The prettiest copper ombre colours you’ve never thought of trying before (but will definitely want to now)

If copper ombre isn't already top of your must-try hair colour list, it will be soon...  

As popular as ombre hair has become, the typical blonde ombre isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. If your hair is naturally super dark or you have a deeper complexion, cooler blonde tones can sometimes clash and look unnatural, so it’s good to have other options. And that’s where copper ombre becomes a shining beacon of hope…

The red tones are just what you need to add warmth to your look, helping to brighten up sad winter complexions and giving a more unique twist to the ever-popular ombre. So the only question is: are you ready to go copper crazy?

8 copper ombre hair colours to show your stylist

back view of a woman with glossy copper ombre hair
Copper hair at its glossiest. Credit:

1. True copper ombre hair

A major advantage that red hair has over blondes is that it’s much easier to add in shine. Whereas blonde hair can often look flat and 1 dimensional, adding in ribbons of red helps to add shimmer and shine to the hair, which look absolutely amazing when the light hits. Credit: @ruanegabriel

Editor’s tip: To really make your colour shine, pump a few drops of the TIGI S Factor True Lasting Colour Oil into your hands, and run it through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Adding vibrancy, taming frizz and conditioning dry ends, it’s our best kept secret for dyed hair!

woman with long dark hair with brunette roots and copper ombre tips
Dark haired girls can get on board, too. Credit:

2. Cinnamon copper ombre

The great thing about ombre is that you don’t have to abandon your current colour, so if you’re after a change but can’t commit to anything too wild, opt for this cinnamon blend.

Psst… For a quick and easy style change, a few lighter strands at the ends and around your face will totally lift deeper brunettes for an easy seasonal update. Credit: @lestatty_

selfie of a woman with curly copper ombre natural hair
Lighten up your curls with copper tips. Credit:

3. Copper curls

Love your natural curls but wish there was a way to liven them up a bit? Copper ombre tips are a fun way to spruce up kinks, coils, and curls in a flash, adding tonnes of definition and body. Credit: @candy_rockets_yogi

woman with long red copper ombre curly hair
More mahogany based hues will create more of a true red shade. Credit:

4. Red-based copper

If you already have natural or dyed red hair, adding in a radiant copper ombre will help to give you a sunkissed, lightened look perfect for summer! Because let’s face it, the UK sun isn’t going to do it for us! Credit: @jakehenry17

woman with shoulder length orange copper curly hair
Orange hair, don’t care! Credit:

5. Orange copper ombre

Uusually when you’re trying to go blonde, the last thing you want is orange hair – but here, it’s a look in itself! The striking orange shade adds a dramatic pop of colour but the lightness towards the ends stops it from becoming too jarring or unnatural. Credit: @hairbykatiek

TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Whatever colour takes your fancy, we can’t stress enough the importance of using a colour protect range if you have red hair.

Red hair is notoriously bad for fading, so using something like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditionerwhich help to maintain your colour, will really help you to hold onto your new colour for as long as possible.

side view of a woman with light copper ombre wavy hair
Muted tones make copper ombre hair more wearable than you’d think. Credit:

6. Light copper

Those with English rose or freckled complexions will look amazing with this light copper ombre hair look. The blend of strawberry blonde and copper highlights creates a really natural-looking finish and, as it’s already quite a soft shade, fading won’t be as obvious. Credit: @charlottechristiehair

back view of a woman with copper blonde ombre shoulder length wavy hair
Warm up a blonde base with warmer red tones. Credit:

7. Copper blonde

As we move into spring/summer, why not change up the icy-white, cool-toned blondes for something suitably warmer? Match your hair to the weather with a golden copper blonde and you’ll always bring the sunshine with you! Credit: @abistyling

back view of a woman with orange copper ombre long curly hair
You’ll definitely stand out against the sea of blondes and brunettes with this super bright style. Credit:

8. Flaming copper

Want a style that’s really going to turn heads? Give the muted shades a pass, and go bold and bright with this flaming copper shade. The maintenance of such a bright colour will be a regular task if you want to keep the vibrancy, but with such a showstopping shade we’ve got to say: it’s probably worth it. Credit: @nenalyzed


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