12 Bewitching Witch Hair Styles for Halloween 2019

Slay the witching hour with these enchanting witch hair looks.

Left your Halloween costume to the last minute again? You can’t go wrong with a classic witch costume – just don’t forget the hair! Sure, a classic witch’s hat can work but if you’re looking for more imaginative witch hair ideas, consider us your destination for all things ∼spooky∼.

From striking colours to witchy braids, keep reading to find out how to take your Halloween look from basic to beguiling.

Witchy Curls

Brunette model with Halloween inspired long curly hair
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Keep your outfit minimal and make your hair the focal point with these loose corkscrew curls. To get the effect, wrap small pieces of hair (no thicker than 1 inch) around your curling wand and catch the curls as they fall so they remain defined. Once cooled, brush out for spellbinding volume!

Two-Tone Ombre

Witch hair: Close-up of a woman with long black to white ombre hair standing outside in the woods wearing a black Wednesday Addams inspired outfit
When Wednesday Addams met Cruella de Vil. Credit: Instagram.com/theproserpina

This 2-tone ombre style is so striking it’s practically a costume in itself. The black and white combination gives a real gothic feel, but you can switch them out for any other colours of your choice! Credit: @theproserpina

Crystal Crown

Witch hair: Close-up shot of a brunette girl wearing a crystal crown with star and moon sequins scattered through her hair
Channel the evil queen vibes with a crystal crown. Credit: Instagram.com/judyandmadeleine

Witch hair isn’t all bushiness and cobwebs! Go down the mythical woodland route with a crystal crown and lunar-inspired star and moon sequins and everyone will be entranced. Credit: @judyandmadeleine

Midnight Purple Tones

Witch hair: Photo of a woman with dark brown hair with deep purple highlights, worn curly with a swooping fringe
What fits the All Hallows’ Eve theme better than purple witch hair? Credit: Instagram.com/coloredbyliz

It’s not just little kids in wigs who can pull off purple witch hair! With so many semi-permanent hair dyes available now, it’s never been so easy to add a coloured tint for Halloween and balayage can help create more subtle results. Credit: @coloredbyliz

Editor’s tip: If you want your colour to last long after the Halloween festivities are over, make sure you switch to colour preserving hair care products like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner. These will help to gently cleanse and condition your dyed tresses without stripping away any of your colour and vibrancy.

Witch’s Cat

Brunette model with long curly hair and halloween-inspired devil horns
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Looking for a couples’ costume you can wear with your BFF? Everyone knows all witches have a faithful black cat by their side, so all you need to do is don some cat ears and you’ll be ready to wow (or should that be meow?)

Vampy Curls

Witch hair: Close-up photo of a woman with long jet black curled hair, wearing a white shirt
We bet you didn’t know witch hair could look so glamorous! Credit: Instagram.com/miceandmoonwater

As Glinda the Good Witch taught us in The Wizard Of Oz, not all witches are ugly! So, whether you want to go as Maleficent or Bellatrix Lestrange, your witchy glow up will be made all the better with these glamorous vampy waves. Credit: @miceandmoonwater

Editor’s tip: Craving curls? Don’t forget to spray your strands with the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray before you let loose with the styling tools. This will limit any damage caused by your curler, because even witches have to care for their hair you know!

Hidden Colour

Witch hair: Photo of a woman with half-up half-down half green and half dark brown hair, styled in braids and shot against a pitch black background
Witch, please! Credit: Instagram.com/glitter.poet

What could be better for Halloween than potion green witch hair? We’re obsessed with the hidden rainbow hair dye trend on Instagram and this way it’ll allow you to show off your mesmerising green hue for partying, then hide it again for work come Monday morning! Credit: @glitter.poet

Twisted Half-Up Half-Down

Witch hair: Back shot of a woman with green balayage curly hair in a half up half down twisted style adorned with hand shaped hair clips
Hands off! Credit: Instagram.com/megmeeoow

For a look that’s equal parts girly and ghoulish, take inspiration from this Instagrammer’s twisted half-up styleAccessories will be key to giving this style a Halloween edge – the spookier the better! Credit: @megmeeoow

Old Fashioned Braids

Witch hair: Back view of a woman with long grey hair in a medieval braided style
Show off your braiding skills with an impressive vintage look. Credit: Instagram.com/marlisestyles

If you’ve got long hair, braids are perfect for creating an eery, olden day feel. Make your braid look especially intricate by incorporating different sizes and styles of braids within your ‘do, and top off with flowers for a whimsical, boho finish. Credit: @marlisestyles

Editor’s tip: Braids are one of the hairstyles that actually work best on unwashed hair, so if possible, try not to wash your mane the day before you plan to do this style.

If you’re short on time, however, or your hair is particularly fine or slippery, a quick blast of the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray will help to give you that extra grip in seconds.

Rockabilly Quiff

Witch hair: Close-up photo of a woman with green and black dyed hair in a retro rockabilly suicide roll hairstyle
Nod to the rockabilly era with this pin curl style. Credit: Instagram.com/sophie-liying

Give your witch hair a retro edge this Halloween by styling your strands into ’50s-inspired rockabilly rolls. To get the look, follow our step-by-step victory rolls tutorial and prepare for the inevitable flood of questions asking how you did it! Credit: @sophie_liying

Crimped Texture

Witch hair: Brunette woman with crimped long hair with a side cornrow braid
Add detail with a crimper for authentic witchy texture! Credit: Instagram.com/pascalpourelle

Bring a little ’90s style to your look this All Hallows’ Eve with this crimped witch hair look. And don’t worry if you threw away your crimper back in the day, you can get the same look using just a straightener with our alternative crimping how-to.

Finish off the look with a braided undercut like this Instagrammer has. It’ll add a contrasting texture to your mane and stop you drowning under your masses of fluffy crimped hair! Credit: @pascalpourelle

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