Get gorgeous curls with this viral hair curling hack

The best way to recycle your water bottle? By doing this with it!

Have you been keeping up with all the cool and quirky hair hacks from social media? Then you’ll have hopefully seen the viral videos of influencers using a hair dryer and an empty water bottle to create gorgeous curls (we know, we can’t believe it either!).

Now, if you haven’t heard or seen this hair curling hack in action and you’re curious to know exactly how it works, we’ve got all the mane information you need, below.

How does this hair curling hack work?

This simple curling hack requires a water bottle and hair dryer to work. And, you need to carefully cut off the top section of your water bottle, as well as cut another hole on the side of the bottle, for your hair dryer/nozzle to blow into.

In this video example, Huda Beauty places a section of her straight hair into the bottle and then uses a blow dryer on her strands, which you see spinning and forming shape. Once she’s done, she pulls out her hair to reveal a loose, beachy curl — mind-blowing, right? Credit: @hudabeauty

Why is it going viral?

This trend is going viral because it allows you to curl your hair with air, which supposedly limits the amount of heat used on your mane.

Plus you’re re-using a plastic bottle, which is great for the environment. Its also an easy and cheap alternative to try when you don’t have a curling wand or hair straightener at hand.

Recommend: Love Beauty and Planet are the new planet-friendly brand we’re loving.

Are there any risks?

What you might not know about this curling technique is that it still requires heat (even if it is funnelled through a nozzle) to work. So, it’s important to protect your tresses with a heat protection spray.

When we’re creating our fave hairstyles, we always find ourselves reaching for the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray, as it contains a heat activated complex that helps protect your strands against heat damage. Bouncy curls, here we come!


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