31 Easy Halloween Hairstyles Perfect for Your Virtual Events

These Halloween hairstyles will take your costume from zero to hero in seconds!
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Halloween is the holiday that gets beauty lovers’ hearts racing. After all, it’s the perfect time to go full-on crazy with your outfits, makeup and Halloween hairstyles, even when you’re celebrating it virtually.

Every year the internet is teeming with cute Halloween hairstyles and a multitude of awesome looks to try out. From ice queen manes to mermaid tresses, we’ve collected our faves that will be perfect for Zoom – and we’re going to share them all with you.

So if you’re still undecided, read on to see our favourite Halloween hair ideas. You’ll be sure to find a style that’s as scary as it is chic!

Nurse Ratched Updo

Woman with red hair styled into a Nurse Ratched-inspired updo
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Calling all Nurse Ratched fans! If you think Mildred’s Ratched’s ‘40s hairstyle is too hard to recreate, our tuck hairstyle video tutorial will seriously make you think again.

This vintage Halloween hairstyle is sure to win you compliments when you show it off virtually!

Euphoria Hair

Woman with hair styled into half-up, half-down Euphoria-inspired Halloween hairstyle
Credit: Rupert Laycock

With its fresh and inventive take on clothing, makeup and hair, HBO’s Euphoria has become the show everyone’s watching. For Halloween, you can easily channel Maddy’s ’90s vibes with this cute ponytail and diamante hair accessories.

Lion Halloween Hairstyle

Woman with big curly Lion Halloween Hairstyle
Credit: Rupert Laycock

If you’ve got mousse and a curling wand, you can easily recreate this big and bouncy look at home. If you’re lucky enough to have natural curls, just fluff them out with a hair pick to instantly channel lioness vibes.

Editor’s tip:  For big curls, try the VO5 Big Volume Mousse. It features heat defence and helps protect against damage caused by heat, while also leaving you with voluminous tresses.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Hairstyle

Long brown hair in pigtail braids
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Not a fan of cute Halloween hairstyles? Channel your inner goth girl for the night with these Wednesday Addams-inspired braided pigtails.

Editor’s tip: The secret to lived-in Halloween hairstyles, like this one? Dry Shampoo, of course! Spray some of the Love Beauty and Planet Volume & Bounty Dry Shampoo on your roots, and throughout your lengths to give your second-day hair a quick refresh!

Powerpuff Girls Halloween Hair

Woman in Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costume
Credit: Instagram.com/luisapiou

Looking for group costumes for Halloween? You and your besties can go as the superpowered trio Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom, from The Powerpuff Girls. To really nail the look, we suggest you copy their signature hairstyles. Credit: @luisapiou

Ashley O Hallween Hairstyle

Woman dressed as Ashley O with purple wig styled to the side
Credit: Instagram.com/painted.corpse

To channel Miley Cyrus’ Ashley O look for Halloween, just invest in a short purple wig and make sure to style your bangs to the side, just like this beauty does. Master the dance moves and you’ll be on a roll (and set for the best tressed prize!). Credit: @painted.corpse

Harley Quinn Pigtails

Woman with Harley Quinn Halloween Hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/mystereah

With her feisty personality and colourful two-tone look, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to dress up as supervillain Harley Quinn for Halloween.

To get her grungy ‘do, split your hair into two pigtails and apply some hair chalk to it — and that’s it. Aren’t easy hairstyles for Halloween the best?

If you’ve got naturally black hair, take a look at these black Harley Quinn hairstyles we’re living for! Credit: @mystereah

Sleek Vampire Hair

Halloween hairstyles: Woman dress as a vampire, with sleek black hair and sparkly tiara hair accessory, wearing all black and posing in a woodland setting
Vampire Halloween hair can be worn in many ways. Credit: Instagram.com/mahafsoun

You can’t talk about Halloween hairstyles without mentioning vampire hair! Whether you fashion your mane into dramatic waves or keep them sexy and sleek, like this, you’ll be seriously ready to enchant your victims. Credit: @mahafsoun

Editor’s tip: Using heat to create this Halloween hair look? Then you’ll love the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray! Not only will it protect your hair against heat damage, but its ultra-light formula will keep flyaways at bay and give your mane divine shine.

Witch Hairstyles

Brunette model with Halloween inspired long curly hair
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Searching for witch hairstyles for Halloween? You’ll have trouble deciding which witch to be if you decide to take a look at these striking looks, below.

Unicorn Halloween Hairstyle

Woman with Unicorn Halloween Costume, with Unicorn purple ponytail with glitter
Credit: Instagram.com/keelyfieldmua

We couldn’t leave this popular Halloween hair look out of the mix! And, if you’re dreaming of being a unicorn this year, simply apply some hair chalk to the ends of your mane, tease it and style it into this explosive ponytail. Credit: @keelyfieldmua

Psst… You can also try our unicorn-inspired Halloween hair tutorial!

Galaxy Space Buns

Woman with celestial makeup and space buns
Credit: Instagram.com/that.sparkle

Pinterest has spoken: celestial makeup is one of the most trending looks for Halloween around. You might need to brush up on your face painting skills for this one  or get an arty friend to lend a hand!

Once your make-up is done, simply style your strands into these easy space buns to complete your galaxy goddess get-up. Credit: @that.sparkle

Mermaid Halloween Hair

Halloween hairstyles: Woman dressed as a mermaid, with long blue hair and unicorn braid and floral headband, wearing blue skin makeup and blue glitter
Ariel’s got nothing on you!

What’s not to love about mermaid hair? It’s bright, it’s mesmerising and it’s oh-so-magical! One of our favourite easy Halloween hairstyles, all it takes to recreate is to invest in a bold blue, wavy wig, and accessorise it with a floral headband and gems.

Dark Fairy Crimps

woman with crimped pastel pink hair in half updo leaning against a tree
Channel your inner dark fairy, with this smouldering look.

Want to rock a good-fairy-gone-bad look? Good news, we’re about to show you how! While this cute Halloween hairstyle looks great on all hair hues, it looks especially party-worthy on pastel hair.

To get the look, simply crimp your hair, starting from the root and finishing at the very ends of your strands. Then, brush out your crinkles to make them frizzier and more voluminous. Finish by styling your hair into an oversized half-up, half-down ‘do and you’re ready to Trick or Treat!

Egyptian Goddess

Black Halloween hairstyles: Woman dressed as a Cleopatra with short black bob hairstyle, wearing golden headdress with blue silk dress with golden glitter on her body
Looking for black hairstyles for Halloween? We’ve got you! Credit: Instagram.com/brownsugarfairies

Because who doesn’t want to be an Egyptian goddess for Halloween? This a fail-safe Halloween hair look for ladies with black hair, plus a fast way to channel Cleopatra vibes. Credit: @brownsugarfairies

Wonder Woman

Halloween Hairstyles: Woman dressed as Wonder Woman, with long black wavy hair, wearing Wonder Woman pop art makeup on her face while posing for a photo
Save the world (or at least yourself) from a bad hair day. Credit: Instagram.com/nikkietutorials

Easy Halloween hairstyles can also look super glamorous, don’t you know? You’re bound to turn heads (and save the day) with these gorgeous, Wonder Woman vintage curls. Credit:@nikkietutorials

Clown Hairstyle

woman with dark glossy hair in a side parting and a face painted as a clown
Clown around with the sleekest hair this holiday!

Fancy scaring the crowd at your Halloween party? If so, then you need to go as a twisted, evil clown! Keep your makeup scary, and leave your hair uber straight and shiny to keep all of the attention on your costume. Hairstyles for Halloween don’t come much simpler than this.

Ice Queen Hair

Halloween hairstyles: Woman dressed as an ice queen with long blonde hair wearing white fur and twigs in her hair
Ice ice baby!

Prepare for the coldness of winter by dressing up as an ice queen for Halloween. The key to nailing this look is an understated frostiness. So leave your hair relatively straight, and sprinkle some fake snow on to it for added effect. Brrr!

Khaleesi-inspired Braids

Halloween hairstyles: Woman dressed as Game of Throne's Khaleesi, with her long silver blonde hair styled into loose waves with two braids, wearing silver and posing with a CGI dragon on her shoulder
Mother of Dragons and good Halloween hair! Credit: Instagram.com/taniaorlandini

If you’ve spent your time wondering what will happen to Khaleesi and Jon Snow in season 8 of Game of Thrones, this half-braided Halloween hair ‘do is practically destined for your platinum mane. Credit: @taniaorlandini

Dragon Hair

Halloween Hairstyles: Woman with straight-back cornrows with undone ends, with golden glitter on the scalp

Brunette beauties, rejoice. You too can get in on the GoT action with this glittery, dragon hairstyle  — after all, they do play a big part in the show!

Simply weave your hair into straight-back cornrows and go wild with your choice of glitter.

Editor’s tip: Help your braided Halloween hairstyles reach their full potential with the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid BalmPrepping your hair with this balm will help you create a long-lasting, structured plait.

Day of the Dead Halloween Hair

woman with sugar skull make up and hair in a large bouffant

A steady hand is an answer to perfecting this Day of The Dead look.Sugar skulls are a hot Halloween makeup look, thanks to their glittering colours and funky patterns. If you’re planning on recreating this skeletal look, opt for a messy, bouffant updo to ensure that all of the attention stays on your intricate face-paint!

Skull Halloween Hairstyle

Halloween hairstyles: Woman with sugar skull makeup with slicked back short blonde hair and silver glitter in it, as well as on her neck, posing in a studio
You’ll be the most stylish skull queen with this ‘do.

Thanks to the red carpet, the trend for slick back hair is still going strong. And guess what? You can give this look a spooky flair by wearing it like this for Halloween, no matter your hair length.

Recommended: Tips for removing glitter from your hair post-Halloween.

Masquerade Waves

Halloween hairstyles: Woman with long dark hair in waves wearing a masquerade mask and black lace top
Want something a little more flirty? You’ve just found it.

Not all Halloween hairstyles have to be scary, don’t you know? If you’re after more of a sensual, sexy look, throw on a lace Venetian mask. Then use a large-barrel curling tong to create loose, sultry waves that are perfect for any masquerade ball.

Doll Plaits

woman with long brown hair in pigtail plaits wearing a pink blouse and holding a doll
Sugar and spice, and all things nice! We love these double plaits.

When it comes to Halloween hair, we’ve got to wonder… is there anything scarier than a dead doll? We think not! To perfect this Halloween look, create two loose fishtail braids and throw on your most vintage-looking blouse.

Victorian Bouffant

If like us, you’ve left your costume choice until the last minute, fear not: the All Things Hair team have sought the expert help of beauty vlogger N1kk1sSecr3t, who’s going to show you how to whip up a dramatically huge Victorian bouffant updo  just in time for the spooky celebrations.

If this Victorian look isn’t up your street, you can easily give your Halloween hair a Vanity Fair feel with one of these Victorian hairstyles.

Cute Cat

woman with brown hair in a large bun with cat make up and wearing a cat ear headband
Purr-fect Halloween hair! Credit: Instagram.com/nicoleguerriero

If you’re after simple hairstyles for Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this feline fave! Grab your face paints, then transform your locks into a large laid-back bun, piling it high on the top of your head. Don’t forget your cat ears and cat burglar outfit! Credit: @nicoleguerriero

Spiky Hair

runway model with dark hair in long spikes and smudged make up
Get scary with these terrifyingly terrific spikes! Credit: indigitalimages.com

Halloween hair ideas range from sultry to full-blown scary (and daring!). For some runway inspiration, look to the models at the Junya Watanabe and Haider Ackermann shows – they all strutted their stuff down the catwalks sporting some seriously over-the-top spikes!

Editor’s tip: To achieve this deadly-looking ‘do, you’ll need a lot of hair gel. Try using extreme hold products, like the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray, to create each spike, working the product from root to tip.

Pumpkin Queen

woman with pumpkin face paint and green hair with autumnal leaves
This is one for the pumpkin obsessed. How cute is this! Credit: Instagram.com/nicolconcilio

Across the pond and on Pinterest, pumpkin paraphernalia is HUGE. If you share the passion, why not carry your love through to Halloween and sport Pumpkin Queen Halloween hair?

Simply pull your locks off your face, grab a green temporary dye and go to town. Add a headband and some autumnal leaves for the perfect seasonal look! Credit: @nicolconcilio

Grease Lightening Halloween hair

woman with short blonde hair in a bob rockabilly style and a fringe wearing a pink hair bow
Neat and sweet. We love this girly look. Credit: Instagram.com/missrockabillyruby

We all love a good rendition of Summer Lovin‘ so why not go as Sandy this year? Her vintage hairstyle is easy and fun to recreate.

If you’ve got short hair, curl the ends up for a winning look, or otherwise grab yourself a wig and team it with a pink bow. Credit: @missrockabillyruby

Cruella Hair

woman with cruella de vil white and black hair colours
Don your best faux fur, for this Cruella de Vil look. Credit: Instagram.com/jelkajpg

The meanest lady in Disney? It’s got to be Cruella de Vil and this is one of our favourite Halloween hair ideas ever! 

A half head dye job could be tricky, so we suggest you go for a fabulous Cruella-inspired wig and borrow your niece’s stuffed Dalmatian. Halloween sorted! Credit: @jelkajpg

Snow White

Halloween hairstyles: Woman dressed as Snow White, with her short black hair styled into a curly bob with a red bow hair accessory, holding an apple and posing in a studio setting
Will you be a princess or a villain? Credit: Instagram.com/mykie

Looking for more Disney-inspired Halloween hair ideas? Live out your princess fantasies and get all dolled up from your hair down to your apple with this with short, curly bob hairstyle. Credit: @mykie

Halloween Hair Colour + Accessories

Halloween hairstyles: Back shot of a woman with green, purple, pink and blue colourful long hair styled into a braided half-up hairstyle, complete with spider Halloween hair accessories
Your Halloween hair look doesn’t need to be worn on just one day. Credit: Instagram.com/morglam.beauty

Want to make your Halloween hair look last way past the festivities? If you aren’t one to shy away from standout hairstyles, you should seriously consider getting a spooky dye job done!

With a mix of purples, yellows, pinks and greens (plus, some quirky spider hair clips!), you’ll get all the likes. Credit: @morglam.beauty





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