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Find out what 2018 has in store for your hair according to the Pinterest 100

We're looking into our magical crystal ball to discover the biggest beauty trends for the year ahead...  

You know what time of year it is, don’t you? It’s the time to start looking to the new year ahead and all of the exciting new hair trends we have to come over the next 12 months!

And in case you missed it, Pinterest have just released their Pinterest 100 of the year, a report which details their top trend predictions for 2018. And here are the results…

Discover Pinterest’s top hair trend predictions for the year ahead


singer jhene aiko on the red carpet with hip length rapunzel braids
Long hair is back people! And this time, it’s more extreme than ever. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Rapunzel hair

Now this might come as a shock to some, but next year it’s bye-bye bob and hello long locks.

The bobs and lobs we’ve favoured for the past few years are out, with Pinterest telling us “everyone with a lob or bob is taking it to extremes with longer locks”.

Stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jhené Aiko have all been pioneering this super long, waist-length (sometimes even longer!) hair, so we’re excited to see that it’s set to hit the mainstream.

Stuck with hair that won’t grow past a certain length? Check out our 5 tips on how to grow your hair long and you’ll be on your way to flowing princess tresses before you can say “let down your hair!“.

brunette model on the runway at mother of pearl ss18 with a pixie cut hairstyle
Join Cara, Katy and Kristen with the year’s hottest cut. Credit:

Shorter styles

It’s not just the super long looks that are here to stay, though, with 2018 looking like it’s going to be a tale of 2 extremes, according to Pinterest.

Interestingly, saves for “long hair” and “pixie” are up by 130%, so if long hair isn’t for you, the pixie cut is another trending option.

We’ve lost track of the number of A-listers who have chopped all of their hair off in favour of cropped or buzz cut styles this year, with pixies also being a favourite on the SS18 runways, with Tom Ford giving all of the models faux crops for the show.

Editor’s tip: If you’ve never had short hair before, styling might be a foreign idea to you.

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brunette model backstage at the jason wu ss18 show in new york with wet look slicked back kim k style hair
Kim K would be proud. Credit:

Wet and wild

We’re being told to “prepare to see a lot of super slicked-back styles and all kinds of curls — yep, even perms“, so texture in 2018 is going to be key.

Saves for “slicked back” and “wavy” are up 166%, neither of which should come as much of a surprise since we’ve already seen the rise in ’80s corkscrew curls in celeb circles (Jessica Biel and Bella Hadid, we see you!).

On top of that, curly haired-celebs like Zendaya and Chrissy Teigen have been documenting their natural hair on social media, so next year is all about waves, curls and movement.

For slick hair inspiration, meanwhile, look to the red carpet for your inspo with our piece on how you can rock slick-back styles IRL.

brunette woman washing her hair with shampoo bubbles in her hair
It’s not just our styling habits going through an update, our haircare methods are shaking up too. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Pampered tresses

We all know that the basis of any good hairstyle is healthy hair, so it’s no wonder that saves for “healthy hair tips” have seen a rise of 219%. If you’re a fan of natural DIY beauty treatments, you’ll be pleased to hear that homemade hair masks are becoming more popular. But if concocting your own hair potions sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, there are other ways to give your mane some TLC…

Similarly, co-washing – skipping shampoo and using just conditioner to wash your hair – is also on the up. Find out why we recommend this wash and care method for those with curly or natural hair with the 5 things you should know about co-washing.

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