The hair ‘highlights’ from New Look’s Tottenham Court Road store opening!

Shiny, new store, great clothes and fabulous hair! 

Yesterday was all go for the ATH team! Why? Because we were kindly invited to celebrate New Look’s impressive store opening on Tottenham Court Road, which had special VO5 styling booths.

Of course, we couldn’t resist getting our hair done and inviting some of our favourite influencers (UK Curly Girl, Megan Lane, Chessie King, Julia in Disguise, to name just a few!).

So, scroll down, watch our video and click through our gallery to see what we got up to!

ATH’s VO5-approved hairstyles from the event

ATH's Saby at the VO5 x New Look TCR store opening with a half-up, half-down bun
Saby rocking her hun.

The look: Saby, our Talent and Outreach Manager, opted for the trendy hun. Can’t decide on wearing your hair up or down? Well, now you don’t have to!

The styling deets: The VO5 stylist used a couple pumps of the VO5 Volume Foam to Saby’s hair. The air-infused foam provided natural-looking movement, a little lift to her roots and was super lightweight.

ATH's Steven with a relaxed quiff at the VO5 x New Look TCR store opening
Steven looking dapper with his relaxed quiff!

The look: Senior Sub-editor Steven took his hair to new heights with a dapper relaxed quiff.

The styling deets: The VO5 Mega Hold Hairspray is the secret to Steven’s hairstyle. The stylist simply sprayed her comb with the hairspray before combing it through Steven’s mid-lengths and ends. She explains to him that the spray is fine, so it won’t leave a sticky residue or weigh down his hair – and Steven is thrilled at the news of this!

ATH's Elise with a half-halo braid at the VO5 New Look TCR store opening
Second-day hair? Just work this beautiful braid like Elise!

The look: Elise (ATH’s Senior Global Producer) picked this half-halo with waves which is great for second-day hair.

The styling deets: Dirty hair? We don’t care! Elise’s stylist assures her that this half-halo will cleverly disguise her second-day hair with fashion flair! She gives Elise’s hair a quick spritz of the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray to tame any pesky flyaways before weaving her half-halo braid and quicky curling the rest of her hair. Another mist of the hairspray ensures that Elise’s braid lasts long after the New Look store event and is also fabulously frizz-free.

ATH's Jeanette at New Look with VO5 styled space buns
Jeanette’s playful and protective space buns.

The look: Chief Content Officer Jeanette kept it playful with cute space buns.

The styling deets: Protective hairstyles don’t have to be boring – and these fun space buns are proof of this! Before doing Jeanette’s space buns, her VO5 stylist works a generous amount of the VO5 Frizz Free Cream to her curls. It gives her final look a smooth and glossy finish, while also giving natural-looking control to her baby hairs.

Behind the scenes gallery!

Watch our video and scroll through our pics (or flick through our gallery at the top of the page) to sneak a peek at more of the action at the New Look TCR store opening…

All Things Hair YouTube Video


Influencer Megan Lane getting hair styled at VO5 booth in New Look TCR store
Megan Lane getting her hair styled. Credit: Verity Jane Smith
Influencer UK Curly Girl at New Look Store opening with a hun hairstyle and VO5 product
UK Curly Girl looking cute at the VO5 booth. Credit: Verity Jane Smith
Influencer Julia in Disguise at New Look Store opening with VO5
We think Julia in Disguise is very happy, don’t you? Credit: Verity Jane Smith
The hun hairstyle on influencer Megan Lane at VO5 booth in New Look TCR store
Megan Lane’s fab final look! Credit: Verity Jane Smith
Influencer UK Curly Girl at New Look Store opening with a hun hairstyle
UK Curly Girl rocking her hun hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith
Influencer chessiekingg with a halo braid at the VO5 booth at the New Look Store opening
Chessie King looking amazing with her halo braid! Credit:
ATH's Jeanette and Steven at the VO5 New Look store opening
ATH’s Jeanette and Steven with VO5 styled hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith
Beat hair boredom VO5 sign at New Look TCR store opening
Beat Hair Boredom with VO5! Credit: Verity Jane Smith
VO5 products at New Look TCR store opening
The styling booth is stocked up! Credit: Verity Jane Smith





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