30 half-up, half-down prom hairstyles you’ll love

Amra | 04 July 2018

One of these half-up, half-down prom hairstyles is destined for your mane…

Be it on the catwalk, red carpet or Instagram, half-up hairstyles are everywhere. And guess what? Most of them are totally workable for prom, too.

Keep scrolling to see — and screenshot — the gorgeous half-up, half-down prom hairstyles that we guarantee will make you prom queen.

30 half-up, half-down prom hairstyles you won’t be able to resist


down prom hairstyles: close up back shot of a woman with ash blonde hair, wearing a half-up, half-down knotted hairstyle, wearing a pink floral dress and posing outside
What’s knot to love about this ‘do? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Half-up, half-down knot

Up first, the easiest half-up, half-down hairstyle around: the half-up knot.

Though it takes minutes to achieve (grab a section of hair in the back, split it into two and tie the parts into a knot), it still looks prom-perfect.

down prom hairstyles: back shot of a blonde woman with a half-up, half-down braid with daisy flowers weaved into it, wearing a pink top
Waves, braids and daises go together like peanut and jelly. Credit: Instagram.com/amberfillerup

2. Half-up, half-down braid with flowers

When it comes to half-up, half-down prom hairstyles, braided ones, like this one, never fail to charm — especially when you pair them with beachy waves and weave flowers into them. Credit: @amberfillerup

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a woman with bronde hair styled into a loosely curled half-up, half-down braid, complete with flowers
Short tresses? There’s no need to feel FOMO with this style around. Credit: Instagram.com/schoenzauberei

3. Short half-up braid

In this double tap-worthy example, this future prom queen has gone for a half-up braid hairstyle that features loose curls, instead of waves.

This lovely ‘do also shows you don’t need to have flowing locks to make an impact. Credit: @schoenzauberei

VO5 Damage Protect Primer Spray

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This spray protects against frizz and offers 230°C heat protection, so you don’t have to worry about stressing out your strands while you creating your style.

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of woman with caramel brown curls styled into a half-up, half-down hairstyle, complete with a pink headband
This pretty style takes curls to a whole new level. Credit: Instagram.com/wideeyedbeauties

4. Curly half-up style

Curly half-up, half-down prom hairstyles are great for curl queens who want a pretty ‘do that want to show off their defined curls in style. Credit: @wideeyedbeauties

down prom hairstyles: back shot of a woman with golden blonde hair styled into a wavy half-up, half-down bow hairstyle, wearing red top and posing in a studio setting
Can’t find the perfect hair accessory? Try this! Credit: Instagram.com/missysueblog

5. Half-up hair bow

If you choose to forgo hair accessories (because you’re so last minute, like us), this half-up, half-down hair bow hairstyle might spark your interest, as it will make your mane the accessory. Credit: @missysueblog

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down prom hairstyles: close up shot of woman with loosely curled dark brown hair, wearing her hair in a half-up, half-down ponytail with strapless pink dress
The ’90s half-up ponytail can be dressed up. Credit: Instagram.com/filizhair

6. Half-up, half-down ponytail

Looking for half-up, half-down prom hairstyles that’ll allow you to rock a pretty ponytail, too? Try out this Ariana Grande-inspired ‘do!

With lush curls and a few romantic tendrils at the front, you’ll be sure to make an unforgettable entrance. Credit: @filizhair

wavy down prom hair ideas: close up shot of a woman with a dark brown hollywood waves fashioned into a half-up hairstyle, wearing orange top and posing against a white background
Rework your fave glam waves into this half-up look. Credit: Instagram.com/barefootblondehair

7. Glam half-up, half-down waves

There’s nothing wrong with taking a cue from the red carpet and rocking classic Hollywood waves.

But if you really want to give them a prom-worthy twist, try fashioning them into this elegant, modern half-up style. Credit: @barefootblondehair

half down prom hairstyles: backshot of model with rose braid hairstyle at rodarte
Everything’s coming up roses! Credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Half-up, half-down rose braid

If you’ve selected yourself a sweet floral ensemble for your prom night, matching it with a flower-inspired ‘do might just earn you enough style points to win the crown.

Not only is this half-up rose braid one of the most gorgeous bun hairstyles around, but it will also trick everyone into thinking you’re a styling whizz.

TONI&GUY Root Lift Sculpting Powder

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Simply dust it over your braid after you’ve weaved it, then pancake it (gently pulling apart each section of the braid) and prepare to be amazed by its thicker appearance.

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a model with brown hair with mint green ombre, with her hair styled up into a half-up Celtic buns, wearing black and posing against a black backdrop
Aren’t these Celtic buns beautiful? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

9. Celtic rose buns

If one rose isn’t enough, you can easily amp your mane up with three Celtic rose buns. Three times the bun, three times the charm, eh?

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half-up, half-down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a woman with blonde medium length hair, fashioned into half-up french twist
Add some je ne sais quoi to your hair. Credit: Instagram.com/k8_smallthings

10. Half-up French twist

If you’re after something less flowery and fancier, this half-up French twist has got you covered.

And if you’re less confident in styling, mastering how to do a classic French twist with our easy tutorial will make it a breeze to get this look. Credit: @k8_smallthings

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of woman with golden blonde hair styled into a face-framing half-up, half-down braided style, wearing white and posing in a studio setting
Framing your face will be easy as 1-2-3. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

11. Half-up, half-down waves

In need of a face-flattering look? Then, this is the prom hairstyle you’ve been waiting for.

With these soft, face-framing waves and a half-up plait, you’ll be channelling major Charlie’s Angels vibes.

side shot of model with sleek hair half-up and down at thakoon
Sleek and steady wins the race! Credit: indigitalimages.com

12. Sleek half-up, half-down hairstyle

On the opposite end of the trend spectrum is this sleek, wet-look ‘do. This look makes for a simple yet sophisticated upgrade to your everyday half-up style.

Now, if you love this sculptural hairstyle as much as we do, make sure to check out fashion designer Carolina Herrera‘s take on the look.

down prom hairstyles: model on the runway with half up hairstyle close up shot
Romantic hair, do care! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

13. Romantic half-up, half-down hair

Oh, Tory Burch, you steal our hearts time after time with your romantic hairstyles. And we have to say, that this half-up style is destined for prom.

With its face-framing wisps and loose beachy waves, this lovely look is the complete recipe for success.

down prom hairstyles: back shot of woman with platinum blonde hair styled into a half-up heart loop hairstyle, holding flowers and posing against a white background
You’ll fall in love with this half-up heart loop. Credit: Instagram.com/kassinka

14. Half-up heart loop

Don’t have time to wash your long mane? Messy prom hairstyles, like this cute half-up heart loop, work best on second-day hair and requires minimal effort to recreate.

The best part? We’ve spotted Blake Lively pulling it off, so it’s got major style points. Credit: @kassinka

close up of model with half up hairstyle with flower clips in it backstage rodarte
When it doubt, accessory it out! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

15. Floral hair clips

Think outside the box this prom season and turn the traditional half-up, half-down look into a work of art. How? By pairing your ‘do with a floral accent piece, of course.

down prom hair ideas: close up shot of a woman with golden blonde hair styled into half-up, half-down fishtail braid, with a mix of other braids, with flowers woven into it, posing in a studio setting
This mix of braids will make your mane look like a work of art. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

16. Half-up, half-down fishtail

When floral clips don’t quite cut it, you should consider trying out real flowers. Our favourite combo? This half-up, half-down fishtail braid with baby’s-breath and other colourful blooms.

model on the runway with half up half down hairstyle with metallic accessory on the valentino runway
Easily exude fair maiden vibes with this pretty ‘do. Credit: indigitalimages.com

17. Half-up headband tuck

Wondering how to stylishly keep your thick, curly locks under wraps? Don’t fret, because there are lots of half-up, half-down prom hairstyles that won’t compromise on a single ounce of style.

And this beautiful half-up headband tuck from is absolutely ideal. Not only will it give off loads of vintage glamour, but it will also let you channel your inner Juliet.

VO5 Volume Foam

Editor’s tip: To really make your curls pop, try using the VO5 Volume FoamWork a generous amount of the product throughout your damp lengths, blow dry and watch as your mermaid-esque curls come to life!

down prom hair ideas: close up back shot of a woman with golden blonde wavy hair fashioned into a half-up, half-down layered twist hairstyle, wearing black shirt and posing outside
Get ready to add this layered twist hairstyle to your radar. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

18. Woven half-up twist

We’re pretty much suckers for any hairstyle that can be done in less than 15 minutes and still look flawless — take this dreamy woven half-up twist hairstyle for example.

Honestly, with a bit of twist action and some bobby pins, you’ll be on the path to prom queen-worthy tresses. So, what are you waiting for?

down prom hair ideas: close up shot of a woman with golden blonde hair styled into a half-up, half-down twisted crown, wearing strappy dress and posing in a studio
Can’t braid? We’ve got you. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

19. Curly half-up twist

Can’t get enough of twisted half-up, half-down prom hairstyles? Well, here’s another one you won’t regret adding to your style radar: the curly half-up twist.

half down prom hairstyles: model with half up bouffant with curls and ribbon in it at Elizabeth fillmore wedding presentation
Channel Bardot vibes with a half-up bouffant! Credit: indigitalimages.com

20. Half-up curly bouffant with ribbon

When you combine a bouffant hairstyle with luscious curls, you get the dreamiest combo ever: an elegant curly bouffant.

To give this classic look a modern edge, pair it with a black ribbon and just watch as the compliments come pouring in.

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of woman with wavy ash blonde hair styled into a half-up bouffant ponytail, wearing a pink glittery dress and posing in a bedroom setting
Amp up the glamour with this half-up style. Credit: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster

21. Half-up Bardot ponytail

This is what happens when you cross a half-up ponytail with Bardot-worthy texture. But if you’re going to give this voluminous ‘do a try, don’t forget: the messier, the better. Credit: @ulyana.aster

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a model with dark brown hair styled into a waterfall braid, wearing white dress and posing in a studio
Do go chasing waterfalls! Credit: Hariono Halim

22. Waterfall braid

You’ve seen pretty waterfall braids take over Instagram and Pinterest, but are you willing to slay this style in real life for prom? If so, our step-by-step tutorial is all you need.

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a woman with platinum blonde wavy hair, fashioned into a unicorn braid and a half-up, half-down looped ponytail, holding flowers and posing against a white background
This unicorn braid/half-up hybrid will get you all the likes. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymadisonamenta

23. Half-up unicorn braid

What we love most about this magical half-up, unicorn hairstyle is the fact that it gorgeously combines two trends in one.

Here, a centre parting braid (AKA a unicorn braid) and a half-up looped pony join together to create a fashionable, envy-inducing prom style. Credit: @hairbymadisonamenta

down prom hair ideas: close up shot of woman with bronde sleek half-up, half-down bun hairstyle, wearing checked blazer and posing outside
You can’t go wrong with this sleek hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/franckprovostparis

24. Sleek half-up bun

If polished half-up, half-down prom hairstyles are more your vibe, you’ll love this sleek half-up bun hairstyle.

To really make a style impact, keep the rest of locks straight, so that the focus is on your perfect bun. Credit:@franckprovostparis

curly down prom hairstyles: close up shot of woman with dark brown natural curly hair styled into a half-up, half-down bun hairstyle, wearing statement earrings and posing
The best thing about half-up buns? They work for all hair types. Credit: Instagram.com/jewejewebee

25. Curly half-up bun

What better way to make an entrance than with a head full of bouncy curls styled into a half-up bun? Just don’t forget the swanky earrings, will you? Credit:@jewejewebee

down prom hair: close up shot of woman silver grey hair styled into a half-up crown plait, wearing white dress and posing in a studio
This pretty plait will be your crowning glory. Credit: Instagram.com/taylor_lamb_hair

26. Half-up crown plait

Ready to crown yourself prom queen? Then, you’ll need to learn how master this impressive, long-lasting crown plait hairstyle. And guess what? We’ve got a tutorial on the look, here. Credit:@taylor_lamb_hair

TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray

Editor’s tip: No matter what half-up, half-down prom style you decide to create, generously spritz your final ‘do with the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold HairsprayNot only will this seal in your style but it will also leave your tresses glowing!

short down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a woman with pink and peach short wavy hair, styled into a half-up braid, wearing statement earrings and posing against a white background
This combo will make your short hair seriously standout. Credit: Instagram.com/xandervintage

27. Pinned half-up braid

This one is for the ladies who need another reason to go short for the big event. By pinning back half of your hair into a braid, you’ll be able to show off your new cut in the coolest way possible. Credit: @xandervintage

down prom hairstyles: close up shot of a woman with bronde hair with an accessorised accent braid, wearing a white floral top and posing outside
A simple accent braid is all you need to amp up your prom game. Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr

28. Accent braid

Add a little edge to your prom dress with a pretty accent braid, complete with pearl hair accessories.Credit: @jenniferbehr

down prom hair: close up shot of a model with a relaxed hair styled into a half-up bouffant, wearing tiara hair accessory
Tiara hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/leletny

29. Tiara hairstyle

If there’s a time and place to wear a tiara hair accessory, it’s prom. The best way to it? By tucking it into a half-up bouffant, of course. Credit: @leletny

braided down prom hairstyles: close up shot of model with medium brown hair styled into a loose waves and a headband braid, wearing floral top and posing outside
Don’t have the patience to spend ages braiding? This style has got you.

30. Headband braid

When it comes to quick half-up, half-down prom hairstyles, one of our faves is this boho-approved headband braid. Before you get major mane envy, here’s how to do a braided headband.


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