Covetable Pink Ombre Hair for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Beyond

Wear it pink... because pink ombre isn't just a colour, it's an attitude! 

Love pink hair? Whether you’re a bubblegum pink gal, pastel fashionista or promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, taking the plunge to put these colours into your hair can still seem a little daunting. But instead of committing to a bold, all-over hue, we suggest you consider trying the next best thing: pink ombre hair (Emma Mackey of Sex Education fame, Perrie Edwards and Kandee Johnson are already major fans).

Whether you choose to use permanent dye or temporary hair colour, pink ombre hair can be a fun way to look cool. Just take a look at all the pink ombre looks we’re loving. Which one do you love the most?

1. Pale Punk Pink

Maeve AKA Emma Mackey from Netflix's show Sex Education rocking blonde and pink ombre hair
Maeve from Netflix’s Sex Education rocking pink ombre hair. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The All Things Hair team have been hooked to Netflix’s latest show Sex Education. Mostly because of Emma Mackey (AKA Maeve) and her pink ombre hair, tbh. We just love the punk-rock undertones to her style and ombre hair.

2. Pink Champagne Hair

close up shot of woman with blonde hair with pink ombre ends, wearing a pastel jumper
Pink champagne hair?Yes please! Credit:

Now, if you love pink champagne as much as this Instagrammer does, opting for this lush pink ombre hair dye job might just be something for you to try.

The best thing about this look? It’ll brighten up your facial features like a dream and make everyone want your mane. Cheers to that! Credit: @samanthacusicklondon

3. Purple-to-pastel Pink Ombre Bob

close up shot of woman with purple to pink ombre hair bob, wearing choker on Instagram
This is what hair dreams are made of! Credit:

Want to take your sleek bob to Pinterest-worthy heights? Then this purple-to-pastel pink ombre hairstyle has got your name written all over it.

Transitioning from ultra dark roots into a deep purple, then fading into a dusty pink hue from the mid-lengths to the ends, this hairdo is nothing short of artistic! So are you ready to make your mane a masterpiece, too? Credit: @xandervintage

Editor’s tip: Dying to try pink ombre hair? Coloured manes may seem tricky to maintain, but using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colour-treated hair, like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, will make maintenance a breeze!

4. Nude Pink Sombre Hair

close up shot of woman with sandy pink ombre hair, wearing checked shirt and in a salon
Now that’s what we call a subtle pink ombre dye job! Credit:

Move over ombre, sombre (AKA subtle ombre) is taking over! Softly accentuate your natural brown tresses with nude pink tones and you’ll have a look that’s both stylish and work-ready. Credit: @dearmiju

5. Pink Ombre Curls

close up shot of woman with curly pink ombre hair, wearing red jumper top
Pink ombre hair + natural curls = life! Credit:

Natural hair babes, you can get in on this delicious colour trend, too! How? By getting pink ombre tips done, like this curly-haired queen has done.

This natural ombre colour choice is destined for any fashionistas out there looking to make their coils pop in the new year! Credit: @euninagabriella

6. Candyfloss Colour Melt

back shot of woman wavy long hair with candyfloss pink ombre melt, posing in a salon
We can’t stop staring! Credit:

Now, if you really want to make a stylish impact with your pink ombre hair choice, try working in a mixture of dark and light pinks hues, for a unique shade that looks sweet enough to eat.

Rest assured, when you pair your surreal-looking shade with a wavy hairstyle, you’ll turn more than a few heads. Credit: @evalam_

7. Pretty Pink Underlights

close up shot of woman with pink ombre hair tips, wearing white top and posing outside for Instagram
Set the night of fire with these pink underlights! Credit:

Want to rock a slightly more grown-up version of pink ombre hair? Why not jazz up your natural colour with pretty rose underlights?

By working the colour into the ends and only on the under layers of your hair, you’ll be channelling a ‘business at the front, party at the back’ vibe that’s suitable for work and play! Credit:

8. Barely-there Rose Gold Ombre

back shot of a woman with a blonde balayage crown braid with wavy pink ombre hairstyle
Time to get braiding! Credit: constancerobbins

Can you spot the pink in this ‘do? Don’t worry, it took us a while to catch the barely-there rose gold hues, too!

We love how the warm touches of metallic ombre are worked into this lady’s milky blonde waves. It may be subtle, but you can’t deny it still makes a big impact, especially with the addition of braidsCredit: @constancerobbins

9. Black Hair With Pink Ombre Hair

woman with ice cream pink ombre wig hairstyle, wearing black top and love heart necklace
Ice cream hair, don’t care! Credit:

Have you ever considered dyeing your black hair pink? If not, we’re sure that this Instagram snap will have you rushing to the salon.

Keeping the roots dark helps to anchor lighter hues (not to mention it’ll make your colour a bit easier to maintain), with the warmer pastel hues around your face working to brighten up your complexion, too! Credit: @dheandranicolette

10. Peach and Pink Ombre

Pink ombre hair: peach and pink ombre hair
Peachy and pink hair is for all the It girl’s out there! Credit:

Feel like tapping into two amazing hair colour trends at once? Then why not try working in some peachy hues to your look for a lovely, fruity twist?

Soft peach tones perfectly complement pink ombre hair, so if you love sorbet-inspired pastels, this look is definitely for you. And the best part? It looks great for both twisted updos and on shorter hair lengths, too. Credit: @lockshanna

11. Two-tone Pink

Pink ombre hair: Close-up headshot of a street styler with straight long pink to purple ombre hair, wearing a white shirt
How to make your pink ombre hair stand out even more. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If the other looks have been a little too subtle for your taste, then think about opting for a punk-inspired two-tone look instead. This look works especially well with similar shades like this vibrant purple, as the contrast will make the pink look even bolder.

Whether you choose to style in an everyday ponytail or in a more elaborate style, we promise: you will never look boring again! So, how will you wear it?

12. Short Pink Ombre Hair

Pink ombre hair: Street style shot of a woman with light brown and pink ombre hair, wearing a red roll neck top and a pink jacket
Short haired girls need not feel left out of the pink ombre hair trend. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Ombre on short hair? Yes, you heard us correctly. Contrary to popular belief, these two do go together! So don’t worry about the length of your short crop, as you can still rock pink ombre hair in style.

Just take a leaf out of this street styler’s book and work your intense pinks slightly closer to your roots and fade into lighter tips.

13. Fiery Pink Ombre Tips

close up shot of woman with burnt pink ombre tips, wearing floral top and black jeans
Pink fiery tips will spice up your mane life! Credit:

What better way to show off your lengthy locks than with these fiery magenta tips? Bleach the tips of your Rapunzel-like mane and work your chosen pink ombre hue. This small amount of colour will give a high impact finish and add plenty of edge to your signature look! Credit@xinsomniax

14. Hot Fuchsia

close up shot of woman with dark roots and fuschia pink ombre hair, wearing black ripped top on Instagram
Feeling fuschia? Us too! Credit: rosacalyx

Warning: this neon pink ombre look isn’t for the faint-hearted! Bright, vibrant and fierce, this fuchsia shade perfectly flatters natural brunettes with medium to dark skin tones.

However, if you’re not a natural brunette, the trick is to keep your roots grungy and dark, as not only will this help make your pink really come to life, but it’ll add depth and richness to your overall look, too. Credit: @rosacalyx


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