20 magical unicorn hair looks to try this Halloween

All Things Hair | 11 October 2018

Obsessed with unicorns? Us too! So it’s time to find your ideal unicorn hair colour to rock this Halloween… 


Ever heard the phrase “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn“? Well, your magnificent unicorn dreams are about to become a reality, because you can now transform yourself into the mystical creature by opting for unicorn hair this Halloween!

The best part? If you end up falling in love with the unicorn hair trend as much as we have, you can rock a unicorn hair colour all year long! So, take a deep breath and get ready for your most magical Halloween look yet.

Halloween inspo: 20 unicorn colour hair ideas to try


Unicorn hair: Instagram photo of a woman with curly pink and blue pigtails with a unicorn horn headband
The unicorn princess – your head-turning Halloween look! Credit: Instagram.com/aveme_lissa

1. The unicorn princess

Ready to dabble in the unicorn hair trend and want something strikingly gorgeous? Then think baby pink and blue hues, with masses of volume! Team big hair with a unicorn headband and your Halloween party outfit is complete! Boom. Credit: @aveme_lissa

Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with pastel blue, pink, and highlighter yellow hidden highlights
The half-up half-down unicorn hair dye to steal! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymisskellyo

2. The low-key unicorn

For a slightly subtler look, you can also rock hidden unicorn highlights. What are those, you ask? Well, this is where your chosen pastel shades are hidden underneath a layer of single-coloured hair and will only show when you style your mane into a half-up, half-down hairstyle! After all, it’s best not to give everyone hair envy all of the time. Credit: @hairbymisskellyo

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Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with very long wavy multicoloured hair
Don’t shy away from bold brights! Credit: Instagram.com/desireecarpenter

3. Bright and bold

Are you the one in your friendship group who’s known for dying their hair all sorts of crazy colours? Give people something worth talking about with super bright, neon highlights like this – who wants to blend in anyway?! Credit: @desireecarpenter

Unicorn hair: Back view of a girl with pastel coloured shiny unicorn hair
Mesmerising, candy floss, unicorn hair! Credit: Instagram.com/josievilay

4. Wavy unicorn hair

Another thing we’ve noticed about this trend, is that most people with unicorn hair styled their manes wavy – allowing the colours to cascade in a magical waterfall down their backs! Because, as we all know, unicorns have wavy hair, right? Credit: @josievilay

Unicorn hair: Girl with pink unicorn hairstyle with her hair styled in to a horn
Get as close to the real thing as possible with this ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/kirstyn_yanniello

5. The unicorn horn

The unicorn hair trend isn’t just defined by those who colour their hair, oh no! Instagram users have been taking it one step further and actually styling their hair into unicorn horns.

While you may not be able to rock this look to work (we imagine that you’d get some pretty odd stares from your colleagues), this does make for a fun hairstyle for Halloween! Credit: @kirstyn_yanniello

Unicorn hair: Close-up side view of a woman with a pastel bob and micro fringe, wearing sunglasses
This soft pastel colour combination looks sweet enough to eat. Credit: Instagram.com/jenpluscolour

6. Cotton candy bangs

If you thought having a fringe would put an end to your unicorn hair dreams, this should settle it! This soft pastel bob is positively stunning and the pink shadow roots and micro fringe only enhance the look even more! Credit: @jenpluscolour

Unicorn hair: Close-up picture of pink hair in buns with braids and glitter
Pinks, glitter and buns – we love! Credit: Instagram.com/kikocalzaiuoli878

7. Glitter buns

If you’re after a unicorn hair colour that’s totally girly and full-on fun this Halloween, these sweet buns should do the trick.

Think pinks, yellows, and blues, teased into braids and then secured into two high buns. Oh, and no unicorn is complete without a sprinkling of unicorn dust (that’s glitter to you and me, BTW!). Credit: @kikocalzaiuoli878

Unicorn hair: Blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson with multicoloured unicorn hair with a yellow unicorn horn, wearing a tie dye rainbow sweatshirt
Rocking bright locks and a homemade unicorn horn. Credit: Instagram.com/sophiehannahrichardson

8. The colourful unicorn horn

Beauty bloggers from all walks of life have been giving their take on this unique trend, showing us how to rock it best. And we especially love UK-based blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson (above), who shows us all how to rock a brightly-coloured unicorn horn, made entirely out of hair! Credit: @sophiehannahrichardson

Unicorn hair: Woman's multicoloured pastel hair swept up into a french twist
The elegant unicorn hair up-do! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymisskellyo

9. Unicorn hair meets the updo

If you’re after a look that’s a little more polished and a whole lot sophisticated, this unicorn hair ‘do is sure to impress! Get to grips with the French twist pre-Halloween and you’ll be the most glam unicorn in town. Credit: @hairbymisskellyo

Unicorn hair: Back view photo of long curly hair with rainbow metallic hair colours
Metallic and pastel unicorn hair colour. Loving the curls! Credit: Instagram.com/uggoff

10. Corkscrew curls and metallics

These stunning corkscrew curls really up the ‘wow’ factor, displaying the array of metallic hues and pastels shades oh-so beautifully! Grab your tongs and get curling… this Halloween it’s all about the locks! Credit: @uggoff

Unicorn hair: Side view of a woman with shoulder length dark brown to pink ombre hair
Have dark hair? Here’s all the inspiration you need. Credit: Instagram.com/melmelqueenb

11. Unicorn hair for dark hair

Brunettes: this one’s for you. While a lot of these looks require you to pre-lighten and tone your hair, there are ways to blend it in darker base colours. We love how this wavy lob transitions from dark brown, almost black roots into a rosy tinted ombre. Credit: @melmelqueenb

Unicorn hair: Back side view of a woman's hair with lots of different pretty pastel colours
The prettiest unicorn rainbow! Credit: Instagram.com/adee3203

12. Pretty pastels

Going for more classic colours for your unicorn hair dye? These pastel shades are everything unicorn tresses should be; colourful but not too bright, with a dreamy mix of shades. Seriously, there’s nothing not to love about this ‘do! Credit: @adee3202

Unicorn hair: Close-up of a woman with pink hair in boxer braids with glitter wearing unicorn glitter and gems on her face and neck
This colourful piece of art is a unicorn lover’s dream! Credit: Instagram.com/thegypsyshrine

13. Glitter unicorn

So you’ve got a pot of glitter calling your name and you don’t know what to do with it? We got you girl.

Grab your gems and lashes, because this unicorn look is all about impact and sparkle. We adore the pink unicorn colour hair, which has been neatly braided and dusted with  you guessed it  more glitter! Credit: @thegypsyshrine

Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with green and blue hair in elaborate braids
The unicorn hair trend meets stunning braids! Credit: Instagram.com/theodoraraptis

14. The braided unicorn

These stunning braided locks will look incredible this Halloween! Take different sections of your hair and mix the style that you braid your tresses in. When your unicorn hair colour is this amazing, anything you do to your hair will look fab! Credit: @theodoraraptis

Unicorn hair: Back view of multicoloured ombre purple mint mauve and purple curly hair with a boho headband
A cascade of unicorn colour hair. Credit: Instagram.com/thegentlemanofhair

15. Headbands and curls

Add a little something extra to your locks and rock a bejewelled headband, for a totally magical look. We love the loose curls and electric blue roots, which give tonnes of added drama to this style! Credit: @thegentlemanofhair

Unicorn hair: Front view of a woman's hair which has pink, yellow, blue and purple, worn in an oversized braid with loose waves
The unicorn hair trend meets the mermaid! Credit: Instagram.com/amythemermaidx

16. Magical unicorn hair

Unicorn hair dye meets mermaid magic? Yup, it can happen. This is a unicorn, mermaid hybrid and we can’t get enough of it. The loose braids, the soft rainbow of colour and the strategically placed hair clips  absolute perfection! Credit: @amythemermaidx

Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with reddish brown curly hair with purple and pink highlights
Lilac or violet, plum or amethyst – why not try a new purple hue? Credit: Instagram.com/quietglamour

17. Purple tones

If you’re really committed to bringing your unicorn hair to life, try mixing a blend of different purple tones together. That way you’ll be left with a look that’s as rare and special as an actual unicorn! Credit: @quietglamour

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Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with honey light brown hair worn in a bun with hidden rainbow red, green, yellow and purple highlights
The hidden unicorn hair dye… Credit: Instagram.com/amythemermaidx

18. The secret unicorn

If you’re not ready to go full-blown unicorn, keep the top part of your hair au naturel and work that spellbinding unicorn hair dye underneath. Pull up your locks, to reveal your mystical self! Credit: @amythemermaidx

Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with curly natural hair in rainbow multicolours
Curly unicorn locks for voluminous colourful tresses. Credit: Instagram.com/leysahairandmakeup

19. Voluminous unicorn hair

If you’ve got naturally curly hair and you want in on the unicorn hair trend, we’ve got the look for you! Think curls dusted with greys, pinks, yellows and purples worn in super fine highlights to create a more subtle finish. Credit: @leysahairandmakeup

Unicorn hair: Back view of a woman with long pastel coloured hair in a blow out style
Stunning unicorn hair colours that are truly magic! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbykimmyd

20. Chunky colour for magical tresses

For a beautifully mesmerising unicorn mane, think colour that’s applied in chunks. Forget harsh lines and embrace soft transitions between the pastel shades. Simply team with a unicorn head band, some lashes and glitter, and that’s Halloween sorted! Credit: @hairbykimmyd