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What haircut should I get? 7 Things to consider before you get to the salon

Ah, that age-old question...

We know that the prospect of getting a new hairstyle or cut is something we all look forward to – there are, after all, so many amazing new hair trends happening right now! But with a plethora of great styles to choose from, we’re often left thinking: “what haircut should I get?

As you will already know from experience, a good haircut will not only have a huge impact on your confidence and mood, but also your overall appearance and style. On the flip side, however, a bad one can ruin your day and leave you seriously considering a buzz cut! So, to ensure that you leave the salon looking and feeling like you could rule the world, here’s our rundown of the 7 things you should consider before taking the plunge.

The eternal hair question: What haircut should I get?


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What haircut should I get? Think of your texture!

1. The shape of your face

As you will undoubtedly know, different haircuts suit different face shapes better than others. So, when deciding what haircut to get, it’s important that you think about your face shape – after all, you want your haircut to enhance your best features, while balancing out any unequal proportions in your face. If you’re unsure on what looks will work for you, consult your stylist before making any alterations to your style.

2. The texture of your hair

Although most haircuts can be adapted to suit the majority of hair types, there’s no getting away from the fact that certain hairstyles work better with certain types of hair. Curly hair, for example, tends to be more difficult to style the shorter you cut it – as the longer it is, the more it will weigh itself down and keep its shape. On other hand, layers can make fine hair appear even thinner, so, if you’ve got particularly thin hair, you might want to stay away from heavily layered looks.

Giving your natural hair texture some serious consideration and think if it’s going to work with your chosen haircut, could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Remember: if in doubt, discuss it with your stylist!

3. Your hair colour

Do you want your hair coloured? What sort of colour do you want? And will your chosen haircut work with your chosen hair colour? These are all questions you must ask yourself before you go for a style that’s notably different from your current look.

Also, if you already have colour in your hair, it’s important that you choose a cut that will complement it. For example, if you have highlights, stay away from cuts that will make your colours look choppy and uneven. However, if you are completely sold on a certain look, then it could time for a new colour too!

What haircut should I get? Think about your colour and style.
What haircut should I get? Think about your colour and style.

4. Your lifestyle

All haircuts require a certain level of maintenance, but before taking the plunge and going for a new hairstyle, it’s important that you think about the maintenance and styling involved, and whether this will fit in with your lifestyle.

Do you have to get up super early each morning and rarely have time to brush your hair, never mind style it? Then having a lob might not be the best look for you. Or, if you’re required to have your hair tied back for work, is a shorter look going to work with your current lifestyle? Take it slow and consider whether the extra time it takes to maintain certain styles will work for you.

5. Your personal style

When it comes to looking for a new haircut, one of the most important things to consider is if it will work with your overall style. You want a haircut that will complement your style, not one that will cause you to reinvent your whole wardrobe!

If, for example, you have a bold and vibrant sense of style, is a simple, run-of-the-mill haircut really going to work with your signature look? Equally, if you’ve got a classic, smart sense of style, or you hate standing out from the crowd, is a high-fashion, ultra-edgy look the best option? It comes down to choosing a look that you feel comfortable and confident with.

What haircut should I get?: All Things Hair - IMAGE - hair cutting split ends
Manage your expectations when thinking “What haircut should I get?”

6. Managing your expectations

When you head off to the hairdressers with a photo of your favourite celebrity in hand, it’s important to remember that this will simply act as a guide to your stylist – giving them an idea of the look you want to go for. You may ask for Adriana Lima’s locks, but don’t expect to leave with an exact replica of her look. We know, we wanted those angel wings too!

7. Are you sure?

If you’re considering going for a really big change, it’s important to make sure that you’re totally ready for the chop. Obviously your hair will grow back in time, but there’s nothing worse than jumping into a pixie cut or a short bob, only to realise you want your luscious long locks back (trust us, we’ve been there!). So, before you step foot in the salon, make sure it’s really what you want.


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