24 curly prom hairstyles you’ll love

Make it a night to remember with our curly hairstyles for prom. 

Got the perfect dress for prom but still stuck on which hairstyle to do? If you have naturally curly locks, or you’d like to curl your hair specially for your school prom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got plenty of curly prom hairstyles to choose from because we all like to have options!

From chic updos to romantic braided styles, have a browse through our gallery above, or keep scrolling for more.

1. Floral accessories

Curly prom hairstyles: Voluminous curls hairstyle accessorised with pink flowers.
Why not trade a corsage for a floral hair clip? Credit: indigitalimages.com

Wearing a pastel-coloured or floral patterned prom dress for your big night? Then why not accentuate it with a set of voluminous curls and a matching flowery hair accessory?

2. Half-up braid

Curly prom hairstyles: Back view of a woman with brown to blonde ombre hair curled and in a half-up waterfall braid.
Half-up styles are really popular for prom. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyjordancarter

As soon as prom season hits, the half-up braids come out to play and this romantic style is our idea of #hairgoals. Statement but still understated, it’s no wonder this style is still one of the best curly prom hairstyles around. Credit: @hairbyjordancarter

3. Wispy fishtail ponytail

Curly prom hairstyles: Side shot of a woman with dark smokey brown hair in a curly braided ponytail
Ponytails never looked so glamorous. Credit: Instagram.com/jliaoo.hair

Believe it or not, ponytails make excellent prom hairstyles for curly hair. They’re a way of being able to wear your hair up while still being able to show off your beautifully coily lengths.

Adding in a delicate braided detail, like this boho fishtail braid, will complete the look. Credit: @jliaoo.hair

4. Tiaras

Curly prom hairstyles: Brunette woman with wavy long hairstyle swept over one shoulder with floral headband
Team your flowing waves with a headpiece. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Rather than doing anything too elaborate, why not try rocking a sparkling tiara? You’ll not only look utterly glamorous, but it’ll also help create extra volume at the roots, so no worrying about flat hair in your photos – bonus!

5. Unicorn braid

Curly prom hairstyles: Woman with bob length curly ash blonde hair in a unicorn braid
Unicorn braids add an edginess to your look. Credit: Instagram.com/penteadosx

Have bob or lob-length hair and need prom hairstyles for short curly hair? Have you thought about a unicorn braid? Also referred to as a parting braid, they’re a fun half-up style that doesn’t require too much length. Credit: @penteadosx

6. Curly fauxhawk

Curly prom hairstyles: Brunette model with curl retro-inspired, half-up half down curly quiff
Take a step back with these retro, quiff-inspired waves. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Why not channel vintage-chic at your prom by asking your stylist to style your curls into this half-up, half-down faux hawk?

These ’80s style looks make great prom hairstyles for naturally curly hair, but you can also recreate them on straight hair by adding corkscrew curls.

Editor’s tip: Regardless of which curly prom hairstyle you pick, we love the TRESemmé Botanique Curl Conditioning Mousse to help enhance your hair’s natural shape and style.

Distribute 2-3 pumps evenly through your hair and scrunch for curl definition. For a more natural-looking curl, allow to air dry.

7. Twisted updo

Curly prom hairstyles: Close up back view of a brunette woman with curly hair styled in a twisted braided bun
Classic and classy. Credit: Instagram.com/sbhm_stylists

Think you want to opt for an updo? This twisted braided bun looks especially great on curly hair as it adds texture, giving a pretty, whimsical feel to the style. Remember to leave a few curls loose around your face for a soft finish. Credit: @sbhm_stylists

8. Braided headband

Curly prom hairstyles: Red head model with braided headband and low side ponytail
Why not try out this beautiful braid for prom?

Just because you have curly hair, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with braids.

A great way to keep your curls off your face when you’re dancing the night away is to braid the front section of your hair to create a braided headband.

Here’s our braided headband step-by-step tutorial to prove just how simple it is to do!

9. Half-up side braid

Curly prom hairstyles: Woman with long bronde curly hair with a side plait detail wearing a black cami top and holding a bunch of pink and gold balloons.
Waves (and braids!) for days. Credit: Instagram.com/luxyhair

Know you want to wear your hair down but just want something that’s going to make it that bit more special than your everyday curls? Let us introduce you to our fave half-up side braid, a simple update that’ll make your mane a winner. Credit: @luxyhair

10. Pretzel bun

Curly prom hairstyles: Dark haired woman with curly hair put into a low side bun hairstyle
Keep it simple with this lovely low bun.

Hunting for prom hairstyles for naturally curly hair? Fear not, the easy, low pretzel bun is here to save you from your prom night hair terrors.

This timeless hairstyle never fails to look on-point, especially when it’s teamed with occasionwear – hello, just look at Meghan Markle!

11. Hollywood glam curls

Curly prom hairstyles: Outdoor photo of a blonde girl with Marilyn Monroe inspired Hollywood waves wearing a low back black dress
When Marilyn went to prom. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyrudi

Prom calls for red carpet levels of glam, which is why we couldn’t not include these Hollywood waves. The deep side part, lifted roots and voluminous curls are sure to make you feel like a silver screen star. Credit: @hairbyrudi

12. Glam waves

Curly prom hairstyles: Medium brown haired model at Matthew Williamson SS15 with a glam wavy hairstyle
Oh-so-glam waves for prom? Credit: indigitalimages.com

Not a naturally curly or wavy-haired gal? Well, you can still create curly hairstyles for prom, just use hot rollers or a curling tong!

Next read: You find out how to create this glam look with our tutorial, here.

Editor’s tip: Lusting over this model’s gorgeously glossy mane? Yeah, us too. For waves that shine, take a serum such as the VO5 Heat Protect Serum and smooth a few pumps through your lengths. Instant silkiness, frizz control and added heat protection.

13. Rolled ponytail

Curly prom hairstyles: Redhead girl with long curly hair in a french rolled ponytail with a hair clip accessory
A sparkly barrette gives a fancy touch. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyramsay

Another one for the ponytail fans out there, we’re big fans of this creative rolled pony, complete with a charming barrette.

And, if you’ve been searching for prom hairstyles for long, curly hair, you know what to do… Credit: @hairbyramsay

14. Waterfall braid

Curly prom hairstyles: Woman with light purple coloured hair with a waterfall braid
Be a modern maiden with this waterfall braid.

Not a fan of looks that are overly sleek or too styled? Why not try adding a little bohemian love into your hair with this waterfall braid?

This braided hairstyle is easy to create and is sure to make your night one to remember.

15. Side chignon

Curly prom hairstyles: Side shot of a blonde woman with naturally curly hair worn in a side bun style
Taylor Swift, is that you? Credit: Instagram.com/devonweddinghair

You may be tempted to straighten your curly hair, but this look shows that embracing your natural hair texure can create a really beautiful and unique look. We recommend keeping your bun loose for a more effortless, lived-in look. Credit: @devonweddinghair

16. Defined curls

Curly prom hairstyles: Natural haired model with curly twist-out curls
Party-ready curls, here we come! Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

We all know that prom hairstyles for short, curly hair can be hard to come by, that’s why we’re just so in love with these ultra defined ringlets. Not a fan of heated styling? You can define your curls using flexi rods or by doing a braid-out!

Editor’s tip: Struggle with definition and frizz? Create more defined curls with a natural shine with the TRESemmé Botanique Air Dry Curl Cream.

Apply 2-3 pumps to damp hair, scrunch and distribute evenly and let your locks air dry.

17. Retro beauty

Curly prom hairstyles: Curly redhead young woman with fringe and half up bouffant hairstyle
Be a retro prom queen! Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Vintage hairstyles fan? Tap into the retro prom queen vibes for the night with this bouffant ‘do.

We love that this ’60s influenced, half-up curly hairstyle is so pretty but also really easy to do (so, no extra hair classes required).

18. Half-up pull through braid

Curly prom hairstyles: Back view of a girl with very long curly brown hair in a half-up pull through braid style.
Have you ever seen anything more Pinterest in your life? Credit: Instagram.com/hairbygabriellaaa

Want your friends to think you’re a total braiding pro (or that you’ve gone to get your hair done by a professional)? Pull-through braids are the way forward.

As you can see they look super tricky, but in reality, it’s all just the result of some clever ponytail tricks! Find out the secret behind the look. Credit: @hairbygabriellaaa

19. Prom pineapple

Curly prom hairstyles: Natural haired model with pinapple updo wearing a floral bomber in front of a party curtain
Who said the pineapple updo wasn’t for partying? Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Need prom hairstyles for curly hair? If you’ve got a head full of curls that you want to stylishly keep off your face for the night, we’ve got just the thing: a pineapple updo.

All you need to do is create a super high ponytail and use bobby pins to pin those big bouncy ringlets forwards and outwards. Simple.

20. Half-up bun

Curly prom hairstyles: Back view of a woman with warm toned chestnut brown curly hair in a half up bun style
The hun can be dressed up with curly lengths. Credit: Instagram.com/hair_by_brooke99

When it comes to curly prom hairstyles, buns are always a staple. Now, if you’re worried about having the exact same look as all your friends, why not try it as a half-up?

Huns are a popular hairstyle in their own right, with Ariana Grande and J-Lo both fans of the ‘do. Credit: @hair_by_brooke99

21. Short curly hair

Prom hairstyles: Woman with curly brown short hair wearing a pattern dress.
Short curly hair goals! Credit: indigitalimages.com

Don’t let short curly hair limit your styling possibilities. Work with your naturally curly texture and rock the most perfect curled strands you’ve ever seen.


Editor’s tip: Nourish curly strands with the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist.

This lightweight hydration mist is free from silicones and enriched with our botanical blend of coconut milk and aloe vera to help smooth, condition and gently detangle hair.

22. Fishtail braided updo

Curly prom hairstyles: Blonde girl with her hair in a curly fishtail braided prom updo
How can you not love this look? Credit: Instagram.com/hairbysaretta

This gorgeous curly bun gets a detailed twist with the addition of a fancy fishtail braid. It’s also a quicker alternative to more complicated braided updos as the bun itself is just a normal chignon with a single fishtail braid wrapped around it. Credit: @hairbysaretta

23. Faux bob

Curly prom hairstyles: Happy red head model with a wavy faux bob with a side parting
Rock short hair without cutting your hair by working a faux bob.

Want short tresses, but don’t want to chop off your hair? Totally understandable. The curly faux bob is the answer to your hair prayers, just follow our tutorial to find out how to join the bob brigade without commitment.

24. Edgy braided pony

Curly prom hairstyles: Back view of a blonde girl with her hair in a braided curly ponytail
Gigi Hadid has rocked styles similar to this. Credit: Instagram.com/alchemyxartistry

Combining pretty curls with an edgier braided look, this Gigi Hadid-inspired style is surely the way to go for long, curly locks.

Ask your stylist to tease your hair before tying the ponytail to give you lots of height and volume for a fuller-looking mane. Credit: @alchemyxartistry


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