Blue ombre hair: Instagram inspiration

Want to spruce up your look? Then you need to see these pictures.

It’s not often that you see a woman with blue ombre hair walking down the street, right? But when you do, we bet you can’t take your eyes off of her bright mane. And we don’t blame you – blue hair is totally cool! If you’re considering dyeing your locks and are ready for a big change, then it’s the perfect colour idea for you.

A blue shade can suit any hair type (whether afro, straight, curly or wavy), so, if you think that you can’t pull it off: think again! You can opt for a bright blue hue, ocean-inspired, deep tones or even a subtle baby blue shade. The possibilities are pretty much endless! And we promise that blue ombre hair will leave you feeling like an ethereal fairy.

So, if you’re tempted to dye your locks blue and get a beautiful ombre, have a look through our gallery above for some serious mermaid vibes – you won’t be disappointed!

Light-to-dark blue ombre

girl with blue ombre hair
Light-to-dark blue ombre hair. Credit:

MUA Samantha Ravndahl is a hair colour chameleon, which makes her a strong rival to Kylie Jenner. And although she has rocked almost every hair colour under the sun (just check her Instagram feed for proof), we’re especially fond of her light-to-dark blue ombre locks. The mix of shades really makes her eye colour pop, and we love how she’s reversed the traditional ombre look by starting with the lighter shade at the top. Totally #HairGoals. Credit: @ssssamanthaa

Electric blue ombre

dark hair with blue ombre
Electric blue ombre. Credit:

Dark-haired girls, why not opt for an electric blue hue? This bold, head-turning colour pairs beautifully with naturally dark locks. And don’t worry about this shade looking lacklustre: to help maintain a bright colour vibrancy, shampoo and condition your mane with products specifically formulated for dyed hair, like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner (£2.69 each*). Credit: @k.bellos

Top tip: if you’re not sure if you’ll like blue locks, just colour the ends of your hair. If you end up not loving the results, you can always chop them off!

Pastel blue ombre afro

Girl with pastel blue ombre afro
Pastel blue ombre Afro. Credit:

Spruce up your afro by injecting some colour! Pastel blue is the perfect shade to try if you don’t want your hair to look too bright. Plus, this flattering hue will complement your summer wardrobe beautifully – trust us, you’ll look bloomin’ gorgeous. Note: twigs and flowers are optional! Credit: @clatodd

So, which blue ombre look will you opt for? Don’t forget to scroll through our gallery at the top of the page for more inspiration!

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