Unicorn Magic: Try Our Unicorn-inspired Halloween Hair Tutorial

Halloween hair has never looked so pretty! 

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Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Side view of a unicorn halloween hairstyle on blonde hair



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Raise of hands: Who here is obsessed with unicorns? If like us you can think of nothing better than these magical, mystical creatures you’ll be pleased to know that your unicorn dreams are about to become a reality — and just in time for Halloween.

We’ve teamed up with Superdrug Loves to show you our favourite Halloween hairstyles and this year we’re taking a break from zombies and vampires, and replacing them with a magical unicorn ‘do! Click play to watch our video tutorial (above) or keep scrolling for our step-by-step guide to see how you can create the unicorn look at home.


Prep and Section Hair.

Start by misting dry hair with the VO5 Volume Blow-Dry SprayThis will help to prep hair for styling, while also protecting it from heat.

Then section off your hair at the front, starting from your temples and going back to the crown in a point, like a triangle. You can do this with your fingers or, for a more precise parting, use the tail end of a comb.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up shot of blonde hair being sectioned with a pink tail comb brush.

Secure section.

Gather your section at the front into a ponytail and secure with a small hairband or elastic. This will act as your unicorn horn.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Stylist Dan Lynes gathering hair for a unicorn halloween hairstyle

Create the Base of Your Horn.

Taking your ponytail, start to twist the hair from the base (only a quarter way at a time). Once your twisted section has been tightly wound around the base of your ponytail, secure using a bobby pin.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up shot of a stylist twisting a section of a blonde model's hair into a unicorn horn for Halloween.

Begin Shaping Your Horn.

Using the rest of your tail, wrap the hair around your twisted base and start to build up the shape of the horn. Secure with hair grips as you wrap, until you reach the end of the tail.

As you’re doing this, spritz your hair with the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray. This will help lock the hair in place, enabling you to build and create the shape.

Don’t fret if it’s not perfect yet, it can take a little work.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up of a hair stylist shaping a unicorn horn on a blonde model.

Finish Your Unicorn Horn.

Once you’re happy with your unicorn horn, give it an extra spritz of hairspray and smooth any flyaways with your fingers.

Using a large hairpin, bend one end into a hook shape and push in through the top of the horn to keep the shape. Perfect the look by adding extra hairpins where needed.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up of a blonde model with a unicorn horn inspired hairstyle, wearing sparkly unicorn glitter makeup

Create Your Unicorn Ponytail.

For this Halloween unicorn look, you want to create a high ponytail which will sit right behind the unicorn horn.

To do this, simply gather all your remaining hair into a ponytail using your fingers or brush, securing with a hairband or elastic.

Then take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the hairband to conceal it. Secure this in place with a bobby pin.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up of a hairstylist tying a blonde model's hair in a ponytail, with a unicorn horn inspired bun detail

Create Movement in Your Ponytail.

Now it’s time to add in a little movement and magic to your look! Start to take sections of the ponytail and wrap them around a curling wand, holding for a few seconds to get a perfectly defined curl.


Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up of Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes using a curling tong to curl a blonde model's ponytail for a Halloween hair look

Spray Your Curls with Colour.

After you have created each curl, you can choose to add a fun finish by using different colour sprays or hair chalks. Continue this process on a few more sections (not all the hair has to be curled) spraying each curl with a different colour spray.


Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Close-up of a blonde model with a unicorn inspired hair tutorial being sprayed with pink coloured hair spray

Seal the Look.

Finish the look with a final mist of hairspray, lifting the ponytail as you spray for extra height and texture. Oh, and don’t forget to give your horn a final spritz also.

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Unilever hair stylist Dan Lynes spraying hairspray on a blonde model's unicorn inspired hairstyle

Final Look.

And there you have it: a mystical and magical unicorn look, created entirely from your very own hair!

Unicorn Halloween tutorial: Side view of a unicorn halloween hairstyle on blonde hair


You Will Need

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