How to do a festival-perfect crown plait (with a twist!)

Crown yourself festival queen with this pretty plait!

complete blonde crown braid

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While perfecting a festival hairstyle is a fine art, it can also be hard finding one that’s durable! The solution? A crown plait – but not as you know it! This impressive half-up, half-down ‘do with a twist is pretty, long-lasting and looks even better with floral accessories. Want to get the look? Just follow our step-by-step tutorial below.

Festival-perfect crown plait tutorial


Prep with sea salt spray.

Start by spraying your clean tresses liberally with the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray (£5.50*), then work it through your hair using your fingers. This lightweight product – enriched with sea kelp extracts – will help give your hair more grip to create your crown plait!


a blonde woman applying hairspray on the hand

Curl your hair.

Now, it’s time to curl your hair. Use a curling wand or tong (like the Toni&Guy Glamour Jumbo Tong)to lightly curl your locks from mid-lengths to ends. To create loose curls, take a small section of hair (roughly about 1-2 inches), and wrap it around the wand. Remember to hold it in a vertical position to help create soft, bouncy curls.


a blonde woman with long hair iron curling hair

Brush your curls.

Lightly brushing out your curls will help create a soft, wavy appearance so that your festival hair looks more casual and naturally-tousled. Just remember to be gentle with your brush, otherwise you’ll just undo all of your hard work!

a curly woman combing her hair down

Section your hair.

Using the tip of your comb, section your hair. You want to create a 5 x 3-inch central ‘rectangle’ from your hairline to the back of your crown.

a wavy blonde woman combing her hair

Begin to plait.

Now that you’ve sectioned your hair, it’s time to plait. Start by taking an inch-wide section of hair from the portion you’ve just created. Then divide it into 3 equal parts, and weave a French plait, adding hair to your side strands from underneath as you go.


a blonde woman trying to make a braid

Divide your plait.

Continue to braid your plait, and stop once you’ve reached your hairline. Then divide your braid into 2 sections, and create a 3-strand plait with one of them, securing the end with a clear hairband.

a woman making a braid on her hair


Repeat the previous braiding process on the other side, and again, secure with a clear hairband.

a woman making two braids on her hair

Lift and pin.

Once you’ve completed your plaits, lift your tresses from the side of your head, and draw your braids back, discreetly pinning them underneath (to hide the ends) with bobby pins.

a blonde woman pulling back her braid

Final look.

Once you’ve pinned your plaits, you’re done! Just finish your look with a spritz of the VO5 Voluptuous Waves Creation Hairspray (£3.99*), which will help keep your crown plait looking great all day long (while still allowing some movement), no matter how wild your dance moves!

a woman with festival crown plait hair smiling on the purple background

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