Our 29 Fave Easy Going Out Hairstyles for Any Occasion

Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, a movie, a show or a date, going out hairstyles are a thing! Getting dressed up, hair done and celebrating are back, no matter what the occasion. We’ve got some easy-going out hair ideas for all hair lengths, that will seriously glam up your tresses in no time.

Undone Updo

Brunette woman with her hair in a loose messy bun
A dreamy look. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Romantic and elegant, this undone bun strikes just the right balance between evening-appropriate and looking like you haven’t tried too hard. Those wispy bangs add a layer of true millennial style to this look too.

TRESemmé Body & Volume Shampoo Front

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair before styling with some volumising shampoo, like the TRESemmé Body & Volume Shampoo, to give it extra texture and hold.

Sleek Ponytail

Brunette with a sleek curly wrapped ponytail
Obsessed is an understatement. Credit: Rupert Laycock

This glam, slick-look ponytail is the perfect addition to any chic night-out look. Our top tips for the perfect pony? Add some curls through the ends with a curling wand and conceal your hair tie by wrapping a section of hair around it and pinning with a bobby pin for a polished finish.


Brunette with curly hair and a pearl headband
A headband completes your look. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Parisian-inspired curls and a pretty pearl headband make this a must-try look for dinner and drinks.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil Front

Editor’s tip: Apply a few drops of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil after styling for glowing and soft tresses.

Heart Hair Clip

Woman with bronde curly hair with a heart hair clip
Hearts all around. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Whether you’ve got a special date night or you’re heading out with the girls, wear your heart in your hair with a heart-shaped hair clip and soft, side-parted curls.

Glitter Ponytail

Woman with brown straight hair in ponytail with glitter
All things glitter. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Glitter isn’t just for festival season! In fact, you can give your favourite ponytail a sparkly, festive update by placing some around the base of it, just like this.

Half-up Ponytail

Brunette with curly hair in a half-up half-down ponytail
What a look. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Can’t decide on wearing your going out hair up or down? Get the best of both worlds with this half-up, half-down ponytail. Whether you team the look with waves or wear it straight is all up to you, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll make an impact.

We love TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray to help with styling while protecting your mane from heated tools.

TRESemmé Defence Spray Front

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Braids and Curls

Woman with brown wavy hair and centre braid
A totally glam hairstyle. Credit: Emily Scarlett Romain

Want to rock a hairstyle that looks good from all angles? In that case, you need to check out this super stylish ‘do, above. To get the look, start by creating a deep side parting, before weaving 2 neat braids on the side of your head with the least hair.

Once you’ve done this, curl the rest of your strands with a large barrel curling tong and sweep your curls to the opposite side of your braids, securing them in place with some bobby pins. 

Upside Down Dutch Braid Bun

woman with brown hair in upside down braided bun
Braid fever. Credit: Rupert Laycock

If you’re looking for going out hairstyles for long hair, then take a look at one of our favourites: the upside-down Dutch braid bun. It’s stylish, it’s unique, and it’ll keep all of the hair off of your face while you dance!

But the best news is, if you can master a Dutch braid, then you’ll be able to create this hairstyle with ease!

Wavy Blowdry

Woman with long loose blowout
Oh-so-simple. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Want to show off your Rapunzel lengths? Why not try a voluminous, wavy blow-dry? And no, you don’t have to go to the salon to get it — you can create the bounciest curls ever, all in the comfort of your home.

Half-up Twists

woman with long brown hair in twisted half up
Let’s do the twist. Credit: Andrew Gough

Want a stunning style that looks just as good from the front as it does from the back? We’ve got just the thing: this half-up twisted ‘do.

Featuring 4 elegant twists and paired with soft, tousled waves, this classy going out hairdo (which works on both long and short hair) is practically made for elegant parties.

Short Hollywood Waves

Woman with shoulder length blonde hollywood waves
Hello, Hollywood glam. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Vintage hairstyles like these stunning Hollywood waves are great when you’ve got a snazzy cocktail party to attend. Just don’t forget to finish off this ‘do with a helping of shine spray, will you?

Swept-back Hair

Woman with slick back short hair
That wet-hair look. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Here’s another hairstyle that will work well with shorter lengths: the swept-back ‘do. This sexy night out hair ‘can be put together in under 10 minutes and done on day-2 hair, too.

All you have to do is refresh your mane with a texturising dry shampoo and push your strands backwards — and that’s it!

Box Braid Side Plait

back view of a woman's head with long party braid box braids - going out hairstyles
Go for a box braid side plait on your next girls night! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Are you currently rocking box braids, but looking for ways to make them party-appropriate? Then meet your new hair BFF: the box braid side plait.

This simple braid begins on one side of the head and incorporates hair from both sides as it works its way down, giving off loads of depth and dimension!

Crown Braid

Crown braid on brown hair
Princess vibes. Credit: Emily Scarlett Romain

Prefer to stay true to your signature bohemian style when it comes to night out hair? Then try working this relaxed, yet sophisticated crown braid updo, that’s absolutely perfect for any occasion imaginable.

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Sultry Waves

Woman with long brown wavy hair
Look at those waves! Credit: Andrew Gough

If you’ve got a more casual affair to attend, but still want to ooze confidence and style, then the only look you need to be flaunting this party season is volumised, sultry waves. If you ask us, nothing says ‘party-ready’ better than wavy locks with heaps of added texture!

Confetti Bun

image of a woman with her hair in a top knot bun with glitter
The sparklier the better we say! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you’re a fan of easy updos, but want to incorporate an element of glam into your going out hairstyles for this year’s biggest social event (AKA the office party or NYE), then boy-oh-boy are you in for a treat with this glitzy confetti bun!

For this party-approved updo, we recommend using confetti or sequins of varying sizes and colours, to really add some sparkle to your look.

Wavy Ponytail

Woman with long brown wavy hair in high ponytail
Credit: Andrew Gough

For a classy and sophisticated night out hairdo, look no further than this uber-chic ponytail! This classic updo works a charm at keeping all of those pesky strands out of your eyes and has been given a glam twist by loosely curling the ends of the hair.

Glitter Parting

Brunette with side-swept Hollywood waves with blue glitter roots
Credit: Rupert Laycock

While glitter roots are perfect for festival season, we reckon end-of-year parties deserve something a little more refined, like this glitter parting.

Top Knot

Woman with light brown hair in topknot bun
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Are you after a laid back, achingly cool hairstyle for your next girls’ night? Then trust us: it doesn’t get much cooler than this laid-back top knot. This stylish updo can be worn as is or dressed up with the addition of a bejewelled hair clip.

French Braid Hybrid

back view of a woman with long dark hair in double braids
Going out hairstyles? How about a pretty French braid hybrid. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Do you want to show off your hard-earned length this party season? Then for an unusual twist, opt for these 2 half-up, half-down French plaits in your hair. And while this simple night out hair hack instantly injects loads of extra interest into any look, the good news is: if you have highlighted, balayage, or ombré hair, this stunning ‘do will really make your colour pop.

The Fauxhawk

Woman with naturally curly hair in frohawk
You can’t help but smile at this look. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

If you’ve been blessed with afro hair, then count your lucky stars, because your coily hair type means that you can create this edgy fauxhawk in a matter of minutes.

Glam Roll

Woman with dark brown victory rolls pin up vintage hairstyle
Vintage looks are still super classy today! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

This 1940s hairstyle features soft waves, voluminous hair rolls and plenty of drama: just the kind of hairstyle you need for an end-of-year bash! Whether you’re attending a retro-themed soiree, or just have a fancy dinner planned with friends, this vintage updo will do you proud.

Half-up, Half-down Bouffant

back view of a woman with red hair and light blue bow
Check this out Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Don’t worry curly-haired girls, we haven’t forgotten about you, because we’ve got your back with this pretty half-up, half-down bouffant. Ideal for a fancy New Year’s Eve dinner – or even a night out clubbing with the girls – this cute hairstyle is the ultimate party companion to your natural mane.

Braided Buns

side view of a woman with blonde braided space buns
Try your hand at braided buns. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Inspired by the quirky styles of the ’90s, these braided space buns will ensure that you’re rave-ready for any party you attend. And what makes this funky hair look so great, is that as long as you can manage a traditional 3-strand plait, you’ll be able to pull these playful buns together with ease.

Hollywood Waves

front facing image of a woman with blonde hair in hollywood waves
Going out hairstyles don’t get more glam than this. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

A firm red-carpet favourite, after seeing countless celebrities sporting Hollywood waves, we thought it only seemed fitting to recommend this universally flattering style as the perfect ‘do for your next soiree.

Sprinkled Sequins

image of two woman with their hair down with glitter in their hair - going out hairstyles
Glitter hair is a must try for your next night out! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Is glitter not sparkly enough for your taste? Fancy sprinkling a little fun onto your hairstyles for going out? Then we’ve got you covered.

All you need to do is squeeze some gel onto the palm of your hand and dip some colourful sequins into the gel, before placing them on your head, ensuring that you’ve distributed them equally. We loved using large, star-shaped sequins mixed with mini colourful ones.

Fluffed Out Curls

front facing image of a woman with red fluffy curls - going out hairstyles
We’re loving these fabulous fluffed out curls! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Got naturally curly hair? Then this night out hairstyle is for you! For a truly disco-ready look, opt to give your curls a fluffed-out style, for some mega volume.

Natural Hair Blow Out

Going out hairstyles: Woman with medium-length natural blown out hair wearing it with two big snap clips, wearing tassel earrings and black suit, outside
Just imagine what a hair clip can do for you. Credit: Instagram.com/ab.k_

If you’ve already got natural curls and want a new wear them for party season, let this beauty persuade you to try a natural blowout. The Solange-inspired snap clips are optional, but highly recommended.

High Ponytail With Braid

Going out hair: Tammy Hembrow with sleek golden blonde high ponytail and mini braid, posing against a window
High ponytails and statement jewellery are the ultimate vibe. Credit: Instagram.com/tammyhembrow

You can’t talk about going out hairstyles for long hair without mentioning this super-sleek high ponytail. Loved by Ariana Grande and the Kardashian sisters, this simple look has been worn time and time again.

The best thing about it is that you can easily give it a revamp with a cornrow braid or a glitzy hair accessory, or both!

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