6 Easy Hair Tinsel Styles that are Trending Right Now

'Tis the season for tinsel hair!   

So the festive chocolates have hit the shelves, which can only mean one thing – we can finally talk about Christmas! But aside from all the seasonal treats coming our way, there’s something else we’re buzzing over, hair tinsel. It shimmers, it shines, and it will leave you feeling ready for some good old fashioned merriment.

The tinsel-in-hair trend has become quite a hit among beauty bloggers, many of whom have taken to social media to showcase their take on the Xmas-inspired craze. So if you want a look that’s got more bang than a Christmas cracker, then this is definitely the trend for you.

side view image of a woman with pink braided hair with tinsel intertwined in the hair
Braid your locks to show off that hair tinsel! Credit: Instagram.com/mrtndamex

To get tinsel in hair, strands of tinsel are typically tied to the roots and hidden under a layer of hair, so they work in a similar way to that of peekaboo highlights. However, if you’re not one to shy away from a bright new ‘do, know that they can also be woven into braids and plaits, plus a wealth of other styles!

But that’s not all, this tinsel trend also works a charm for all hair colours, from pastel hues to dark brunettes, and our personal favourite, icy blondesCredit: @mrtndamex

1. Tinsel hair with waves

back of a woman's head with brown hair in a braid with gold tinsel hair
Try braiding your locks to show off your tinsel hair! Credit: Instagram.com/hairglitters

We also love that hair tinsel adds an extra ‘wow’ factor to your locks. So get braiding and tonging your tresses, then add in your tinsel for a glittering addition to your favourite festive hairdos. Credit: @hairglitters

2. Hair tinsel for short locks

side view of a womans pink bob with tinsel hair
Rock pink hues with your tinsel hair for a totally festive vibe! Credit: Instagram.com/hairdazzle_by_kk

Got short hair and want in on the sparkle action? This tinsel hair look is for you!

Simply apply the strands in the same way, but make sure that they’re no longer than your own tresses. We love the combination of pink and gold, which creates a sparkling finish to any festive fashion. Credit: @hairdazzle_by_kk

3. Subtle hair tinsel

woman looking to the side with long blonde hair and waves with tinsel hair
Team your tinsel hair with sleek waves. Credit: Instagram.com/erikanaakka

So you love the idea of tinsel hair, but you would also like it to be office appropriate? No problem! Simply keep the tones and colours in the same family, to give the look a more understated feel. And remember: less is more!

We love this style that combines blonde locks with Hollywood-esque waves and just a few carefully-placed gold tinsel strands. Credit: @erikanaakka

Editor’s tip: Once you’ve applied your tinsel, keep everything in place with a good spritz of the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray, which will help tame flyaways and give a lustrous sheen to your strands, too!

4. Tinsel hair and highlights

side view of a woman's face with blue hair and tinsel streaks
Add sparkle without the commitment with tinsel hair! Credit: Instagram.com/_sharphair_

Combine contrasting highlights with tinsel in your hair, for a pretty and striking look. We love these blue tresses, teamed with a scattering of blonde highlights and just a few gold tinsel strands clustered into one section of the hair. Credit: @_sharphair_

5. Glittery tinsel hair

view of a woman with long pink hair with tinsel hair
We love this glittery tinsel hair look! Credit: Instagram.com/khalohair

The great thing about hair tinsel, is that it’s a pretty versatile accessory: you can get a polished look by wearing tinsel with super sleek, straight hairor work a messy texture for a more undone vibe.

And, depending on how festive you want your mane to look, you can opt to include as many (or as few) tinsel strands into your hairstyle as you want – so don’t think it’s always about making a huge statement! Credit: @khalohair

6. Festive hair tinsel

woman with long fringe dark hair and tinsel hair
Add contrasting shades of tinsel for the ultimate in wow factor! Credit: Instagram.com/msbernadetteb

But the reason this shimmering winter hair trend has stolen our hearts so, is that it’s super affordable to pull off. Simply stock up on some loose tinsel strands from your local supermarket, cut them to the length of your hair and you’re ready dazzle at all your Christmas festivities! Credit: @msbernadetteb

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