginger hair in retro side part curls
Model Tyra Banks loves this ginger hue. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Bright ginger hair looks gorgeous with curls, since they have the power to accentuate just about any shade. And for some retro mane inspiration, look at no further than Tyra Banks’ finger waves style!

7. Flower power accessory

woman with ginger hair and a bright yellow flower headband
Festival season is coming! Credit: @hikissmyass

A yellow flower headband + ginger hair = major hair envy! And since festival season is only just around the corner, find inspiration in this cool, boho-chic look. Credit: @hikissmyass

8. Pale ginger hair

woman with pale ginger hair and red lipstick
Pale and pretty! Credit: @gabicardoss

This picture proves that a ginger hair and red lip combination is a true match made in heaven. Although lighter in colour, you shouldn’t underestimate the power this hue has, still packing a serious punch in the style department. Credit@gabicardoss

9. Lana Del Rey’s warm hue

Lana Del Rey with Ginger hair in a long straight bouffant
Lana channels some hot retro vibes on the red carpet. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Lana Del Rey warms up her hair with a dark ginger hue to compliment her pale complexion. And in true Lana style, this hairdo is a nod to a ’60s era, being full of enviable volume.

10. Cool bangs

woman with ginger hair and a red bandana in a large bun
Go red on red this season! Credit: @brunalima__

If you’re looking for ideas on how to style a ginger fringe, look no further, because we’ve found another great duo: ginger hair colour and a red bandana! Credit: @brunalima__

11. Kirsten Dunst’s undone braid

Kirsten Dunst with ginger hair in a milkmaid braid
Kirsten Dunst as you have never seen here before! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Braided hairstyles may be a plenty, but Kirsten Dunst’s undone halo braid is ticking all the right boxes for us.

12. Kate Mara’s ombre lob

Kate Mara with ginger hair colour in a lob side part
Kate Mara working one of the hottest cuts of the season. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The House of Cards actress looks fab with her ginger hair cut into a chin-length bob, working in added texture for a volumised finish!

Keep your hair fresh by going for a soft ombre, where your hair is darker at the roots and transitions into a lighter ginger colour at the tips.

13. Fiery ginger

girl with bright red ginger hair from the back
Instagram-worthy bright red hair. Credit: @alencarsthefany

This Instagram account is definitely one to follow if you’re looking for vibrant copper hair inspiration. Plus, this stylish user posts lots of #FollowMeTo photos, where her hair always takes centre stage. Credit: @alencarsthefany

14. Subtle alternative

model with ginger hair and a neat middle parting
Simply styled with a middle part. Credit: @clarecirillo

Thought model-worthy hair meant having bold and high-impact locks? Think again, because this lovely model proves just how stunning a subtle ginger hue can be, wearing her strands in a simple middle parting. Credit: @clarecirillo

15. Julianne Moore’s signature hue

Julianne Moore at Cannes 2017 with a smokey ginger hair colour and loose waves
Julianne Moore looks as fab as ever. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Want a look that’s been tried, test and give the celebrity seal of approval? Then turn to Julianne Moore, who always gives us serious hair envy with her warm ginger hue, perfectly complimenting her pale skin tone.

16. Glossy ginger

woman with large curls and glossy copper red hair
Go ultra glossy with copper strands. Credit: @kelsiefields

Have you ever seen shinier locks? If this Instagrammer’s glossy ginger hair doesn’t make you want to get her mahogany red locks, then nothing will! Credit: @kelsiefields

17. Milkmaid braid

woman with a ginger hair colour and milkmaid braids
Sweet and chic is the theme of the day. Credit: @jerianie

If you have a summer, boho-inspired wedding to attend this season, know that milkmaid braids are the ideal companion to your ginger locks! Credit: @jerianie

18. Cynthia Nixon’s strawberry blonde hue

Cynthia Nixon at the SATC premiere with ginger hair and wavy ends
Cynthia Nixon looks sensational with her signature hue. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We all know her as Miranda from Sex and the City, where her vibrant ginger hue was a stand-out hit. In real life, however, Cynthia Nixon often lightens her tresses to a soft strawberry blonde shade, which looks equally gorgeous!

19. Cool girl strands

When your hair resembles an autumn day. Credit: @j.aqueline

The fashion pack is calling! To join the ranks of style mavens and cool-girls the world over, opt for the ultimate shade of red and get this vibrant orange hue. Credit: @j.aqueline

20. Florence Welsh’s chestnut hue

Florence Welsh with ginger hair, and her bangs and braids combo
We are loving Florence’s bangs. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Florence’s chestnut hue is one of the most coveted ginger hair colour hues – and we can totally see why. It looks super glossy, instantly warms the complexion and works a treat with her blunt bangs!

Editor’s tip: If you’re tempted to try out any of these ginger hair colour options, investing in a colour care range is essential. The Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner are great, as the Vibrant Colour Lock technology maintains the intensity of your hue, while also leaving hair feeling silky and nourished.

If you can’t get enough of this bold hue, head on over to our Red Hair page ASAP! There you can find even more inspiration for ginger locks, plus some expert advice on what shade will work best for you.