5 Brilliant prom hairstyles for short hair to help you party in style!

All Things Hair | 12 February 2015

Rock those pretty and short lengths like a pro for prom!


Searching for short prom hairstyles? While braids and updos might be all the buzz for long-haired lasses, those of us with shorter tresses will looking for plenty of elegant and beautiful short prom-ready ‘dos to help us make the most of our mane.

Because if we’re really being honest, one of the best parts of getting ready for prom has to be deciding how to style your hair – and choosing a gorgeous look that will exude glamour and fun all night long!

So, give you a helping hand we’ve put together 5 brilliant, short hair looks that are sure to inspire you for prom!

5 Brilliant short prom hairstyles


ombre blue bob prom
Ombre blue pastel bob. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Pastel bob 

Pastel hair is just perfect for prom as it adds a colourful, fairy-tale touch to your look. From mermaid-green hues to delicately pretty pinks and lilacs, going pastel is easier than ever with the rise temporary hair colour sprays and stencils.

The pastel bob is perfect if you already have a classic or long-length bob. Wear your hair sleek and smooth for a polished look that gives contrast to the softness of your colour. Or for a more bohemian feel, add soft, slightly tousled waves to work up the texture a little.

brunette with waves for wedding hair
Romantic waves. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Romantic waves

Soft, gentle waves can look classy, chic and wonderfully feminine – a great style for prom. It also works really well whatever the length of your hair. So, whether you have tresses just above the collarbones or a slightly longer pixie cut, use curling tongs to create delicate waves before finishing with a spray of the VO5 Shape My Style Voluptuous Waves Creation Hairspray. Then leave a few stray curls kept loose to frame your face, for a gentle and romantic feel.

Blonde wearing embellished accessory on short hair for prom
Embellished accessory short prom hairstyle. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Embellished accessory

Jazz up your look for prom by wearing a gorgeous, embellished accessory. Lightly tousle your short hair first, and then place a bedazzled headpiece just above your forehead. The headpiece doesn’t necessarily have to match the colour of your prom outfit, either!

Black girl with short prom hairstyles wavy updo
Sweet side part: the perfect short hairstyle for prom. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Sweet side part updo

Changing your parting can be a great way to transform your look for prom – or any other event. And if you’re looking for a short prom hairstyle that you can enjoy without having to spend hours getting ready, this one might be perfect for you.

Editor’s tip: Accentuate your side parting, with an impressive, ornate barrette to add sparkle and shine to your outfit.

Blonde with dramatic curls short prom hairstyles
Dramatic short curls for prom.

Dramatic curls

Want to go big on drama for prom? Transform your bob into a vintage-inspired sweeping wave of voluminous curls using hair rollers to create deep, beautiful ringlets.

Use a volumising mousse, like the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Mousse, to add body and style them with your fingertips to prevent them from looking overdone. Finish off with a light touch of the VO5 Shape My Style Voluptuous Waves Creation Hairspray, which is lightweight and has ultra brushable technology, helping to keep your curls perfectly in place. Don’t forget to work it through the lower layers – these will help to add a boost of volume to your curls!

So which one of these short prom hairstyles will you choose? Whichever short ‘do you pick, don’t forget to share it with us on Twitter, will you?

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