Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman dressed as Domino from Deadpool 2, with a big dark brown afro, wearing a costume and crossing her fingers

13 Fun Halloween Hair Ideas for Black Hair


Looking for Halloween ideas for black hair? With All Hallow’s Eve fast approaching, we know that most of you will be on the hunt for loads of fun and quirky ‘dos to slay this October.

So, we’ve scoured Instagram to help find you the best black Halloween hairstyles in town. Keep scrolling to see the 13 looks we’re obsessing over (and you will be, too)…

Mother of Dragons Hair

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with shoulder length neon ginger hair styled into half-up bantu knots, wearing Halloween makeup with miniature dragon toys on her
Mother of dragons and good hair. Credit:

Of course, a love of dragons and Games of Thrones is an essential part of pulling off this edgy, bantu knot hairstyle. Credit: @3rd_eyechakra

Domino Afro

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman dressed as Domino from Deadpool 2, with a big dark brown afro, wearing a costume and crossing her fingers
You’ll be feeling super lucky if you rock this ‘do. Credit:

Easily our favourite costume and the most effortless one to put together, this big and fluffy Domino-inspired look is destined for afro babes who want to proudly flaunt their mane. Credit: @cheyennejazwiseofficial

Editor’s tip: Natural hair looks its best when it is nourished and frizz-free! So, you really can’t go wrong with applying the TONI&GUY Leave In Conditioner to your coils.

Wakanda Ponytail

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman dressed as Shuri from Black Panther, with her hair styled into a twisted cornrow ponytail wearing faux fur and black panther outfit
Wakanda forever! Credit:

Pay homage to the princess of Wakanda by dressing up as Shuri this Halloween.

In this example, this naturalista has styled her mane into a cornrow ponytail and completed the look with a golden thread hair accessory. Credit: @cutiepiesensei

Mermaid Hair

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with natural coily hair in a mermaid inspired updo with sea inspired hair accesories
Because who doesn’t want to be a Victorian mermaid? Credit:

Dreaming of being a mermaid? Then this undone, yet romantic updo is all you need to look at for mane inspiration.

What makes this hairstyle great is the fact it plays on the wet look trend with cute curls, instead of straighter tresses. The secret? Hair gel, of course! Credit: @brownsugarfairies

Flapper Bob

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with short black hair styled into flapper finger waves, wearing dark lipstick and look lashes
You’ll love this flirty flapper look. Credit:

Vintage-lovers, rejoice! This 1920s-inspired finger waves hairstyle will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of an old film and fits right in with Halloween, too. Credit@makidarko


Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with big, natural blow out hairstyle, wearing all black with fake vampire teeth
Vampire hair, do care! Credit:

Dressing up as a vampire this year? Then you’re going to need some seriously big hair to enchant your victims.

All you have to do is create a beautiful blow out and do your very best impression of Angela Bassett (circa Vampire in Brooklyn)Credit: @nvte_blvck

Editor’s tip: Before blow drying your tresses, remember to prep and protect them with a nourishing heat protectant cream, like the TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7 Primer Cream.

Medusa Halloween Hair

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with platinum blonde dreadlocks styled into an updo and decorated with snake hair accessories
Stop everyone in their tracks with this ‘do. Credit:

Whether you’ve got dreadlocks or box braids, we think that this Medusa updo is exactly what you need to add a spooky flair to your protective style. Credit: @discocurls

Female Joker

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman dressed as The Joker from Batman, with bright green short wig, wearing yellow and holding toy gun
Why so serious? Credit:

If you want to channel Joker vibes this Halloween, you should deffo take style tips from this beauty.

Don’t want to permanently dye your tresses green? There are plenty of bright wigs and hair chalks that will do the trick. Credit@brihallofficial

Black Harley Quinn Hair

Woman dressed as black Harley Quinn with space buns

Prefer Harley Quinn? Lucky for you we’ve found you 12 examples of black Harley Quinn hairstyles, here. Credit: @little_body

Storm Halloween Hair

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman dressed up as Storm from X-Men, wearing a long white blonde wig with a black headpiece and black outfit
Storm’s hair from X-men is iconic. Credit:

You can’t talk about black hair ideas for Halloween without mentioning Storm‘s icy look from X-Men.

To get yourself ready for your new role this Halloween, we suggest watching all of the X-Men films back to back – you’ll be looking and thinking like Halle Berry in no time. Credit: @heirofglee

Egyptian Goddess

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with sleek dark brown hair with blunt bangs, wearing Egyptian-inspired headpiece and a red outfit
Rule the mane game with this ‘do. Credit:

Keep your hair sleek to nail this stunning, Egyptian look. Remember: it’s all about understated hair because your chosen Egyptian hair accessory should do all the talking. Credit@tetamaria

Mad Max-inspired

Black hair ideas for Halloween: Woman with Mad Max-inspired long platinum blonde hairstyle wearing silver and posing in a desert setting
The ’80s are calling. Credit:

Slay your post-apocalypse hair by drawing inspiration from the Mad Max films. Think shaggy, 80s-inspired hairstyles and metal, retro-futuristic hair accessories.

Trust us, follow this advice and we’re sure that Charlize Theron would be mega proud! Credit@mayasworld

Lion Hair

Woman with natural curls with lion hairband Halloween Hairstyle

When you’ve got a head full of beautiful, bouncy curls, why not show them off?  Whether you’ve got short or long natural curls, this gorgeous lioness look is sure to get the crowd talking. Credit: @curlbox

Editor’s tip: Nourished curls are the best! To revive your curls and make them shine on Halloween night, try working in a few drops of the VO5 Invisibly Light Hair Oil.


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