Our 5 fave pixie haircuts from Instagram

Warning: Hot crops below! 

Let’s face it, pixie haircuts for women have always been ultra-flattering, as well as holding a universal appeal. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because this cropped look has a super versatile nature, which allows it to be adapted to suit anyone, regardless of their face shape, hair type, or even age! And having continuously evolved throughout the decades, we are pleased to say, that it has popped up on our style radar once again.

So, if you’re looking for a cool and edgy way to add loads of personality to your look, keep on scrolling, and discover our top pixie cut finds from Instagram!

Instagram inspo: 5 Pixie haircuts for women


Pixie haircuts for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - polished pixie
Pixie haircuts for women: Polished pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/kyrzayda_

Polished pixie

Taking its style cue from iconic fashionistas such as Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, the polished pixie is a style that has been worn throughout the ages, continually growing in popularity, thanks to its sleek and clean-cut aesthetic. And as you can see from the Instagrammer above, it even works a treat for ladies with natural tresses, too!

So, ask your stylist to incorporate lots of soft, brushed down layers, and style with a healthy dose of the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray, for a shiny finish, that’ll turn more than a few heads! Credit: @kyrzayda_

Pixie haircuts for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Jagged pixie
Pixie haircuts for women: Jagged pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/mallory.fay

Jagged pixie 

If you managed to see the Haider Ackermann spring/summer 2017 show, then you’ll know that the punk look is a hot-to-trot style among the fashion pack! But if the extreme spikes of the runway are too intense for your taste, then you can still easily tap into the trend, simply by updating your pixie with lots of spikey layers, which will help to elevate this classic cut.

Editor’s tip: This jagged pixie cut is also a great way to add lots of shape, movement, and texture, and can achieved with a small amount of the VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding Wax. The true beauty of this product, is that it allows you to work and re-work your style whenever you please! Credit: @mallory.fay

Pixie haircuts for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - classic pixie
Pixie haircuts for women: Classic pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/sarahb.h

Classic pixie

When in doubt, opting for a classic pixie is the ideal way to shake up your look with some cool-girl vibes – and this lovely Instagrammer shows us exactly how to rock the look best! Working her cropped ‘do with a side-swept fringe, and a super on point grey hair hue, this style maven has tapped into a number of hot trends with one simple look.

And if you love this chic cut, but aren’t a fan of the colour grey, why not opt for a purer shade and go white for winter? This surprising colour trend will give your locks an icy finish to enhance your ultra-cool cut! Credit: @sarahb.h

Pixie haircuts for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Mohawk style pixie
Pixie haircuts for women: Mohawk style pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/tochi_tms

Mohawk style pixie

Fun, edgy, and perfectly equipped to make a big fashion statement, this rebellious cut first cropped up on our radar during the 1960s, when non-conventional styling invaded the fashion scene. And today, this Mohawk-style pixie is more popular than ever!

Clipped super short on the back and sides, and retaining the length on top, the extreme aesthetic isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you are brave enough to dare this look, then you’ll open yourself up to a world of amazing styling opportunities to experiment with – think bold colours, textures, and different accessoriesCredit: @tochi_tms

Pixie haircuts for women: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Side swept pixie
Pixie haircuts for women: Side swept pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/tanja_978

Side swept pixie

If you’re thinking about switching up your look with a short ‘do, but don’t want anything too edgy, then opting for an ultra-feminine pixie cut with a side swept fringe, is the ideal choice for you! We’d recommend keeping some long layers at the front of your crop, as this will provide you with some extra versatility, allowing you to mold your pixie cut whenever you feel like a change. Ah, one cut, so many ways to rock it! Credit: @tanja_978


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