10 festival-perfect boho hairstyles for every length

All Things Hair | 28 June 2017

Is your hair festival-ready? These fab 10 ‘dos might help…


It’s festival season – hooray! – which means that many of us have probably already dug out our wellies and selected our best outfits! But have you thought about your hair yet? If you’ve ever attended a festival, you’ll know that it’s all about the care-free vibes, so what better way to channel those vibes than with a chic boho hairstyle?

In fact, festivals are the perfect opportunity to embrace new, fun looks that are stylish, fresh and fashion-forward. From easy waves to pretty plaits, we’ve got an array of super cool bohemian hairstyles for you to choose from, regardless of your hair length. Discover what they are now, below.

10 bohemian hairstyles for every hair length


blonde girl with ponytail and plaits side view
Add an edge to your everyday pony. Credit: Dvora

1. Plaited pony

Keeping your hair off your face is essential if you want to ensure your locks are clean and tidy this festival season, especially if you’re camping! Perfect for disguising greasy roots, a pony is the ideal option for second-day hair.

Super easy to create (yes, even in your tent), this cool, understated ‘do can be achieved by plaiting 2 sections of your hair near the front and 2 additional ones at the back of your head. Then all you’ll need to do is sweep all your locks back into a ponytail!

blonde model with milkmaid braid and a black lace top
Ah, the ever chic milkmaid braid!

2. Milkmaid braids

When you have to put up with the unpredictability of the British weather, milkmaid braids can be an absolute lifesaver! And you’ll be surprised at how easy this look is to achieve!

Simply plait your hair into pigtails and position them just behind your ears, before crossing the right one over to the left side, and the left one over to the right side.

Once you’ve positioned your braids, secure them with bobby pins and finish with a healthy dose of VO5 Classic Stying Extra Hold Hairspray.

side plait in older blonde woman's hair against a blue background
Be tres tres chic with a French side braid.

3. French side braid

It may look intricate, but we promise this is one of the easiest boho hairstyles to create, plus it works a treat on most hair lengths (even short hair!) – providing you have enough there to braid, of course!

To achieve this festival-perfect ‘do, simply French braid a section of hair along your hairline at the front, from left to right (or vice-versa) and secure with bobby pins. For extra hold, spritz some TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray and you’re all done!

woman with long ombre yellow festival hair with hair wraps against a blue brick wall
Channel those free-spirit vibes with some hair wraps. Credit: Instagram.com/bewolffashion

4. Hair wraps

Festival season is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a host of exciting bohemian hairstyles and accessories, including hair wraps! The epitome of retro boho style, this look features brightly coloured ribbons that are twisted around sections of hair.

(FYI, bold, vibrant colours look particularly great when intertwined through dark hair). If you’re not a big fan of hair wraps, then a headband is another festival accessory that will inject instant charm into your look. Credit: @bewolffashion

back view of woman with purple pink hair and boho inspired curls
Keep things simple with a set of luscious waves. Credit: Instagram.com/erin.mane.maven

5. Boho waves

Nothing says “festival-ready” like softly undulating boho waves. Simply take a large-barrel curling iron and curl your hair in sections.

Just remember to finish with a good dose of the Toni&Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray if you want your curls to stay intact (but with plenty of bounce) all day. Credit: @erin.mane.maven

back view of woman with interwoven red scarf braid
The latest way to wear a silk scarf! Credit: Dvora

6. Braided scarf

Spruce up your classic braid by interweaving a bohemian-inspired scarf through it. This is a simple yet stylish way to make your boho plait look more detailed.

To achieve this look, start by creating a ponytail and secure it with a hairband. Then take your scarf and tie it around the base of your pony to conceal it, before splitting your pony into 3 equal sections. Incorporating the scarf into one of your hair sections, weave standard plait all the way to the ends and secure by tying a knot with the scarf

Top tip: The scarf that you interweave needs to be approximately twice the length of your hair if you want it to be woven through the whole length of your braid.

side view of woman with a half-up half-down plaited hairstyle
It’s a party from all angles with this funky look. Credit: Dvora

7. Half-up, half-down pony with plaits

Rocking a half-up, half-down ponytail with plaits will not only make you look bang on-trend at festivals, but it’ll also help you keep your hair off your face while you bust out your best moves!

To achieve this look at home, start by lightly spritzing your hair with Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser to help add some grip, which will ensure your hairstyle stays put for longer.

Then section a portion of hair from above your forehead (that’s about 3 to 4 inches-wide) and tie it into a high, half-up, half-down ponytail. Next, you’ll want to create 3 simple plaits on either side of your head.

Once you’ve finished weaving your plaits, you can choose to either leave them loose or pin them into your ponytail – it’s entirely up to you!

model with long dark hair and small hidden braids
Be the master of disguise with peekaboo plaits. Credit: Dvora

8. Peekaboo plaits

For a true bohemian hairstyle, go for peekaboo plaits! While this utterly sweet look features teeny-weeny plaits that are hidden under the top layer of your hair, when you move, dance or when your locks blow in the wind, they will become visible!

To create this look at home, take a 1-2 inch-wide section of hair from underneath your mane and plait it following the traditional 3-strand braiding method. Then secure it a few inches from the ends of your hair with a clear elastic band.

Continue plaiting different sections of hair all around your head, always ensuring that the one you plait is taken from underneath, so that it’s hidden. See? Boho hairstyles have never been so easy!

bohemian hairstyle worn by dark haired woman with daisy crown head band
Go back to the boho roots with a daisy chain crown. Credit: Dvora

9. Daisy chain crown

If you’re after a festival-perfect look, then all you need to do is throw on a floral crown over loose, lightly tousled hair. And if you want to be a true boho queen, you can make your own daisy chain crown!

To secure your daisy crown to your head, use a couple of bobby bins if necessary, but before you place it in position, we recommend spraying your hair with TRESemmé Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo to add a bit of extra grip, which will help your crown stay put.

back view of model with brown hair and a half-up flower braid
Not got real flowers to hand? Just use your hair! Credit: Dvora

10. Half-up, half-down flower braid

If you’re not a fan of wearing real flowers in your hair, why not opt for a romantic-looking one that’s made out of your tresses? Yes, we’re being serious. You can create a bohemian-inspired flower braid by following our simple steps below…

Start by creating a half-up, half-down ponytail using the top layer of your hair. Then make a 3-strand plait with the tail of your pony and secure it at the end.

Now pancake your plait by gently tugging at it with your thumb and forefinger to make it appear thicker. When you’ve done that, wrap it around the base of your half-up, half-down ponytail to create a pretty flower shape.

Once you’re happy with the final look, pin your hair flower in place with some bobby pins and spritz some VO5 Classic Styling Firm Hold Hairspray over it to help keep the style in place.


Loved all these looks but still hungry for more festival-worthy looks to try out? Say no more, because we’ve enlisted the help of our fave vlogger Sophie Hannah Richardson to show you how to get the glitter parting in 3 simple steps!

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