all things hair junior beauty editors beth amra and leona trying different hairstyles (bouffant, side part and hidden braids) as seen on the catwalks of aw18

We tried 3 of the biggest hair trends from fashion month & here’s what went down

We took on the season's trending hairstyles in the name of beauty.  

As Beauty Editors, we live for fashion month. After all, it’s the best place to see the emerging hair and beauty trends heading our way in the coming seasons. But while we more than appreciate the artistry of it all, we are often left wondering just how well some of these très chic hairstyles would fare in real life…

So this year, while we were musing over the top beauty looks from the shows, we had a thought: why not give them a go ourselves? So we did! Read on to see what happened when our editors took on 3 of this season’s leading hair trends, with mixed results.

We took on 3 of the biggest hair trends from fashion month – see how they turned out

model at the ashish london fashion week aw18 with 60s brigitte bardot beehive hair

Beth, Ashish’s ’60s hair

“When it comes to my hair icons, Brigitte Bardot is definitely up there). So when I saw Ashishs half-up beehive at London Fashion Week I knew I had to give it a go.

I started by loosely curling all of my hair, not so much to create ‘curls’, more just to add in some texture and make it more bedhead-y before I started. Next, since I don’t have a fringe myself I sectioned out some front pieces of my hair, twisting and clipping them back to try and create faux bangs.

Then came the backcombing. And my god was there a lot of backcombing. Starting at the crown of my head, I used a backcombing brush to gently comb towards the roots. Everything about backcombing feels wrong to me, so I probably didn’t do as much as I should have to get that truly authentic ’60s look – I was stressed about having to get the knots out afterwards!”

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

“Once I’d backcombed the living daylights out of my poor mane(seriously, it’s a wonder BB had any hair left at all), I gathered the top of my tresses into a half-up style, clipping it in at the back, pushing it forwards slightly to give it more oomph.

I then took some TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and used the backcombing brush to gently smooth over the beehive just to give it a sleeker look, before giving the whole thing one last go over with the hairspray to set it.”

all things hair junior beauty editor beth with a half up bouffant brigitte bardot hairstyle
Beth doing her best Brigitte Bardot impression.

The result

“Now not to toot my own horn here but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s actually got a bit of a bridal feel to it which had me messaging my mum saying “I’ve found my wedding hair!!” (I’m not even engaged but that’s a tiny, irrelevant detail). Would I do it every day though? Definitely not. My hair already hates me after years of bleaching and I’m not sure how much backcombing it could take.”  Credit: @beth_strong

hailey baldwin at the tommy hilfiger milan fashion week aw18 show with big black square sunglasses and hidden braids in her wavy blonde hair

Leona, Tommy Hilfiger’s hidden braids

“I am always on the hunt for new hair trends that don’t require too much work. I like to be put together, don’t get me wrong, but I would describe my style as more casual and carefree than perfectly pristine.

When I saw Hailey Baldwin hit the Tommy Hilfiger runway at Milan Fashion Week with her blonde hair in tousled waves, I honestly didn’t think much of it at first – just more beachy waves, right? But then I noticed the hidden braids peeking out from underneath and that’s when I thought, now this is a hair trend I can totally get on board with.”

“To get the look I spritzed my towel-dried tresses with the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray, this helped to give my naturally straight, fine hair added texture and more of a tousled feel.

I then flipped my tresses upside down and blasted them with a hair dryer until dry (this is a great styling hack for anyone wanting to add volume to their mane, FYI), scrunching my strands throughout.

To help boost my hair a little more, I used a curling wand to create more defined waves and proceeded to braid small sections of my hair for the full Hailey X Tommy look. As you can see though, the braids are so well ‘hidden’ that you can barely see them, at least on camera anyway.”

all things hair junior beauty editor leona with wavy tousled hair and hidden braids
That awkward moment when your hidden braids are so well hidden you can’t actually see them…

The result.

“In real life you could actually see the braids quite clearly but on camera they just didn’t show up at all which I was gutted about #brunetteproblems.

But I will not be deterred, I am still planning on wearing this hairstyle at summer festivals and during my Thailand getaway so just watch this space… maybe once the sun lightens my hair they’ll show up a bit better?!”  Credit: @lillyhearts

runway model at the nyfw sally lapointe show with long sleek straight black hair with a deep side parting

Amra, Sally LaPointe’s deep side part

“If you’ve been paying attention to fashion month, you’ll know that sleek side parts have been ruling the runway, and my favourite one by far was the one I spotted on the Sally LaPointe’s NYFW runway. Why? Because it made me think of what New York represents as a city: brimming with style and stylish, well-tressed women!

I usually rock a centre parting and low bun hairstyle, so while it might not seem like a major transformation it felt like a big step switching up my parting (plus, to be honest, it’s one of the only styles I felt I could do with my natural hair).

“To create this glossy hairstyle, I used a wide-tooth comb to create my side parting, sprayed the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray onto a bristle brush and gently brushed down any flyaways. One spritz wasn’t enough, though; I had to keep on slicking down little curls that were springing up from nowhere and I think I ended up using more than I should have…”

all things hair junior beauty editor amra with a slick side parting and low bun
This runway look had Amra working side to side.

The result:

“After I finished tackling my coils, I gathered my hair into my usual bun and called it day. And guess what? I loved the result. I could picture myself wearing this hairstyle for a hot date or a formal event but wouldn’t want to commit to wearing it every day, as it took a lot of product to get the end look.

If I were to rock this hairstyle again, or I had one piece of advice to give my fellow naturalistas, I’d say I would probably straighten my curls a bit first to make it easier to style into a side part. However, I am glad I did it on my mane without heat, as it shows that this look can work for all hair types (yay).” Credit: @femme_markic

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