The coolest Halloween hair accessories to try now

Arianna | 26 October 2016

Complete your spooky look with these amazing accessories!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we simply can’t wait for all the spooky parties and trick-or-treating that’ll be taking place this weekend. But if you’re in a frenzy to find a suitable costume, don’t worry: you can easily whip up a fabulous Halloween outfit, even if you’ve left it to the very last minute (yep, that’s us, like, every time). And if it’s a low-commitment look you’re after, then all you need are some stunning Halloween hair accessories to pop in your mane.

So, to see some of the best accessories to rock on All Hallows Eve, read on below. From super cute crossbones clips to scary spider decorations, we’ve got it all covered – just take your pick!

Halloween hair accessories you can wear in 2016


Halloween hair accessories: All Things Hair - IMAGE - red roses Halloween makeup hair
Halloween hair accessories: Red roses. Credit:

Red roses

Roses may have more of an association with romantic celebrations such as Valentines Day, but they also make a rather stunning hair accessory for Halloween. So, if you’re a dab hand at DIY, all you have to do is glue a set of crimson roses onto a headband and you’ll have a hauntingly beautiful rose crown! To give this look its Day of the Dead-ready finish, bring out some gothic vibes by pairing your crown with pale makeup and black lips. Credit: @dauriya_theface

Halloween hair accessories: All Things Hair - IMAGE - skull hair accessory for Halloween ombre grey hair
Halloween hair accessories: Skull. Credit:

Skull clip

If you want to take your spooky skeleton costume up a notch for Halloween, simply accessorise your mane with a pretty skull and crossbones clip! As for the rest of your look, all you need to do is throw on an all-black outfit and spray your hair with temporary silver hairspray (that’s if you don’t already have uber on-trend grey hair). This nifty little accessory can also work as the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween get-up, especially if you’re low on funds! Credit: @itskendallkay

Halloween hair accessories: All Things Hair - IMAGE - cat ears for Halloween Instagram
Halloween hair accessories: Cat ears. Credit:

Cute cat ears

Is there anything cuter than cat ears? We think not! And with so many different styles on the market, you’re practically spoilt for choice. Plus, this fun hair accessory goes with any hair type and style – from curls to waves, and even with poker straight hair! The question is: how will you style yours? Credit: @glitterbubblegum_

Psst! If you really want to show off your hair-styling prowess, try creating some pretty cat ears out of your own hair with our simple step-by-step tutorial!

Halloween hair accessories: All Things Hair - IMAGE - flower braid
Halloween hair accessories: Wild floal decoations. Credit:

Wild floral decorations

Not all Halloween looks have to be scary, you know. An easy way to jazz up your mane is with some delicate floral accessories. So, if you have some real (or fake) flowers lying around at home, why not pepper some into a braid to ooze magical fairytale vibes? You could even take it one step further and sprinkle some glitter all over. Trust us, with this look, you’ll be giving Tinkerbell a real run for her money! Credit: @charlottehairandmakeup

Halloween hair accessories: All Things Hair - IMAGE - braid ponytail cobwebs
Halloween hair accessories: Cobwebs. Credit:

Cobwebs and spiders

Is there anything creepier than spiders and their sticky cobwebs? We didn’t think so. Working in fake cobwebs and spiders is the perfect way to help bring your look to life (as well as scaring your fellow party guests)! And when it comes to this look, you’re totally free to rock it any way you wish. Try weaving your cobwebs through a braid, wrapping them around a ponytail, or even spread them over a classic bun. Credit: @themakeoverroom

Still not had enough spooky hair inspiration? Then you need to check out our favourite Halloween hair looks from Instagram. Or, if you’re looking to go as the living dead this year, be inspired by these 4 unique vampire hairstyles!

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