image of a black woman with very short natural hair smiling wearing sunglasses and wooden earrings

Meet the Bald and Bad hair challenge that celebrates women’s short haircuts

We're all for this new beauty trend!  

Let us introduce you to the latest craze taking the social media world: the #BaldAndBadChallenge. This challenge aims to celebrate women’s short haircuts — from bald heads and buzzcuts to edgy pixie crops — to prove to the world that there’s beauty in every hair length, and celebrate our individuality through style!

And we have to say, we are so pleased to see so many women getting on board with this challenge, with Twitter and Instagram becoming inundated with hot short hair selfies. So, if you want to see just how incredible short hair can be, keep on scrolling and take a look at our fave #BaldAndBadChallenge pics!

Women’s short haircuts: Bald and bad hair challenge

woman with a shaved head taking a selfie wearing a The Simpsons tshirt
Go all out with a shaved look. Credit:

If there is an image that perfectly sums up what this challenge is about, it is the one posted by this Twitter user – proving to all, that a super short buzz cut is a totally stylish hairstyle to rock.

And not that you need any more of a reason to love this look, but this edgy ‘do also doesn’t require any styling in the mornings, so you get to snooze your alarm clock for a few extra minutes – what a dream! Credit: @flemmoo

black woman with short curly hair posing with her tongue out wearing hoop earrings
Embrace the challenge with cropped natural curls. Credit:

While we can’t say for sure, we would like to think that the Bald and Bad challenge’s influence may have even reached the fashion pack.

In a surprise turn of events, this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show deciding to embrace their models’ natural hair, as opposed to bulking things up with extensions! Could this be a new era for our hair? We certainly hope so. Credit: @melanin.monroeee

image of a black woman with very short natural hair smiling wearing sunglasses and wooden earrings
How a chic TWA? Credit:

Don’t get us wrong: while we love being able to switch up our look with the help of extensions and wigs, we’re also all for embracing our own natural hair!

And the second we laid eyes on this Instagrammer’s stylish buzz cut and undercut fade, we fell even more in love with short hair – after all, us ladies rock this look way better than the men anyway, right? Credit: @bmcphd


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