14 Winter Hairstyles for Black Hair to Protect Your Curls in the Cold

Winter hair, don't care!

As any naturalista will know, when the temperature drops, it’s time to start looking for winter hairstyles that’ll keep your tresses safe and sound! But instead of compromising on style and hiding your natural hair away, why not find a protective hairdo to help you up your mane game this season?

To ensure that your curls are safe from the elements and looking fierce, we’ve pulled together some of the best protective winter hair looks, so you can #slay whatever the temperature.

Box Braids

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Car selfie of a woman with long dark brown dookie braids box braids swept over one shoulder, wearing a patterned scarf
Play around with different sized braids to change up your look. Credit: Instagram.com/sharonn_i

When you’re in that in-between stage of growing out your hair, sometimes all you want is a bit more length and freedom to style it. That’s why long box braids are such popular winter hairstyles for short natural hair. They’ll let you live the long hair life, while protecting your growing curls underneath. Credit: @sharonn_i

Coloured Braids

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Image of a woman with grey box braids worn in a low ponytail, wearing a short sleeve white knitted jumper
Experiment with colour to make your braids pop. Credit: Instagram.com/grace.maleka

Let’s be honest: not only are braids ruling the roost of hot hairstyles, but they have also long been a go-to look for many a natural-haired lady – which is why they’re consistently top of our list!

But if you’ve been working box braids this past season already and you’re a bit over it, then you can easily take things up a notch by incorporating a winter-appropriate, icy grey hue. Credit: @grace.maleka

Halo Twist

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Picture of a woman with dark relaxed natural hair in a halo braid updo
Your most angelic look yet? The Halo twist has got you. Credit: Instagram.com/arielvscupcake_

Halo braids are always popular winter natural hairstyles as they keep the hair safe and tucked away from the wind and cold. But, if you feel like it’s a little been-there-done-that, mix things up and try out the halo twist instead this season!

The best part is, since this ‘do requires zero braiding skills, anyone can rock the look. Credit: @arielvscupcake_

Editor’s tip: Struggle to stop your natural strands from becoming dry and brittle during the cold winter months? We’d recommend using deep conditioning masks, like the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Intensive Mask more often during the winter to give your hair a more intense dose of moisture.

High Bun

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Woman with natural hair in a high top bun wearing a long jacket, skirt and boots and posing on a staircase
Who doesn’t love an elegant high bun, right? Credit: Instagram.com/empress921

When it comes to easy natural hairstyles for winter, it really doesn’t get any simpler than the high bun. And while this hairstyle can be worn all year round, it works especially great as a winter ‘do, when you want to have your tresses wrapped up as snug as a bug! Credit: @empress921


Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Photo of a woman with long dark brown box twists swept over one shoulder, wearing a brown velvet off the shoulder dress
Box twists will add the glam factor to your festive look. Credit: Instagram.com/kareeq

Yet to try out box twists? Senegalese and Marley twists make a stylish change from the classic box braids, but still boast all the usual benefits.

Play around with different types of hair for different finishes, as some hair types will be more matte and natural-looking, while others can be more shiny and glam. Find your style! Credit: @kareeq

Crochet Braids

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Woman with dark brown shoulder length kinky crochet braids, wearing a white vest top and black ripped knee jeans, posing outside
Fake it ’til you make it with crochet braids. Credit: Instagram.com/blissfullqueen

Want to protect your natural tresses this winter, but miss wearing your afro out and proud? No need to worry, because with pretty crochet braids, you can have the best of both worlds. Credit: @blissfullqueen

Editor’s tip: Hair is more likely to become dry and brittle in the winter, so give your mane a dose of nourishment by washing with the TRESemmé Botanique Hemp Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner.

With this moisturising hemp seed oil and hibiscus flower infused formula, you’ll soon be on your way to the hair of your dreams.

Twisted Updo

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Smiling woman with dark natural hair in a twisted pompadour style updo wearing glasses and posing in the street
A sassy ‘do? The twisted updo, of course! Credit: Instagram.com/musesuniform

On the hunt for winter hairstyles for long curly hair? Then this twisted updo is perfect for protecting your tresses from the chilly elements.

Not only does this look give your tresses tonnes of added interest, but it’ll also ensures that your ends are safely tucked away from Jack Frost! Credit: @musesuniform

Double Braids

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Side view of a woman with dark brown double boxer braids, wearing a black bomber jacket and standing in the street
Double braids for neat, chic winter locks. Credit: Dvora

Winter hairstyles for black natural hair that leave your locks looking neat, tidy and oh-so stylish? We have just the thing. Rock this look and your tresses will be nicely protected from harsh winter climates, leaving you with a neat and practical, ready-for-anything look. What’s not to love?

Laid Back Updo

picture of a woman with her hair in a messy up-do
The curly hair up-do for texture and style! Credit: Dvora

If you’re after a more chilled out approach to protecting your hair in the colder months, winter natural hairstyles don’t get much better than this!

Simply pull your hair into a messy pineapple updo and secure it with a hairband and some bobby pins.

Retro Tresses

back view of a woman with retro inspired, twisted up-do - winter hairstyles
Winter natural hairstyles with added vintage flair. Credit: Dvora

Winter hairstyles for black hair should be two things: protective and stylish. This retro-inspired updo is both and will give you the freedom to wear your hair out if you want to.

Want a step-by-step hand with getting this look? Check out our Gibson tuck hair tutorial for more tips!

Faux Locs

front view of a woman with long faxu locs hairstyle - winter hairstyles for longhair
Winter hairstyles for black hair? Try faux locs. Credit: Instagram.com/thatdynamitechick

Thinking about all the wonderful winter natural hairstyles out there but not got the length to work with? Fret not, dear naturalista, as you can have what your heart desires with these faux locs!

There are no colours or chemicals involved, so your hair will be doubly protected from the elements as your natural strands are wrapped with yarn – so snug! Credit: @thatdynamitechick

Cornrow Ponytail

Winter hairstyles for natural hair: Photo of a woman with a long dark brunette cornrow ponytail with gold hair cuffs, wearing an off the shoulder cream jumper and taking a selfie on her phone
When your hair looks this good, selfies are a must. Credit: Instagram.com/sodivinehairsalon

The ’90s are one of this season’s biggest trends and this cornrow ponytail fits the old-school style perfectly. We love the way this Instagrammer has styled hers with cuffs and gold thread to tie in with her gold make-up and accessories. Credit: @sodivinehairsalon

Afro Buns

front facing image of a woman with afro buns hairstyle - cute winter hairstyles
Cute winter hairstyles? These buns are sweet and edgy Credit: Verity Jane Smith

So you’d like to keep your winter hair more natural, but still want it to be fun… Let us introduce to you: half-up afro buns.

This adorable-looking style will keep most of your locks protected from the cold, plus have you looking like a total fashion queen.

Hair Wrap

image of a woman with her hair in braids and a wrap over hair hair - winter hairstyles for long hair
Go one step further and protect your braids with a sweet hair wrap! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Take your winter hair protection to the next level with on-trend accessories, like the hair wrap! We love the versatility of this look, that lets you dress your braids up for both day and night – with the added benefit of keeping your hair under-wraps (get it?). Win, win!

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