Fiery red hair ideas you should try this year

Ready to try red? Maybe one of these hot shades will tempt you... 

In love with gorgeous, fiery-looking hair? We can’t say we’re surprised. Red is definitely one of the boldest, most striking hair colours around. Plus, it can look incredible on everyone, provided you’ve chosen a shade that suits your skin tone and personal style down to a T. Want to find the right one for you? Take a look at these amazing red hair ideas, and discover a colour that suits your personality to perfection.

Studio shot of a young woman with beautiful red hair posing against a gray background
Red hair ideas: Vibrant orange-red.

1. Vibrant orange-red

This deep, vibrant colour is perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd, thanks to its bright and fiery orange hues combined with deeper, auburn tones. Intense in tone, it’s stunning on paler complexions – especially those with pink undertones.

Deep auburn red hair
Red hair ideas: Deep auburn. Credit:

2. Woody auburn

Summery in tone, but autumnal in attitude, this earthy auburn shade will work wonders on a variety of skin tones, from those at the paler end of the spectrum to neutral, medium complexions. One of the most sophisticated, natural-looking red hair ideas, this shade is both flattering and easy to wear. Don’t be fooled by its subdued tone, this high-impact colour is one that’ll definitely help lift your complexion and add a touch of uniqueness to your overall look.

Red hair ideas muted ginger
Red hair ideas: Muted ginger. Credit:

3. Muted ginger

Want some red hair ideas to add a hint of fire to your mane without being too dramatic? This muted shade of ginger is a lovely, softer red hair colour that’s ideal for pinkish and beige skin tones. Flattering and surprisingly brightening, this hue is ultra wearable, but will never fail to turn heads.

Rich copper hair Red hair ideas
Red hair ideas: Rich copper. Credit:

4. Rich copper

For warmer olive-based skin tones, finding red hair ideas that flatter means choosing shades that are less orange-y, but with more blue or purple undertones. Striking copper hues, like this one, look utterly pretty – especially on glossy, longer ‘dos – with their cool, neutral tones that give a more natural look.

curly golden copper red hair
Red hair ideas: Golden copper. Credit: Dvora

5. Golden copper

Deeper than a strawberry blonde hue, golden copper hair colours keep the sunny brightness of golden shades and combine it with darker and warmer copper tones. This particular colour’s perfect to complement warmer skin tones and enhance fair facial features.

Copper highlights red hair
Red hair ideas: Copper highlights. Credit:

7. Copper highlights

Those with dark locks looking for the right red hair colour should try to simply introduce a hint of fieriness in the form of subtle highlights. Copper highlights, in particular, look gorgeous paired with deeper chestnut and brunette bases, as they’ll add a touch of brightness and depth to your natural colour without appearing too in your face.

Berry red hair ideas colour on long hair
Red hair ideas: Berry red.

8. Deep berry reds

For women with olive or darker skin tones, red colours that have a hint of blue in them are the perfect ones to try. These will especially complement complexions with yellow undertones and cooler natural hair colours to create maximum impact. From bold raspberry shades to deep, dark cherry tones, there’s a whole spectrum of berry reds that not only sound delicious, but look ultra flattering, too!

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