12 glam and gothic vampire hairstyles (with video tutorial)

All Things Hair | 11 October 2018
All Things Hair Halloween Vampire Hairstyles tutorial: bouncy gothic curls
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Watch our video tutorial and check out our favourite Halloween vampire hairstyles for your scariest look yet!

Pale skin, dark eyes, blood-red lips; it can only mean one thing – vampires! With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to dress up as these ghoulish creatures and wreak havoc among the living. But if you want to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need a unique hairstyle to do so. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together 12 edgy vampire hairstyles to inspire your All Hallows Eve get-up!

So, if you’re thirsty for some horrific hairdos, read on to discover some amazing Halloween-worthy looks.

12 vampire hairstyles for Halloween


Vampire hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - brown hair Halloween 2016 hair ideas
Big hair = big scare! Credit: Instagram.com/madlen_makeup

1. Backcombed bouffant

Bold, bouffant-style hair has been a hot runway and street style trend for quite some time now, so it’s no wonder that female vampire hairstyles also feature this stylish ‘do! Remember what they say: the bigger, the better! Credit: @madlen_makeup

VO5 Volume Creation Hairspray

Editor’s tip: To recreate this spooky look, you’ll need to be armed with a teasing comb and some VO5 Classic Styling Dramatic Volume Creation Hairspray. Keep backcombing and spritzing until you’ve got voluminous locks to die for!

woman with a flapper girl inspired look with a feathered headband and red eyes
The chicest vampire in town! Credit: Instagram.com/sashalaboy

2. Retro flapper

Looking to go down the retro route this Halloween, but still want to scare all other party-goers? Then why not opt for one of the many flapper-inspired vampire hairstyles?

Ever since the film The Great Gatsby hit our screens, we’ve been obsessed with this party-ready hairstyle, and it just so happens to work amazingly well when given a vampiric twist. Halloween vampire hairstyles really don’t get more sophisticated than this! Credit: @sashaslaboy

Vampire hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - braids Halloween 2016 hair ideas
Get braiding, for textured hair with a scary twist! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybiancaxx

3. Deadly braids

If bygone ‘dos aren’t your thing, then how about dabbling in some spooky braided vampire hairstyles? Style your messy mane into a half-up, half-down hairstyle, then create a few twisty snake braids and place them at random around your mane.

Tip: For added effect, weave your braids through one another to give the appearance that your plaits are alive and ssslithering! Credit: @hairbybiancaxx

Vampire hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - brown hair curls waves Halloween 2016 hair ideas
Sultry waves and fake blood for the creepiest vampire in town! Credit: Instagram.com/francescakmakeup

4. Seductive curls

If the above styles are too spine-chilling for your taste, then fret not, because you can always go as a sexy (yet gory) vampire. After all, the best way to trap your victims is to seduce them with mesmerising vampire hairstyles for Halloween! Credit: @francescakmakeup

Editor’s tip: To get the look, all you need to do is simply curl your hair with a large barrel curling tong, spritzing your mane as you go with the TONI&GUY Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray, to add tonnes of extra volume.

front view of a woman with dark blue vampire style hair
Wig: must have. Spider: optional. Credit: Instagram.com/vivi_ciciliato

5. Blue locks

If you’re on the hunt for Halloween vampire hairstyles with a dose of colour, these lethal locks are just the thing! But if you’re not brave enough to actually cut in that micro fringe and dye your hair a glorious shade of electrifying blue, grab yourself a wig and you’re good to ghoul! Credit: @vivi_ciciliato

image of a woman with dark, long wavy hair
Bouncing curls for your most glam vamp look yet. Credit: Instagram.com/moamurderess

6. Cackling curls

So you’ve decided you want your tresses to look terrific this Halloween, which means one thing: you need to opt for vampire hairstyles that ooze glamour. Think big, sleek, bouncy curls for the ultimate in vampire-glam ‘do! Credit: @moamurderess

image of a woman with widow's peak hairstyle
Grab your eyeliner and get colouring! Credit: Instagram.com/josuecjr

7. Widow’s peak

Throw it back to the original vampire in-town (Count Dracular) with vampire hairstyles that keep it classic! If you’re a dab hand with an eyeliner, this widow’s peak look will leave your fellow party-pals petrified! Credit: @josuecjr

front view image of a woman with long blonde hair - vampire hairstyles
Mix up the look with long blonde tresses. Credit: instagram.com/muadallas

8. The blonde vampire

If you thought blonde vampires were the stuff of make-believe, think again! Now you can mix up your vampire hairstyles for Halloween by experimenting with long blonde tresses.

Keep the outfit dark and deadly, and the make-up sultry, for a spooky twist on the vamp look. Move aside, Goldy Locks…. Credit: @muadallas 

woman wearing a cape with long dark, wavy hair - vampire hairstyles
Go for dark sleek locks, for your most sultry vampire hairstyle yet! Credit: Instagram.com/looksby_liz

9. Little red vampire-hood

Female vampire hairstyles that are scary and seductive? We’ve got you covered! Curl the lengths of your hair for a tumbling, sultry finish and you’ll soon have a devilish look you’ll love. Now grab your cape, don your best oxblood-hue lippy and pull up your vampire hood! Credit: @looksby_liz

image of a woman with pink hair and dark makeup- vampire hairstyles
Didn’t know there was a dark side to pink? Now you do! Credit: Instagram.com/cammy.leon

10. Pink hair

If you thought pink hair was just for unicorns, you would be mistaken! While this ‘do may be pretty, when teamed with vampire make-up and dark, creepy attire, you’ll be the most spine-chilling gal at the club. Credit: @cammy.leon

image of a woman with dark hair and dip dyed blonde ends - vampire hairstyles
Balayage meets vamp chic… loving this vampire hairstyle! Credit: Instagram.com/cristina_barsan

11. Balayage babe

Who said Halloween vampire hairstyles can’t also be bang on trend? Not us! Keep your locks looking oh-so lovely and a little bit edgy by teaming dark tresses and blonde tips. Perfect! Credit: @cristina_barsan

front view of a woman with long white hair, half up, half down - vampire hairsytles
White hair and red lashes, make this look pop! Credit: Instagram.com/foxytrash

12. White locks

If you’re feeling adventurous this fright-night, why not spray your hair white and get ready to make head turns? Work your tresses into a half-up beehive and team with bright red lashes (and a little mandatory blood), for a scary Halloween ‘do! Credit: @foxytrash


If vampire hairstyles aren’t quite what you’re after this Halloween, why not opt for something on the prettier side? Transform yourself into your favourite Disney Princess with these incredible hairstyles, that are less fangs and more fantasy!