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Easy prom hairstyles you can do in 10 minutes

You’ll be the belle of the ball!


We know that the year is still young, but it is never too early to start planning your prom outfit! After all, finding the right dress, shoes, and make-up style takes a lot of time – add to that the all-important hairstyle and prom night will be here before you know it. Sadly, we can’t help you decide what to wear, or what accessories might work best, however, when it comes to hair, we can guarantee there are plenty of easy prom hairstyles that won’t fail to impress.

Ahead, we’ve pulled together 3 super easy looks that you can do in just 10 minutes (yes, seriously), regardless of your hair styling skills. Bobby pins at the ready, everyone!

3 Easy prom hairstyles and how to create them


updos for prom beehive style
Easy prom hairstyles: The beehive for prom.

The beehive

Chosen a vintage-inspired dress for the big night? Then a glamorously bouffant beehive might just be for you. One of our favourite prom styles of the season, there is only one rule with this look: go big, or go home!

How to get the look:

Step 1: Prep your hair with VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray to boost texture and hold, before dividing your hair into 2 horizontal sections at around ear height.

Step 2: Take 1-2 inches of hair from the top section (leaving the sides), and gently back-comb using a teasing comb. Repeat this process all over the back section of hair to achieve high volume.

Step 3: Take the lower section of hair and tie the ends with a hairband (about 3-4 inches from the bottom). Lift your loose ponytail and wrap it around your hand, so that your hand is resting against the back of your head, before tucking the end underneath itself. Secure this in place with bobby pins.

Step 4: Take the loose hair left out on either side and pull it backwards to join to your bouffant beehive, using more bobby pins to secure it in place.

Step 5: To finish, give your ‘do a once over with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray and complete your look with a satin ribbon or velvet hairband for that swinging ’60s touch.

hair tuck easy prom hairstyles
Easy prom hairstyles: Hair tuck for prom. Credit: www.treasuresandtravelsblog.com

The hair tuck

This prom-perfect hairstyle looks like it’s taken hours to perfect, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret: it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to create. Oh, and the good news is, you don’t have to have long hair to pull it off! Just pick a pretty headband and have plenty of bobby pins to hand – and you’re ready to roll! Credit: Treasures and Travels Blog

How to get the look:

Step 1: Take your chosen headband and put it on like a crown, making sure it sits about two-thirds of the way down at the back.

Step 2: Gather the ends of your hair, as if to put it up into a ponytail, but instead, starting from the bottom, roll the length of your hair upwards.

Step 3: From the centre, tuck your rolled hair into the headband, securing with bobby pins as you go. Work your way outwards towards the side, making sure the roll gets tighter as you get closer to your face. Don’t forget to leave out a few delicate strands at the front for a romantic touch.

Step 4: Once all your hair’s been tucked in, secure the look with a generous spritz of hairspray TIGI Catwalk Work It Hairspray and you’re ready to dance the night away!

fishtail bun easy prom hairstyles
Easy prom hairstyles : Fishtail bun for prom.

The fishtail bun

Want an elegant updo that looks impressive, yet is super easy to do? Girls, meet: the fishtail bun! Essentially, if you know how to do a fishtail braid, you’ll be able to create this romantic look in just minutes. So, start perfecting your technique now and you’ll be a pro by prom night.

How to get the look:

Step 1: Gather your hair into a ponytail – positioned where you want the finished bun to sit on your head – and secure with a hairband.

Step 2: Now it’s time to create your fishtail braid. Start by splitting the ponytail into 2 equal sections, then take a very thin section of hair from the outer edge of the right section, and pull it over and across to the left section. Repeat the same technique with the left section of your hair: take a small section from the outer edge, pull it over and across to the right section. Hold your hair tightly in place as you go along, securing the end with a clear elastic hair band.

Step 3: Pancake the braid you’ve created, by gently teasing out the weaves, so that it looks flatter and fuller.

Step 4: Finally, wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail to create your bun, before securing it in place with bobby pins. Don’t forget to finish with a spritz of VO5 Classic Strong Hold Hairspray for a longer lasting style.

Still not confident? Don’t worry, you can follow our simple guide to a stunning fishtail bun, here!


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15 February 2017