Party-perfect pixie cuts: How to make your crop occasion-worthy

Jeanette | 23 April 2016

Discover 5 styling tricks that’ll help transform your crop instantly.

Whether it’s an intimate gathering with your friends and family, or a large alfresco function, summer parties are a perfect chance to experiment with fun and feminine hairstyles. While party-goers with medium-length or long hair can opt for  pretty and suitably romantic hairstyles, like a fashionably messy updo, or equally stylish variations of a classic ponytail, things can get slightly trickier when you have short hair. Just how do you recreate all these enviably pretty summer looks with a pixie cut?

Sure, having a short pixie crop can be freeing – and much cooler in the summer, too, but it can also be limiting in terms of more adventurous styling options. That said, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with the help of the right hair accessories and carefully thought-out flat braids that’ll work a treat on pixie cuts. Read on to discover five new ways to romanticise your pixie cut for summer parties!

5 Party-perfect pixie cut styles

pixie crop with flower accesory
Flower-adorn your pixie cut.

1. Flowers

Whether it be a garland or a single statement bloom, flowers are an easy way to add a touch of romance to your pixie cut. When using a single bloom, think carefully about placement: larger buds look great when positioned to the side of the head, while central placements are better suited to small clusters. And who said garlands are just for festivals? Worn on top of the head or carefully placed on the crown, they’ll look great at an outdoor wedding or garden party, too.

pixie crop with headband
Try a simple Alice band to spruce things up. Credit:

2. Headbands

Want to jazz up your pixie cut, but still not convinced by statement-making florals or accessories? Then a simple headband is your answer. Whether you opt for an eye-catching thick style or more understated version, Alice bands can provide a subtle and classy touch to pixie cuts. On the other hand, elasticated headbands can lend a casual bohemian vibe to your pixie cut and are great fun for more low-key occasions.

braided pixie
Braid your pixie cut for a romantic touch. Credit:

3. Braids

Braids aren’t just for those with long tresses. In fact, they can be a great alternative to garlands or headbands. But can you braid a pixie crop? Well, yes! Of course, due to length, some braided styles are out of the question, but flat braids are a short-haired girl’s best friend. You’ll find that Dutch braids, French plaits and flat twists are brilliant for framing the face or working as an alternative to classic headbands. Want something even bolder? Why not try out a double flat braid for maximum impact.

Tip: Always spray your finished braids with a medium hold hairspray, like the Toni&Guy Classic Medium Hold Hairspray (£7.49*), to help banish any wispy hairs.

pixie cut with sparkly head band
Add some sparkle to your pixie cut!

4. Some sparkle!

Nothing says party like a bit of sparkle. Did you know you can instantly glam up your pixie cut just by adding pretty gold leaf or glitter to your hairstyle? For the gilded look, style your hair as normal, then carefully apply hair mousse (try the VO5 Extra Body Mousse (£2.99*) for a bit of extra lift to the areas that you want the gold leaf to be applied. Carefully place the gold leaf and pat gently with a paint brush. After it hardens you’ll be ready to party!

For a glittery look, the same technique can be applied. Just select your favourite colours and get sprinkling. Or for a softer look, place the gold leaf or glitter on your hair parting instead.

pixie cut with clips
Try some clips and combs. Credit:

5. Clips & combs

If glitter, gold and flowers aren’t your thing, delicate clips and combs are a great way to subtly add a point of difference to your pixie cut. Draw inspiration from celebrities like Emma Watson and wear embellished combs placed just to the side of the head. Likewise, bobby pins are no longer just functional, and come in all sorts of decorative styles.

Tip: Bobby pins work particularly well when used in multiples to secure loose strands or pull back fringes. To make it easier to style the bobby pins into your hair, spritz your mane with some TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Dry Defining Spray (£5.50*) to add grip.

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