Notable hair lessons we’ve learnt from the ladies of Westworld

Everything in this world is magic, including these hairstyles!  

Are you a huge fan of Westworld? Then you’ll know that after a long wait, the show is finally confirmed to be coming back for season two. Never seen it? It’s a Sci-fi/Western hybrid based on the original 1973 film and it has even been tipped off to be the new of Game of Thrones – now that’s saying something!

But the best thing about this android cowboy saga? The female leads and their slay-worthy hairstyles, of course. To remind ourselves why the show is so great (and also convince you to watch it), we’ve looked back to season one and have learnt a lot from these gorgeous mane moments. School is in session!

4 hair lessons we’ve learnt from the female stars of Westworld

close up shot westworld characters maeve and clementine with a braided updo and half updo hairstyle, wearing costume dresses on set
Braids work in an updo and half up. Credit: HBO via Sky Editorial Asset Centre

1. Braids can be worn in a multiple of ways

Though Maeve Millay and Clementine Pennyfeather may be hosts (robots) who often have to live the same day over and over, they never fail to wow us with their playful braided hairstyles.

Whether it’s Maeve’s badass braided bun with fuchsia plume or Clem’s dreamy half-up, half-down braid with undone curls, both ladies remind us that there’s more than one way to wear a plait.

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close up shot of westworld character dolores abernathy with blonde loose wavy curls, wearing blue petticoat dress and posing on set
Loose waves won’t you let you down! Credit: HBO via Sky Editorial Asset Centre

2. Loose curls are fierce

Evan Rachel Wood, who plays the main host, Dolores Abernathy, is one of our favourite characters ever! Since she is modelled after a Disney princess, everything from her make-up to her glitzy golden curls always looks #flawless.

Though she does eventually shed her sweet role, she doesn’t abandon her curls — and we think we know why. Dolores knows her hair is on-point and just because she’s becoming a badass, that doesn’t mean she can’t still rock cute curls!

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close up shot of talulah riley as angela, wearing white dress with her styled into a messy bun hairstyle on the set of westworld
This is bun hairstyle isn’t a regular bun, it’s a cool one. Credit: HBO via Sky Editorial Asset Centre

3. Forget topknots, it’s all about the low bun

If anyone is going to make you rethink your basic top knot, it’s Angela and her tousled low ballerina bun. Whether you’re heading to work, spending the night out or staying in watching Westworld, you can easily evoke It-girl vibes with this classy updo.

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close up shot of tessa thompson as charlotte hale, wearing blue dress with wavy short hair, on the set of westworld
Short hairstyles are here to stay! Credit: HBO via Sky Editorial Asset Centre

4. Short hair will never go out of style

Though Charlotte Hale (AKA Tessa Thomson) is the villain of the show, we seriously can’t help fawning over her stylish short hairstyle. Just look at it and then you’ll understand what we’re on about.

With its snatched side part and polished waves, this sultry hairstyle is proof that Charlotte didn’t come to play, she came to #slay. It’s no wonder she wants to take over hosts and become the director of Delos Destinations, Inc


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