10 Easy festival hairstyles to try this summer

Cool and practical: Nail these and your festival style will be on point.

Having spent weeks planning your outfits, makeup looks (10 pots of glitter – check!) and probably even longer organising your entire #festivalsquad’s travels and tent allocations, you may not have even had time to think about your festival hairstyles. Of course, you want to look fabulous, but the question is how? Which cool, boho-tastic hairstyles can be achieved without having to haul your entire beauty arsenal from home? Not to mention the limited shower access and inadequate tent space that can all too often limit your lock inspiration.

Well, actually, there are plenty of options, you’ll be happy to hear. And we’ve searched and high and low to bring you the crème de la crème of festival hairdos that even Kendall Jenner and Kate Bosworth would approve of.

Don’t believe us? See below for 10 easy, Coachella-worthy festival hairstyles, designed for dancing all day and night. Just don’t forget to arm yourself with a can of good dry shampoo, elastic bands, and a multi-pack of bobby pins and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

10 Festival hairstyles to try now

flower braid bun
A pretty flower braid. Credit: Dvora

1. Half-up, half-down rose braid

We know what you’re thinking: it’s so pretty, but is that really what you call an ‘easy’ festival hairdo? Actually, yes. Because while it may look complex, this deceptively delicate braided half-up, half-down hairstyle is all smoke and mirrors.

Easily achieved by standard-plaiting two small sections in front of your ears towards the back of the crown until they meet, then pinning them and creating a loose, messy bun, resembling a rose bud. Tie it with a clear elastic band and secure with bobby pins. After that, take a section of hair (roughly the size of the two front plaits combined) directly beneath the bun, and do another standard braid, straight down to the end to make it look like it’s all one piece! See? Easy as pie.

Boxer Braids: an easy and utterly cool festival hairstyle.

2. Boxer braids

Officially the breakthrough hairstyle of 2016, the super cool and sporty boxer braids are not only versatile, but they’re extra secure, too. A mainstay on the spring/summer and autumn/winter womenswear runways, they’ve also been spotted on just about every A-list star worth her festival flower crown. And the best thing is, they’re guaranteed to last you from dusk ‘til dawn.

braid with scarf festival hair
Playful scarf braid. Credit: Dvora

3. Classic three strand braid with a twist

We love a classic three strand braid, but you’re right, it may be too prim and proper for an edgy music festival. The solution? Try incorporating a colourful ribbon or a thin printed silk scarf into the weave to add a pinch of playfulness. Wear it down the back, or to one side, the choice is yours. As for you braid mavens, this clever trick works with Dutch and fishtail braids, too.

messy low bun
Messy low bun braid. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Messy low bun and multiple braids

Another one that looks deceptively complex, but is really easy to achieve and looks great on thicker hair. Start by creating four small standard plaits (two on either sides of the crown) that are about half an inch thick. Secure each with a clear elastic before pulling them back and incorporating into a messy, low ballerina bun.

Beach waves made easy.

5. Beachy waves (the cheat’s way)

Ever wondered how Kate Bosworth, Poppy Delevingne and the likes manage to achieve those pitch-perfect beach waves in the desert? Well, they probably have personal hairstylists and heated curlers in their hotel rooms. But who needs all that, anyway? Just plait your hair before you go to bed on day one (sweat and second-day hair will lend extra grip to the curves your braids crate while you sleep). Give your roots a quick once over with the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo (£2.99*) when you wake up, before heading out to see day two’s headliners.

hidden braids festival hairstyles
Cool hidden braids. Credit: Dvora

6. Peekaboo braids

Super cute and dead easy to do, mini peekaboo braids that peep out from beneath those tousled long locks are a nifty way to update your effortless hair-down look to boho-tastic new heights.

tousled pixie
Festival hairstyles for short hair? Yes you can! Credit: indigitalimages.com

7. Tousled pixie crop

Oh, you girls with your cute little pixie crops have no idea how lucky you are when it comes to festivals. Short hairstyles are so much easier to maintain when there are no showers or products handy. Take advantage of your second day hair texture and tousle it up as much or as little as you like for that charming, nonchalant look.

Tip: Spritz some VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo on your roots and strands before styling to give your hair extra grip.

snake braid festival hairstyle
Try a snake braid. Credit: Instagram.com/olesjaswelt

8. Macrame braided bob

This pretty and practical hairstyle is perfect for those who want to subtly elevate their trendy bob or lob, and keep hair away from the face without having to tie it up altogether. Ideal on straight-haired ladies, the macramé, AKA snake braid is actually much easier to master than it looks. And unlike several other braided styles, this one works best on super smooth, clean tresses, so make it your day one look. Credit: @olesjaswelt

Start by taking a section of hair no (more than 2-3 inches) from your hairline and create a regular three-strand braid, stopping just an inch before you get to the end. Then use your left hand to hold the middle strand, and your right to grip the other two pieces. Finally, carefully slide your right hand up the braid shaft to create a zig-zag shape and pin in place. Finish with a spritz of TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray (500ml, £4.99*), et voila: a pretty macramé plait!

Messy braid.

9. Messy braid

Forgot to take out your French plait before you went to bed? No problem. In fact, if the hairstyles on the runways and the streets outside are anything to go by, it’s all about preserving (or even crafting) a sense of effortlessness and imperfection this season. Pristine updos and perfectly-formed plaits are out; messy textures and charmingly chaotic half-unravelled braids are in!

Tip: Spritz your hair with some Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser (£7.49*) before braiding your hair, as this will help to create that casual, lived-in look.

space bun festival hairstyles
’90s space buns. Credit: Dvora

10. Space buns with ziz-zag parting

Have short hair and want to do something fun? Super cute and practical space buns are your third day hair’s BFF. For a more directional take on this playful updo, why not try teaming it with a fun zig-zag parting? Not only will this easy festival hairstyle last you all day, it’ll help conceal those oily roots, too.

Who said festival hairstyles had to be a hassle? Take these ideas with you on your next adventure – you’ll be grateful you did.

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