Festival hair looks: Fabulous styling ideas to try now

Jeanette | 27 June 2017

Easy festival hair looks are only a scroll away….


Looking for festival hair styles that tick both the pretty and the practical box? Sounds fairly easy, doesn’t it? However, you’d be surprised how many hairstyles can fail the test of a summertime music festival!

But don’t worry, if you haven’t found your go-to ‘do yet, as the All Things Hair team have put together a list of fabulous styling ideas for you to try at your next summertime gig. So, whether you’re going to Glastonbury or V Festival, scroll down to get inspired and #discoveryourstyle!

Fab festival hair ideas to try now!


woman with half up bun decorated with multi coloured glitter
Dazzle all your friends with the glitter hun. Credit: David Wren

Add a little sparkle

Summertime is fun and we think your festival look should be the same! And the easiest way to add a touch of cheeky charm to your go-to hairstyle, is by adding a healthy dose of sparkle and glitter.

This is a hair trend that we first saw on the Ashish spring/summer 2016 catwalks, gaining momentum just in time for the party season and continuing as a festival favourite ever since. The best part is that you don’t have to be a hair whizz to nail this look, because it’ll dress-up even the simplest of hairstyles!

Just mist the VO5 Classic Styling Mega Hold Gel Spray to the areas that you want to add glitter to and then sprinkle or use a small makeup brush to apply your favourite glitter combinations!

woman with 90s space buns coloured blue
90s-inspired space buns are a festival must-have. Credit: David Wren

Get retro inspiration

Yes, that’s right: it’s time to search the hair archives for festival style inspiration! Whether you love the ’70s or the ’90s, there are lots of cool, vintage-inspired hairstyles that you can rock at a festival today.

The ’90s are our favourite decade to draw inspiration from, being an era well-known for its love of dance and rave culture (which make the perfect vibe for summertime festivals!). With that in mind, why not try out these easy-to-do space buns?

Super cute and funky, these retro festival hair updos are also great for hiding day 2 (or, ahem day 3) hair. Before styling, just spritz your strands with the VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo, to quickly revive your tresses, and leave them feeling and looking fresh.

woman having her hair sprinkled with pink glitter onto boxer braids
Glam up your braids with a sprinkling of glitter. Credit: David Wren

Weave beautiful braids

Beautiful braids are the epitome of easy festival hair, probably because they’re a pretty and practical way of keeping your tresses out of your face while you dance, sing and party the day away! We suggest opting for either cornrows or boxer braids, because they’ll stay perfectly in place no matter how much you move around or sweat.

Editor’s tip: Ladies with fine hair, try spraying your strands with the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray before you start weaving your plait. This will give your locks a little texture and grip.

Then party-proof your look with the VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspraywhich will help your tresses to stay put for longer. And don’t forget to add some glitz in the form of glitter, so you can tick 2 trends with one hairstyle!

back view of woman with an upside down braided ponytail in lilac hair
It’s a party from all angles with an upside down braided ponytail.

Upside down braided ponytail

Perfect for girls with pretty, pastel-coloured or highlighted hair, this upside down braided ponytail is the perfect festival hairstyle if you want to keep eyes peeled on the front and back. (Just note that you have to be a pretty good plaiter to execute this upside down ‘do.)

To get the look, tip your head upside down and divide your hair into 3 equal sections. Clip 2 sections out of the way for now. Begin Dutch braiding the first section of hair, starting with the strands near your neck and working backwards.

Once you reach the top of your crown, secure your braid for now with a hairband. Now repeat the process on the other 2 sections of hair that you clipped away earlier. Once all 3 sections of hair have been Dutch-braided, remove the hairbands and gather all 3 braids together to form a ponytail.

To finish, spray some VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray over the braided section of hair to help banish any pesky flyaways. And there you have it: a fabulous festival hair updo that boasts drama all the way around!

back view of woman with pink hair in a pull through crown festival look
Show off your styling skills with a pretty pull through crown.

Pull-through crown

If you’re after a look that’ll really wow your festival-going friends, then why not style your hair into this stunning pull-through crown?

The intricate details, plus enchanting twists and turns, make for a beautiful fairytale-inspired ‘do. And while it may look delicate, trust us when we say that it’ll stay in place all day (and all night!) long.

back view of woman with a low chignon bun and small braid in blonde hair
Be boho-chic with a romantic chignon.

Boho-chic chignon

Want to show off your inner bohemian goddess? All you need to do is pair a simple braid with an effortless-looking low bun or chignon and you’ll be on your way to fabulously romantic, festival hair in no time.

To complete the look, remember to throw on your favourite bohemian-inspired top that’ll make even Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Bosworth proud.

back view of woman with lilac hair and zig zag parted space buns
Be directional with zig-zag parted space buns.

Zig-zag parted space buns

Not all festival hair ideas need to be intricate. For an easy-to-achieve look that’s totally out of this world, turn to these zig-zag parted space buns!

To create this look, take a tail comb, and with the pointed side, create a zig-zag parting starting from the top of your head, down to your neck. You should be left with hair divided into 2 equal sections.

Working on one side of your hair at a time, gather the hair into a neat high ponytail. Turn your ponytails into space buns by wrapping the tail around the base of the pony, before securing with bobby pins.

Finish with a spritz of VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray to help set your buns in place all day!

back view of woman with blonde hair and a big messy bun and a bandana
It’s all about the big messy bun. Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Big, messy bun

Festival updos always wow the crowd – and right now we’re crushing on this big, messy bun. The reason we love it so much is because it doesn’t have to look neat and polished, so you can literally style it with your eyes closed!

To get the look, gather your hair into a low ponytail and place it through a large hair donut. Then wrap your hair around the hair donut in small sections until it’s completely concealed and you’ve formed a bun.

Use your fingers to carefully flatten it and gently pull out a few strands to achieve a more casual-looking, messy bun. Apply a patterned headband or scarf around your head – this should sit approximately 3 inches from the front of your hairline. Now, which way to Little Mix?

model with blue tinted blonde hair and a large fishtail plait against a purple background
Want your braids to stand out? Try an oversized fishtail braid. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Oversized fishtail braid

While a traditional fishtail braid can be worn for almost any occasion, an oversized fishtail braid is the perfect plait for festival season. And why not try adding a few bright hair colours to your braid for a truly free-spirited vibe!

All you have to do is weave a fishtail plait (you can learn how with our step-by-step guide, here) and sprinkle some Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser onto your fishtail braid before pancaking it. To pancake, gently tug the hair to make it appear looser and larger.

back view of model with brunette hair and half-up, half-down french braids
Double the fun with these half-up, half-down French braids. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are totally in right now, so why not combine them with a French braid for your festival weekend? And seeing as all the drama of this hairstyle is in the back, you won’t need a mirror to see what you’re doing!

Simply start by creating a neat centre parting. Then, working on the left section of your hair, French braid your strands until you reach just past your ear. From here, stop French braiding and, instead, carry on creating a standard plait until you reach the end. Secure with an elastic band.

Repeat this process on the right section of your hair and finish with a spritz of VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray to help hold your fabulous French braids all day long!

back view of brunette model with a meet-in-the-middle plait
Little styling time on your hands? Enter: the meet-in-the-middle plait. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Meet-in-the-middle plait

For a simple, yet festival-appropriate hairstyle, opt for the meet-in-the-middle plait. Trust us, this such an easy festival hair look to achieve that you can even do it standing in the mud while listening to Rihanna.

Just take a 2-inch wide section of hair from just behind one of your temples and plait it following the traditional 3-strand method. Stop plaiting this section when you reach halfway down your hair. Then secure with a clear elastic hairband.

Repeat on the other side of your head and secure. Then pull each plait back until they meet in the middle of the back of your head. Secure them both together with another clear elastic hairband – and you’re done!

model with brunette hair and a set of soft waves against a purple background
Ooze feminine charm with some soft waves. Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Soft waves

Let’s be honest: wavy hair is so boho chic, meaning there’s no better time than a festival to rock soft waves. Yet we know that lugging a curling wand around with you isn’t really an option when camping out – but luckily you don’t need one to get festival-ready waves!

To get the look, simply style your hair into 3 plaits the night before you arrive at the festival. Before going to bed, lightly mist your plaits with some water to dampen them slightly, then go to sleep dreaming of your festival-worthy hair!

In the morning, undo your plaits to reveal a gorgeous wavy mane. Clip back a small section of hair from either side of your face with bobby pins and finish with a spritz of the TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Sprayto give your waves hold and a glossy sheen.


Don’t worry naturalistas, we haven’t forgotten about you! Breanna (AKA MiniMarley12) has put a together an edit of 4 pretty and practical festival hairstyles for natural hair, perfect for the season and beyond. Read on to see the different ‘dos in action!

Festival hairstyles for natural hair to try now



The floral headband.

To nail this look, you’ll need an elasticated floral headband and a couple of bobby pins.

Start with a middle parting and section 1-2 inches of hair at the front, using clips to hold them in place – this will make it easier to position your headband.

Put your floral band over your head and slip it behind your 2 front sections of hair. Unclip the front sections and gently twist the hair, pinning it back to conceal the headband. And you’re done!

Breanna’s tip: If you have lots of hair, cut the elasticated part of your floral accessory and pin the headband in place instead.


The summer crown.

Start with a middle parting. On either side, take 1-2 inches of hair at the front (near your temples) and twist the hair back on itself until you reach about half way around your hairline (roughly just above your ear).

Use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Repeat this process on the other side. Now, take your floral elasticated headband and place it on the crown of your head.

Adjust into place if you need to and there you have it: a fabulous festival look for natural hair that you can rock at The Secret Garden Party or Glasto!


Festival ponytail.

Create a low ponytail by pulling your hair back and securing with a hairband. Leave a few loose tendrils out around your hairline for a more relaxed, laid-back look.

Fluff your ponytail for volume and finish with a floral or decorative elasticated headband around your head. See? Easy-peasy festival hair updos do exist!


The floral alternative.

For the last festival look, Breanna suggests trying something different and, in our opinion, just as lust-worthy as the previous festival hairstyles.

So, if you’re not into florals, this look is a great alternative: you just need to purchase a jewellery-like hair accessory with hair combs attached on either end (readily available at many stores!).

To create this edgier alternative, pull your hair into a super high ponytail and secure with a hair band. At the back of your head, beneath the base of your ponytail, slot in your hair accessory using the attached combs, so that the embellishment hangs down at the back of hair. Elegant and easy? It’s a win-win!

Tip: Can’t find a chain hair accessory like Breanna’s? Don’t stress. Why not create your own with costume jewellery and two bobby pins? Just thread a bobby pin though the last loops of a necklace or bracelet and then attach it to your hair.


Found a few styles to try your hand at this festival season? Great! And just in case you’re super pushed for time, take a look around our Easy and Quick Hairstyles page, for loads of looks you can create in a matter of minutes.