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Did you know an astounding 88% of women in the UK* have experienced Imposter Syndrome?

TRESemmé discovered that this means 9 out of 10* women doubt their success and limit their amazing potential. If you’re not sure what Imposter Syndrome is, then let us explain.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a term used to describe the psychological pattern of feelings of self-doubt, which makes an individual doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.

Though it affects everyone, women, in particular, feel it on a grander scale and this is essentially what causes them to limit or second guess their potential.

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TRESemmé is on a mission to empower women around the world.

Now that TRESemmé knows this, it wants to use its global platform to reach millions of women and girls and help play a part in reducing these stats. So, together with the The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), they have developed a free, 7-part master class designed to enable women to build their agency and help them overcome self-doubt.

The Presence MasterClass TM  wants to boost women’s self-confidence and allow them to discover and celebrate their presence. It will be delivered as a live 3-day immersive course and will also be available free online for women everywhere. Both launch in May 2019, so get yourself signed up by registering at

*Research from International Center for Research on Women and TRESemmé

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