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7 Sleep Tips To Help You Unwind

Forget counting sheep, these tips will set you up for the best night's sleep ever.

How many nights have you laid awake in bed working out exactly how much sleep you’d get if you were to fall asleep right at that very moment? Or woken up in the morning feeling even more exhausted than you were when you went to bed?

Based on the average 8 hours a night, we spend around a 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so we owe it to ourselves to make sure the time we spend in bed is as restful and rejuvenating as possible. Read on to discover our top sleep tips to help you get a restful night.

1. Change Into Your Pjs

Spent all day at work? The first step to winding down in the evening is to change out of your office attire and into something more comfortable. You’ll instantly feel cosier and if you make this part of your nightly routine, you’ll start to associate getting changed as part of the wind-down process which will prepare you for sleep.

2. Try Aromatherapy

What better way to wash away the stresses of the day than with a bubble bath? Try some aromatherapy by adding essential oils to your bath and washing your hair with the lavender scented Alberto Balsam Relax Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. The dreamy lavender and white lily fragrance lasts up to 24 hours so it’s perfect to use at night to help you drift off.

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3. Switch Off

Our next tip is to turn off your tech and that means phones, iPads, laptops and any other electronic devices. The majority of us spend most of the day looking at a computer screen and when we’re not doing that, we’re on our phones, so give the screen time (and your eyes) a much-deserved rest.

Instead, why not escape reality and make a start on your to-read list with a book, or audio book if you prefer.

4. Listen to Music

Music is a great de-stresser. However, try not to listen to anything too upbeat or songs that make you want to sing along as this could have the opposite effect and have you feeling too energised before bed! The best way to zone out is by listening to gentle, relaxing music, whether that’s whale sounds or a chill-out Spotify playlist.

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5. Tea time

Because caffeine is a stimulant, drinking coffee before bed is like asking for insomnia. Instead, cosy up with a mug of caffeine-free, herbal tea to help send you off to sleep. Some of our favourite bedtime teas include chamomile, peppermint and valerian root tea, all of which are known for their calming benefits.

6. Meditation

If overthinking keeps you up at night, meditation can help quiet your thoughts and clear your mind. Meditation boasts all kinds of benefits from reducing blood pressure to helping with anxiety and it only takes a few minutes every day.

If you’re new to meditation, you might feel a bit funny sitting in silence at first but there are many really great guided meditation apps that can help.

7. Watch Some ASMR

You’ve probably seen those oddly satisfying YouTube videos of people cutting through sand or playing with slime but it turns out they’re actually not so weird after all. ASMR (that’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) gives viewers a pleasurable tingly feeling in their head and spine which sends them into a state of total relaxation. Even Cardi B has admitted to watching them before bed!

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